A sister’s love is something that nobody will ever be able to explain. Twin sisters are tied to the hip forever and are even harder to explain. They somehow present a closeness that nobody can explain except though one word…”LOVE”. GIA PISSOTT AND JUSTINE PISSOTT are not just sisters. There support and love for each other, go way beyond anything we could ever explain.

Jim and Josephine Pissott are a funny couple, when you think about it. Jim is a former military man and D1 basketball. When he walks in the gym, he gets your attention right away. He is 6’8″ and has tattoos on his legs. He comes across at a real tough hard ass. But once you see him with daughters and family, your realize he is just a warm teddy bear (just don’t mess with his kids). But his wife is a school teacher and one tough hombre herself. It is she that I am afraid of, she protects and watches over her kids with a eagle eye. She demands total respect. She is 6’2″ and reminds you of a model on display when she walks in the gym. You cannot help but notice Jim and Josephine the moment they walk in any gym It’s there gene’s that have been passed along to their daughters. The two daughter have been blessed with dropped dead gorgeous looks and height. Justine is 6’4′ and Gia is 6’3″. But could give basketball today and become supermodels. But what you don’t know is this… The Pissott’s are old school parents. Their twins daughters Gia, Justine and son Robbie are held accountable in everything they do. They make their own beds in the morning and are expected to do chores around the house. They also are not allowed to do anything half ass. Meaning you want to play sports, you give your best always. You are always respectful to coaches and those around you. Because if you are not…THERE WILL BE HELL TO PAY. For this reason alone, Jim Pissot and his wife are two of the few parents, I speak to daily. My conversations with the Pissott’s go way beyond basketball. Our conversations are about raising kids and life issues around the world. It’s why coaching their kids are soooooo easy. The kids know their father and mother do not play games. They know much is expected and much is given… WHY I LOVE THEM SO MUCH!

Gia and Justine Pissott have been on different roads towards their journey to college and D1 basketball. Gia is a walking SUPER brain and Justine is a walking basketball mega star. But there journey’s are now starting to meet in the middle to the road. Justine went to basketball powerhouse RBC and Gia went to The Mates School. The attend two schools that couldn’t be further apart. RBC is the place where the best of the best basketball players go. Mates is where the best of the best students go. But in recent years, we have watched both switch roles. Gia Pissott has made basketball a bigger priority in her life. Justine has decided that being a good student was important to her. And they both joined forces to help each other.

You see Gia Pissott shooting 1000 shots a day and then 3000 on the weekend was just part of her great story. The other part was her sister, Justine. You see it was Justine who told her sister to tag along for workouts. It was Justine who when she did a drill wrong that would correct Gia. It was Gia who accepted her sister’s help and didn’t fight her. There is not a human being in the world who works like Justine Pissott. You see Justine doesn’t need to put her workouts on twitter or social media. Just know this, nobody is in her world and don’t embarrass anyone by comparing them to to her. But Gia Pissott walked in her sisters shoes for six months and just like that, she has become the talk of the town. But what people don’t realize is that Justine stayed after school for tutoring this year. She would brag about her grades. Her sister Gia would brag about her grades. You see it was Gia who turned the tables on Justine. It was Gia who inspired Justine to be the best student that she could be. It was Gia who showed Justine she could be more than just a great basketball player…. THE TWO HAVE FORMED A BEAUTIFUL SISTER ACT!

Think about what life must have been like for Gia Pissott. She knows her twin sister is special. She reads the articles. She hears the phones calls and conversations from the best colleges in the country. She knows the attention her sister gets, anytime she walks in the gym. She really understands what it is like to walk in the shadows. She knows what it like to not have the light shine on her face. It why going to Mates and playing basketball and golf at Toms River North was go good for her. It was a place Gia could be herself and not compared to her sister. It had to be tough on both of them and the family. The newspapers don’t write about ACADEMIC and Golf SUPERSTARS. But Justine Pissott and Gia Pissott love each other… that’s way more important than any of the trapping that come with greatness in anything. They are sisters first and always will be a SISTER ACT FIRST ….

Now I hear the conversations these days, that maybe Gia Pissott will transfer to RBC, is Navy on Justine recruiting list now. I just laugh at such talk. This is all gossip and not going to happen. Jim and Josephine Pissott love that both girls have their own lives. They have zero interest in either attending the same school. For one, Gia Pissott is not leaving one of the best high schools in the country for BASKETBALL. If you know anything about Gia, she is alpha female who plans on running the world…not just the basketball world. Justine Pissot has put in too many hours of basketball to not make basketball a major part of her next journey for years to come. She has not touched the surface of what she will be one day. The girls have both figured it out. They both have become closer though sports. But this SISTER ACT, now has done the impossible as both girls have fulfilled all their dreams… while MR AND AND MRS. PISSOTT get to sit back, watch and just smile…at a job WELL DONE BY THEIR KIDS AND THEMSELVES….

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