Are Power Points A Fluke? (Junkie Jones Report)

NJ basketball players, coaches, fans, reporters, etc., know about the power points that give certain teams an edge come tournament seeding time. We don’t know for sure what power points are scaled on, and how they are scaled, but we could agree that opinions do come into play. Now the real question is if these power point calculations are a fluke for certain teams, and if they could become advantageous to the teams that really don’t have the caliber of some other teams that don’t have as many power points? The first bullet point that comes into play when we think of power points is mainly the competition teams are playing. For instance, right now RFH has 204 power points with a record of (7-4) as where Neptune has a record of (10-1) but has 229 (Based on Jan.18th Power Point List). What’s odd about it is that RFH is ranked higher in the Shore and State based off of the competition they’ve played. Yes, Neptune is tough, and they beat a young RBC team for their best high caliber win, but do I think they could hang with a team like SJV, RFH, or out of conference teams like Saddle River Day, or Ramapo, probably not. Another bullet point that comes into play when power points come to play are Group and Sectional dominance. Teams that have a lot more group wins will result in having a lot more power points then other teams with group losses. I know RFH is the hot topic here, but they began their season with 4 very tough, Top 10 teams. To be more specific they played Manasquan, SJV, Rutgers Prep, and Gill St. Bernard, 4 Top 10 teams in the high level NJ basketball scheme. So how are their power points affected by this? Losing to Manasquan, an in group team, did not really help them in the long run, but losing to 3 more out of group teams didn’t really help their current scenario in this power point scale. But now is where the confusion comes in, if RFH’s power points are lower than about 20 other teams in the state, why are they still ranked in the Top 10? Since power point scaling is so important come tournament time, especially state tournament time, I think power points should be scaled a little more strictly, almost similar like conference and state ranking when it’s scaled by competition level, potential, and many other key parts to ranking teams. Power points can be a little disadvantageous to some teams that really deserve more power points than what they have. Look at SJV, they are the #1 team in NJ, and there not the team with the most power points in the state, only 248. I know rankings and conference play come into scale when seeding comes around, but with the majority impact that power points have, I feel they should be scaled a little more evenly, and based on a little more criterion to give every team the fair and righteous chance they deserve when tournament time comes around.

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