With the SHORE CONFERENCE TOURNAMENT right around the corner there are a number questions that will need to answered before the seeding starts.

We know who the Top 3 seeds are right now. But where do we go from there? Right now it looks like like Donovan Catholic is going to be the #4 seed right now. Now there do not have a quality win this season. They have beaten RFH but the fact of the matter is everyone beat RFH. That is until recently when RFH found the magic that made them one of hottest teams in New Jersey until a recent lost to RBC. Holmdel clearly has a case but they lost to that hot RFH team. Donovan Catholic plays Luhi with weekend at Holmdel and does not play another competitive game the rest of the way… so the 4th spot should be a wrap. Not exactly a reward for anyone because if they get lucky enough to get to the semi finals they play …..SJV

The 5th seed is a tough call. That’s because do you reward a team for their seasons work or do you pick the team playing the best right now. Now if Holmdel beats RFH in the rematch, then it’s a wrap and Holmdel gets the 5th seed. But the wild card here is St. Rose.

The 6th seed will go to RFH or Holmdel depending on who loses the rematch between the two teams

The 7th seed is where all the action starts. TRN has had a bad lost to Neptune at home and that has to been taken into consideration. That gets you to Trinity Hall, but the injuries and losses at the start of the season has to matter. St. Rose’s earlier work has to considered before all the injures and they do not have a bad lost this season. Finally, Ranney has been a great story but they do not have a quality win this season. The win over RFH has lost all its luster because again everyone has beat RFH. The eye test tells me Trinity Hall is the best of the group. But I also know politics play a role in seeding and the Ocean schools will demand TRN gets this spot….. TRN gets the 7th seed.

The 8th seed is going to be a issue as in a real issue. Trinity struggled when they had injuries early in the season. Now St. Rose is a shell of itself due to injures. There is simply no way around it, Trinity Hall has to be the 8th seed.

The 9th seed almost feels like a crime. That’s because St. Rose is not going to be rewarded at all for a great season. But injures are part of the process. Right now St. Rose isn’t close to the team they were two weeks ago. They have two starters out and Emily Cavanaugh is playing on heart. ..St. Rose gets the 9th seed.

The 10th seed is interesting. Ranney does not have a quality win. But Jackson Memorial does not have one either. But Ranney has a solid win over RFH. Meanwhile Jackson has does not have a quality or solid win to this point...RANNEY gets the 10th seed.


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