It’s back to the tears and fears of the AAU off season. It’s that time of year when the Deception and Lies start. It’s that time of year where everyone sneaks around behind the backs of Teammates, Friends Neighbors and coaches. It’s the ugly side of AAU. MOST HATE AND ALL PARTICIPATE IN IT!

These days kids are trying to decide what to do come next spring regarding AAU TEAMS. There will be teams breaking up. There will be players jumping from team to team. Then of course coaches recruiting kids from other teams. These things have always taken place. But these days it’s taken on a life of its own. These days the girls AAU is starting to look more and more like the boys AAU game. The girls AAU real soon will be just like in the boys game the NCAA is going to take it over… just watch and here is why.

Now we have coaches giving players deadlines to make a AAU decision. No kid in high school should be backed into a corner. Forced to make a decision they are not comfortable with yet. Now we have 13 year olds playing three years up. Yes, there clearly not ready. But yet that young player takes a spot from another player because “they” meaning a AAU organization wants to keep her in their organization. Because it’s always great to have 13 year olds hanging around 18 year olds. These things are disgraceful but it’s called AAU.

The ego in most cases is what drives all the madness in AAU. The new thing is for organizations to appear special. More special than other organizations. They called themselves an elite team, a sneaker team or some other eye catching brand. You be amazed how you can buy a kids soul for a pair of sneakers and a little gear. This leads to kids and parents trying to be part of these programs. So let me help everyone. There is “NOT ONE” Elite team in the Shore… not a single one. There are some elite players but not elite teams… so don’t get it twisted. All the AAU TEAMS bring something to the table. Some a little more and some a little less. But rest assure where a kid plays AAU is not as important as the fit for player. Some AAU coaches make you believe your basketball life is on the line if you don’t choose them. Folks check the track records and then call me….

You have kids who barely played for there high schools who then go play for AAU TEAMS, where they play very little. Why? Ego and they pay for it long term with lack of development. You have high school freshman who will barely play for there high school team. What do they do,? Go play for a stacked AAU TEAM… these kids will be very sorry come there sophomore year. Because they don’t understand there will have lost 2 years of basketball, they will never get back and will be playing catch-up their entire career…. because they either drank the kool Aid or let there ego rule their choices.

What’s the answer to the AAU craziness? I don’t believe there is one. It’s why I tell parents do what’s best for your kid. Loyalty in AAU doesn’t exist. That disappeared with the 2021 Shoreshots. Those days are over folks. Kids and families sticking together is a pipe dream. Today your kid can be on one team and the next day off. Why? A better player or team comes around. There is no other place this type behavior takes place outside of pro basketball. The coaches say it’s about the kids… it’s very hard to believe this these days. It appears nobody cares about the kids, unless they are studs. and that’s proven every time this time of year. You even have high school coaches pressuring kids to play on there AAU teams. Why? Ego … EGO .. EGO. If a kid is happy playing with friends and like there AAU coach, why ruin that? I will tell you why … IT’S AAU… that’s why.

When a kid try’s out for another AAU TEAM you would think think killed somebody. Maybe they don’t like there current AAU TEAM. Why is that a crime? Because only in AAU would you expect a kid to sit around waiting for a coach to form a team. In most cases a team that is not a good fit for a player.

Now I always tell young players, where you train is way more important than where you play those 80 games. And folks the track record don’t lie. Because I can go up and down every AAU roster now and then and give you REAL truth. There high school season will mean so much more. Does where you play affect recruiting? Yes it does depending on your goals. If you want to play D1 you better play for a team that showcases your talent. If you want to play D2 you better be in events that give you name recognition when surrounded by those D1 players. If you want to play D3 you 100% better be in the right events. All this depends on your coach and what there goals are. Are they there to help you or stroke their EGO!

AAU should not have kids crying in public or parents stressing out. It’s a damm total joke. So I will waste my time again with some advice

  1. Pick a team where you enjoy being around the coaches and players
  2. Don’t pick a team where the organization controls your every movement.. not one.. repeat one single AAU coach has the ability to crush your recruiting… it’s a myth.
  3. Find a team that plays as a team. Understand some teams try to crown certain players to draw attention to there organizations . Run from these teams… RUN FAR!
  4. Find a team with a quality coach who will give you their unlimited time free time for you
  5. Pick a team where you can showcase your talent and play your future college position.

Last week a kid in tears came to me and said ” Where should I play AAU?” I told her I couldn’t help her with that. I told her “you making way to much of this this. Just pick the place where you will have the most fun and development and stop looking for status though a AAU team. You already are one of the best freshman in the state… that’s not changing based on a AAU team”

*THESE ARE FACTS! Why do I tell you this? Because you better start listening

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