These days many kids are playing in All Star games every weekend. These days kids are talking about their rankings. They spent hours on social media. These days kids are all about the hype and substance is something they’ll worry about later. So many kids these days choose a college for the big gyms, TV coverage and the name on the jersey. They need to brag to friends and family. These are the things that matter most to them. They want and need that spotlight to shine on them. Madison St. Rose rejects all such things and yet the spotlight still shines upon her. The best player in New Jersey last year. The Best player in the Shore Conference last year on the best team in New Jersey committed to what many believe is the best school in the country. Madison St. Rose once again did it with substance.… and committed to PRINCETON UNIVERSITY.


Yesterday Madison St. Rose in her own quite way announced she will attend Princeton University. The best player and the best school in New Jersey and maybe the country have joined forces. It’s not too much of a surprise, because Madison St. Rose has always been about substance. While so many great players bathe in the glory of the spotlight. Brag about their sneaker company team or show off the latest sneaker given to them. They brag about all the the things they get for free. While so many others and their inner circle of friends and family are on social media living for the hype. Madison St. Rose is living for the substance of life. She has rejected all the goodies that come with being a great player… the BEST PLAYER. That’s because Madison St. Rose has always seen the big picture. She has always seen that substance is the way to greatness. Now she will be spending time were substance is all they care about… Princeton University. It’s a place you cannot enter without substance. Regardless of how good your jump shot is or your handle. It’s a place where you athletic talents will not carry the day. You see Princeton is the place that shapes the very world we live in. It’s the place where giants walks in all walks of life. Madison St. Rose is now part of that exclusive club. The percentages of a kid playing D1 basketball are low, the odds of not in your favor. But the odds of a kid going to Princeton and playing basketball. Well the odds are almost to small to think about, unless your name is Madison St. Rose.


Madison St. Rose is easily the nicest superstar in recent Shore history. Everyone loves Madison St. Rose because she is humble and polite. She has a smile that lights up a room. Teammates, opponents and even rivals love Madison St. Rose. That’s because she doesn’t come across as a young lady that believes because she is a great basketball player, that she should be treated special. Instead Madison St. Rose treats everyone around her special. She is a young lady who understands that there has to be substance in everything you do in order for people to embrace you. Everyone embraces Madison St. Rose. It’s why the best player player in New Jersey is never part of drama of in the middle of anything that doesn’t have substance attached to it.


I have not seen much of Madison St. Rose these days. I call her and tell her to come to NBS when I am thinking about her. I always have a spot for Madison. But this year the Covid has made things different for everyone. Last year I picked up Madison St. Rose everyday before camp. We drove to Hoop Group in the mornings, it was some of the best times I have spent with a kid. That’s because Madison St. Rose is one of the most respectful young ladies I have ever met. The words Thank you and Please are the backbone of her vocabulary. She is somebody that appreciates everything and everyone. That word substance comes to mind right away when I think about Madison, that’s because she surrounds herself with substance. Things that last a lifetime and there’s no place that does more building and preparing a person for life, than Princeton University. Madison St. Rose is going to the place that changes lives, countries and most importantly hearts and souls. It’s why Madison St. Rose and Princeton make so much sense.


This fall a Mid Major program’s head coach called me and said. ” I really believe that Madison St. Rose is interested” I told him of all the Power 5 kids I have ever known. Madison St. Rose was the most down to earth and ego free. I told him Madison will not play to the crowd. She will pick a a school that fits what she is looking for. No school would truly be off the table. Madison St. Rose was looking and would not settle for anything not of substance. She is simply not like all the other girls. Madison does have a need to feel more important than other kids. She doesn’t need to have people to tell her how great she is. Madison St. Rose doesn’t need star treatment. Her high school coach said it best in these simple words,,,


Madison St. Rose is the first Sophomore to win both the Shore and State Player of the Year. She has a chance to become the best player in not only Shore history but the state’s history as well. But she will be denied a chance to win three consecutive SCT and TOC titles…something nobody has done. SJV is the overwhelming favorite to win the SCT again and the TOC. But they may not get the chance due to the Covid. SJV plays for chips not good seasons. There measuring stick is different from every other team in the state. It’s a place where substance over flash and dash always wins the day. Princeton University is the same way. It’s a school that will allow Madison St. Rose to continue her winning ways. It’s a place where substance can be found in every walk of life. It’s a place parents and coaches dream of their kid wearing the Tiger uniform. Madison St. Rose just fulfilled that dream.

Madison St. Rose just created the best brand in recent girls basketball history. Great players rarely combine the package that Madison St. Rose brings to the table. She now will walk in the steps of Presidents, famous Generals, Actors, Athletes and Educators. Princeton University is the gold standard. Madison St. Rose has created a brand for herself that will last long after the basketball stops bouncing. She is a black female who is a top notch athlete and student. She is in rare company these days. While others will have great careers and score lots of points… none will leave the legacy of Madison St. Rose when all is said and done. Most will fade into the sunset of their own greatness on the court. But none will be remembered like Madison St. Rose… its because SUBSTANCE NEVER DIES….



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