The basketball season is heating up. So today I thought I offer some advice about a few topics, AAU, High School basketball and Parents.


AAU teams are now forming all across the state.. Twenty years ago there were only a few organizations. Now everyone and there grandma has a organization. People make AAU so complicated, folks it’s really not if you just follow my advice. So here goes my advice….DO WHAT IS BEST FOR YOU. If you don’t follow this advice I promise… YOU will regret it one day. There is no loyalty in AAU and if you believe there is loyalty I have a bridge to sell you. When you choose a AAU team have one thing and only one thing in mind….I come FIRST! Keep all your options open ALWAYS.. After you have picked a team, ask this question; I’m I happy? Now after you have settled on a team…keep you options open. Why? because nobody is loyal in AAU. Don’t believe the talk about being part of a team; the only team you really have is the one you and your parents form.. doing what’s best for you and your family…..GOOD LUCK AND YOU BE WISE TO LISTEN TO ME.


The High School season is heating up and I have some great advice to every kid planning on playing. First get ahead of your studies, do anything you can in advance of your season. You see if your are a good student it will help you down the road on and off the court. The better student you are the more doors will open. Remember the best thing you can do to help your team is this…BE A GREAT TEAMMATE! You see once you start worrying more about teammates than yourself, your experience becomes special. It won’t matter how many games your teams wins or how much time your get. You will be creating something way more important than those thing….REAL FRIENDSHIPS. Try to show sportsmanship, it not only makes you look good but it is a reflection of your parents. Finally remember basketball is not life and death. Don’t turn it into that…enjoy your time with teammates and remember the competition does not wear the same uniform as you…APPERICIATE THIS TIME IT GOES SOOO QUICK!


Parents here is some advice for you. This is your child’s time…not yours. Support their passion…don’t live their passion. Remember kids will fight and have disagreements, please stay out of it. Most times kids will figure it out but once parents get in the middle, the relationship is ruined forever. Parents please don’t blame your child’s coach for there failures. I have never met a coach who doesn’t root or like kids. Let your child develop a relationship with their coach. They can’t do this if you are telling your child how bad the coach is…weather you are right or wrong. Finally parents please remember, most kids just want to be part of something….But if you are critical and make faces it takes their joy away. Nothing hurts more than when a child feels they have let their parents down. Please don’t coach from the sidelines…YOU LOOK SO DUMB. Nothing turns parents, players, fans and coaches off more than a parent coaching from the stands. It divides a team and ruins chemistry off the court. Cheer for your child and their teammates…cheer loud but be positive. It’s never a good thing to yell anything negative to a child that is not your own…PARENTS I HOPE YOU ARE LISTENING!

Lets hope everyone takes my advice….because everyone stands to benefit!




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