I talk about recruiting all the time, often to educate the public or to pass along exciting information. But I NEVER reveal a players recruiting status..EVER, that’s up to the kid and the schools recruiting a kid. Now college coaches are not allowed to discuss a players recruitment publicly for good reason. Many times people discussing a players recruitment publicly are doing so for selfish reasons. Many times a player will do so because they honestly believe it will draw in other schools…for me this is a serious red flag. I could give you a long list or reasons why kids and mostly AAU organizations should not do this. But I would  need a few hours to explain why it should not be done. But I will tell you this,  those who do so are not educated in the recruiting process. I will leave you with this from a D1 coach just last night. ” If xxxx is recruiting her, then I can tell you, she can’t play here”. Your bragging can at times work against you. I know a school that was the front runner for three Power 5 players, until a player went public with a offer from that school. None of the three P5 players have any interest in that school now. The message was passed along to the head coach, who is in a tight spot with the player who went public….all of these problems are brought on by people not keeping there recruiting business a private matter until they commit. The women’s process is nothing like the men’s…TRUST ME.



I played D3 basketball in college. I played in the D3 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP GAME. I was a All American, I also coached at the D3, D2 and D1 level. I was part of teams at all three levels that made it to the NCAA TOURNAMENT. I also had players, at all three levels get drafted and play at the NBA LEVEL. My daughter went through the recruiting process and entertained going to a D3 school before deciding upon Colgate U…I think I know the recruiting process inside and out. The problem is a lot of people who are not as informed about the process often have a lot to say. I say this often about recruiting; a player does not need advice but rather information. If they have the correct information they will be just fine during the recruiting process. The problem is often those giving advice many times have an agenda, want to feel important, have the kid pick the biggest name or simply don’t know any better. Either way it’s not a good thing.



I often hear people talking about what level a player currently is or will play at one day. It’s fun and makes for great  conversation. It’s all of what makes sports so much fun and brings people together. But here is when things cross a line, when these conversations become public. Recently a blogger tweeted that he didn’t think it was wrong for him to tweet out a player was a D3 player on social media. He couldn’t understand why a trainer (yours truly) would be miffed by him doing so, especially when he talked positively and called the kid a D2/D3 ..GEM. He advised kids to STAY IN THERE LANE.  So let me address this as best I can without being too mean spirited.

First nobody should ever tell a kid publicly what level of player they are without their permission. If you want to discuss a players level behind closed doors …great, but not on social media. Next if a kid believes they are a D1 player who the hell are we to tell them different. The amount of time, energy and money spent is  astronomical in chasing these dreams. I say every kid and parent has the right to pursue their dreams. I know kids who can’t walk and chew gum who think they are going D1 …GREAT FOR THOSE KIDS. They may be unrealistic but that’s OK they’re chasing a dream and that’s why they call it dreams …not  guarantees. Not every dream a kid has is going to come true. It doesn’t mean they need help telling them when to stop chasing those dreams. The college coaches will decide that at some point without our help. But the part that upset me most about the blogger was this line…STAY IN YOUR LANE, well let’s talk about lanes.  where  did this blogger play at? HE DIDN’T PLAY…Where did he coach at?…NOWHERE… When does he train players at? ..HE DOESN’T … Do college coaches give any thought to a single word he says?..NOT A SINGLE ONE…What is his track record with coaching and developing players…ZERO. He has no basketball background to speak of at all. He is simply your everyday fan with a blog. Does he have inside information? NO…

Now if all of this sounds a bit harsh, it should be. The fact is, he was being harsh and the tweet appeared personally directed at yours truly. I believe he  is a good person, with a good heart.  He is somebody who loves basketball and promotes the girls game unapologetically. He travels the entire East coast making friends and covering the girls game. 99% of what he writes is positive and puts a smile on a kids face. He is good for girls basketball… But it is he, not the kids, who need to stay in there lane. He is wrong on every front tweeting out a kids level of play without their knowledge. These type of things are done quietly and out of the view of the public by scouting services and college coaches….KIDS YOU GET IN ANY LANE YOU WANT…YOU HAVE THAT CHOICE.



Finally, let me tell me say this, if  you play any level of college basketball, consider yourself lucky. The experience will be for most of you, the most exciting time of your life. Now recently somebody complained that the word elite is too loosely used. Maybe the word is used a little too much by me and others these days. But I can tell you this, with 100% certainty. Any kid playing D1 basketball is elite weather you like it or not. The  percentage of girls playing Division I basketball is 1.2%. Folks if that’s not elite, nothing is elite. Somebody  actually said there were some girls playing Division I basketball who stink. Now this statement is so ridiculous.  It sounds like a joke. Now there are different levels of D1 basketball…But nobody playing D1 basketball stinks. They may have picked the wrong school, coach or just may not be good enough…but they do not stink. Many times it’s trainers,  kids and mostly parents who simply feel the D1 kids overshadow the kids who have worked just as hard to get to a D2/D3 school. Yet nobody is acknowledging this accomplishment. It leads to  jealousy and resentment… but all those kids and parents need to know is this…..if that kid gets a good education and has an excellent athletic experience they won’t care what level they play at….JUST ASK KATIE SIRE OF MONTCLAIR STATE UNIVERSITY.


I feel not enough people understand recruiting. There are 351 D1 schools in the country(counting the Ivy). If every school had 4 D1 offers available and I think we all can agree that’s not the case, that would  mean there  are 1400 D1 scholarships available for  the entire country and Europe. The odds are against you if D1 is your dream. But if it’s your dream chase it..but chase it the right way. Get in the gym, be dedicated. Be honest with yourself, train and play against real competition and then let the chips fall where they may. But remember your fall back plan must be your education. This is your most power weapon in the recruiting process. It allows you to gamble and take your time. It opens doors that you never expected to open. It’s gives you that real power of not fearing to fail…I hope you will chase your dreams whatever they may be, I hope you will keep your recruiting talk between you and your love ones..but most of  all I WISH YOU GODS SPEED…EVERY STEP OF THE WAY…..

Tiny Green

There are 26 Spots available as of AUGUST 3rd

There are 26 Spots available as of AUGUST 3rd


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