The seeding committee got it wrong and it that’s simple. Yesterday the seeding committee rewarded RUMSON FAIR HAVEN. for playing a tough schedule. This despite that fact RFH did not have a single quality win the entire season. RFH was given the best seed in the SCT in fact. Did they deserve it? YES!!! but that’s because the two teams they had  to beat out for the Golden seed, did not earn the 6th seed ahead of them.

First while Ocean had a quality win, everyone was quick to point to there lost to Shore Reg. But nobody brought up RFH’s lost to Moore Catholic. Why? Because go read any article about RFH and what’s the first thing you will read. They played a tough schedule. But in fact TRINITY HALL, MANASQUAN, SJV  and ST. ROSE all played better schedules. But not once can you find anywhere,  where it mentioned those teams played a tough schedule. Why? because RFH knows how to plant the narrative and Ocean gave them a free pass. How you ask? You can’t play a game the week of the SCT and lose by 25 points . OCEAN’s decision to play NEW PROVIDENCE was a classic example of not understanding the big picture. They lost there state ranking, the golden #6 seed and a chance to make some real noise in the SCT, all in one night. Toms River simply had once chance at the #6 … politics. They needed the Ocean County teams to push them over the top in the voting. TRN has traditionally played a weaker schedule than Monmouth County teams, Regardless of there talent. This year it caused them the 6th an 7th seed, rightfully so, despite a great season.


Now  that gets me to St Rose. They received the 4th seed. Meaning there season will end in the semi Finals at best. First they have to beat TRINITY HALL twice to even have the honor of getting beat by SJV. They won’t get to the Finals and play in front of a packed house on TV. They won’t get to play in front of college coaches. They won’t get all the media attention. They won’t get a experience of a life time. In other words they won’t get the honor of playing for the biggest chip in girls basketball. Why? Because of politics. Folks this seeding was decided before the committee even met. The phone calls and back door conversations were already in motion. 

St. Rose unlike RFH actually played the toughest schedule in the shore this side of. SJV. The difference is they actually beat good teams. But unlike RFH was not rewarded for there efforts.

Here is the St. Rose Resume

Overall 17-4 (81%)
There strength of schedule:
• 9 games vs Top 20 in State (43% of there total) and 4 of those Teams were also ranked #1 in their respective Conferences
◦ 3 of there Losses were for a combined 10 points
◦ Including a an Overtime Loss to New Providence (17-3 ranked #9)…..
◦ a Double Overtime loss to Immaculate Heart Academy(17-2 ranked #13) ….. 
◦ 4 point loss to Red Bank Catholic (20-1 #4)
◦ That loss vs Manasquan you ask? Well it came 2 days after losing there  best all around player and team MVP Maggie Cavanaugh.  They hope to have her back for the SCT and States. But yet everyone was quick to use Maggie’ injury as an excuse to steal the #3 seed
• Statement wins
◦ Ewing 20-2
◦ Gill St Bernard 14-4
◦ Manasquan 17-4 
◦ Albertus Magnus (#1 ranking Journal News/LOHUD)
◦ Rumson Fair-Haven 2X 13-8
◦ Lenape 13-8
◦ Union City 14-4

Vs Shore Conference 9-2 (82%)
• defeated ranked opponents Manasquan and RFH twice
• 1 loss to RBC #4 in State and #2 in Conference….1 loss to Manasquan #9 in State

There strength of schedule and there  undefeated record vs Shore Conference opponents prior to Maggie’s injury,  more than justifies a #3 seed for St Rose in the SCT. But the won’t matter because of politics.

St. Rose gets the 4th seed 




Now I’m not going to mention Manasquan’s record. They had a great year. But to compare there season to St. Rose is a joke. This is a case of the old guard getting together. In a few weeks the ALL SHORE teams will come out. You will see the same nonsense at work. If you saw the voting for that las
t year,  you’d be embarrassed for some folks. But they say revenge is a meal best served cold. Don’t be surprised if RFH is in the final. I LOVE DAVE CHALLAHAN’s chances in big games late in the season.  Dawn Karpell you ask? Well folks I can promise you, she doesn’t care about any of this nonsense. Why? She knows they all are Scamming against her anyway… as if it will somehow change the outcome anyway….

St. ROSE deserved better…




  1. Now Squan gets blown out by Ewing who lost to St Rose what an absolute disgrace Kukoda should be ashamed of herself and same with her buddy Joe just disgusting behavior

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