Todays SPOTLIGHT TEAM IS THE 2021 SHORESHOTS. To put it simply, they are the most recognizable  group in over a decade. There games resemble a college coaches convention. They are the measuring stick for all other teams. No team draws more attention or has a bigger target on there back. They elevates the profile of any event they attend.  The 2021 Shoreshots are a collection of the best babies in the Shore and some of the best babies outside the area. This group has size, length, quickness, athleticism and next level basketball IQ’s. Right now they have 8 projected D1 players and 7 currently have offers on the table. There are two  2022’s players who are on the roster. There is no surprise both had Power 5 offers before playing their 1st high school game. This group has shooters, ball handlers and elite defenders. They are very unselfish and are every opponents Super Bowl game. We have not seen a AAU team with this type of profile in a decade. They are a very close unit and when they are whole, they simply are scary to say the least. This is that rare AAU group that has stuck together and been very cautious about who they add to their roster. Sneaker companies have tried on numerous occasions to break this group up to no avail. This year was no different.. The word GYM RAT starts with this group. This group is in the gym, up t0 4 hours at a time on most days. No team in all my years have had a collection of Gym Rats like the 2021 Shoreshots. They have elite work ethics and simply put...ARE THE “IT” TEAM. That everyone is chasing.




They have yet to be whole this spring. They have had injuries and have yet to play a game at full strength. They have played in two tournaments to date. Going 4-1 losing to the Team Miller 2020 team and going 4-0 at USJN. They will be 100% whole during the live period.








Before I start I would like to clear up a little terminology. When I say a player is a lock Division one player that means a player has a offer on the table or I believe will have multiple D1 offers at some point…key word being multiple. MY TRACK RECORD IN THIS AREA SPEAKS FOR ITSELF…


A2[1]When I call a player a GYM RAT, that player is constantly in the gym, outside there team practices and comfort zone, seeks outside competition and there work ethic is bigger than there ability. These players train against high level competition. I never call a player a Gym Rat, unless I have seen them against older elite competition and PREFORM at a high level while doing so. They are in the gym at every turn and seem to always be around. These players will be better in college than high school and can play a level HIGHER than there recruitment. I believe you build programs with gym rats…they have a added value recruiters do not get to see. Gym Rats are tough to find as all coaches know. There are hard workers and then their are GYM RATS…Learn the difference.



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shoreshots-e1524028575571[1]Right now, NOBODY has more juice on the AAU circuit. She has put together the Roman Empire of girls AAU basketball. While many programs are struggling to put together teams. Tracey Sabino’s organization has grown stronger. Her Shoreshots teams in every age group are stacked with talent and have some of the best players in the state.  Tracey has been very selective in who is part of her 2021 Shoreshots. She did not add one new player this season. She has made the decision that chemistry, work ethic and drama free parents are the key to her program. She has hit a home run with this approach, while building her super team. Right now everyone is chasing Tracey Sabino and her Shoreshots program. She has built a once lost organization into one of the most important girls AAU basketball program in New Jersey. She has hired committed coaches, she is well organized and runs first class tournaments. Tracey has two daughters that are currently playing D1 basketball. Her program has produced so many D1 players, that it would be too long to list Right now TRACEY SABINO is the QUEEN OF AAU BASKETBALL.




















Projected D1 players– (8)

Special note– this team has( 1)  DIVISION one fence sitter



Impact 2/3 Players(1)


















She missed this season with a torn ACL. She will be cleared to play for the July recruiting period. She is a knock down shooter with range, who can get on major shooting rolls. She was showing signs as ball handler before her injury as she was getting to the rim at a higher rate than in the past. She has an excellent body and not afraid to be physical. She is a true grinder and more importantly wants to be coached hard. She is an excellent catch and shoot player. She won a state championship as a freshman at Manasquan high school. She is a glue player and  classic program player. She is tracking as a future D1 player. Look for her in July.  She has been in the gym shooting and dribbling in recent weeks.






She has moved into the conversation as one of the best point guard in all of New Jersey. She is the fastest player in the state. This past season, she was off the charts in just about phase of the game.  Right now she is the best on ball defender in the state. She is a defensive menace of the highest level. She has active hands and elite feet to go along with a relentless toughness. Abby’s vision, is next level and her decision making is off the charts. She cannot be pressured with the ball, either in the full court of half court. Her ability to change speeds and stop on the dime, while  changing directions, is special and rare. She is now an elite 22ft shooter though work and commitment. She is a GYM RAT with an elite attitude. She allows her coaches to coach her hard.  She is a next level talent in transition, when it comes to finding teammates or getting to the rim. Her ability to hustle for an entire game is almost exhausting just watching her. The energy level is beyond belief. She has grown and put on more weight this spring. She broke a number of records on the high school track level last spring (, despite never running in a competitive event in her life. The reason she could do this is, she may be the most competitive baby in the Shore. She was named to the ALL SHORE TEAM this past season….She has D1 offers on the table. She is an elite student and Ivy and Patriot schools will be in a all out war for her over the next 2 years.. She is the ULITMATE LEADER AND POINT GUARD.

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She is one of the most in demand point guards in the state. Her vision and ability to get by opponents is why Top programs want her services. She is an elite defender right now because of her ability to guard Power 5 type guards; on and off the ball. Nobody throws the ball ahead to teammates like her in transition. It is a gift that results in easy baskets and puts major pressure on opponents. She runs pick and roll as well as any guard I have seen at any level.  She has become a deadly shooter with major shooting range. Her 22 point performance against state champ Manasquan  as a freshman was one of the best baby showings on a big stage in years. This past season Joe Montano called her season “the best sophomore season he has seen in years”. She is that rare point guard that can go get you a basket late in games. Her arm length effects both sides of the floor and is next level. Her ability to get deflections and tips, make coaches sit up. Her handle against any type of pressure is next level. Her vision is maybe the best I have ever seen. Her natural basketball IQ is off the charts. Sabino is already an elite game manger and understands clock and situation.  She was a member of THE HOOP GROUP ALL FRESHMAN 1ST TEAM. She is a total GYM RAT who you can coach her hard and she will respond. Highly competitive, she has seen elite competition her entire basketball career….High majors and Power 5’s need apply  only  for her services….she has offers on the table from every level of school…BIG TIME RECRUIT ALREADY…

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She just polished off one of the best freshman seasons in years. Head Coach Joe Montano calls her freshman year “the best he has ever seen at RBC”. She was named the Shore Conference FRESHMAN OF THE YEAR. She is now 6’3″ and growing both physically and mentally. She is a 2022 playing for the 2021 Shoreshots. She is the ultimate GYM RAT  and hardest worker I have seen in all my years. I am talking about any level, that includes college and NBA players I have coached. The work ethic is nothing these eyes has ever seen. The work ethic simply has no match. She is the deadest shooter to enter the shore since ???? Her range has no match (check out her highlights) and she can shoot it with quickness. She is the ultimate floor spacer.  She has the ability to post smaller guards and big athletic wings are defenseless against her because of her size and ability to shoot from 35 feet (not an exaggeration). She has a very deep bag of offensive tricks. She has been courted by just about every school in the country. She is the compete package and is not even close to physically, what she will be in the coming years. She is totally committed to getting stronger in the off season…a scary thought.  Once she gets stronger, she will be a once in a lifetime player. Her passing ability to off the charts in the half court or in transition. Her length makes up for her lack of foot speed. Her length is just murder, but so is her handle. She can easily slide to the Point Forward position. This my friends is  A POWER 5 IMPACT PLAYER first option player one day.

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She is the daughter of former St. Francis Pa Head Coach Joe Haigh. Her mother was a star player at Notre Dame. She is a combination of talent, IQ and next level skill sets. When she plays with the Shoreshots they become almost unbeatable. She has length and toughness that is off the charts. Her ability to shoot the ball should not surprise anyone, if you have seen her fathers teams play. Her size allows her to shoot over the top of small wings. Her first step off the dribble is insane for somebody of her size. But its her ability to play so physical that makes her special. She can guard centers to point guards and more important can play all those positions on offense. She brings a little of every thing to the table.  She is as versatile as they come. She is an elite defender and understands team defense. This is a young lady that will be a impact player that day she sets foot on a college campus. She has a college body RIGHT NOW.…









She has multiple D1 offers on the table for good reason. As one D1 asst Coach said, ” let everyone chase those other 2021 Shoreshots, I think McGinn will be the best of the bunch”. After this season, he could be right. She has gotten taller and stronger and is one of the most improved players in NY.  This is another insanely talented versatile player. Her size will shock you because she is just under 6’0”. She had another monster season in helping Staten Island Academy  advance to the state semi finals She is a built like a race horse, tall, long and lean. Her ability to get to the rim is so next level. She is murder in transition and has elite quickness. This is a future 4 year starter in college. Here is the reason why? Toughness off the charts, ball handling skills off the charts. Ability to get in the lane and finish…ELITE RIGHT NOW. She is a very capable player maker in traffic or in space. She has improved her shooting and maybe more importantly understands shot selection. She is a GYM RAT who travels sometimes 2 hours for a workout or practice. She has an elite attitude towards coaching. Super competitive nature and plays with a real edge. SHE IS THE MOST VERSATILE PLAYER ON THIS ROSTER. She is a slasher who can fill up a box score in a number of ways,….SHE IS THE REAL DEAL….

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She may be the least know of the players on this team. It may account for her development and why she plays with an edge. She is next level tough and a big time physical defender, that can defend all three guard positions. She plays angry on offense and defense… The biggest change in her game? She has willed herself into a shooter though hard work with shooting guru Mary Beth Chambers. She is a Mack truck in the lane and is totally committed to becoming a better player. She has already received interest from D1 schools and this despite getting little time as freshman 2 years ago.  She can handle the ball and always plays with purpose and pace. She has seen elite competition for years and more importantly has embraced it. She is ULTRA COMPETITIVE. She is that rare young player that can finish in the lane against bigger competition. She is that rare guard that takes great pride in rebounding and winning 50/50 balls. She will wear a D1 uniform in 3 years.  She is far from a finished product. Patriot schools are knocking at the door for good reason… with all the attention the Shoreshots receive it hard to believe she will not be on college coaches recruiting list. Her improvement this season will be clear as day to those who saw her a year ago.

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There is no question in my mind who the best post player in New Jersey will be one day. Ally Carman is that rare talented post player. She was 1ST TEAM ALL FRESHMAN and started for Top 20 RBC.  She is 6’5″ in bare feet. She also is not just another tall girl. She has elite hands, and skills sets. She has a jump hook with both hands in the lane. She has a touch of a guard in the lane.  She has an up and under move. She spins and moves in the post for position. She is a active rebounder and defender. We are talking about a rare talented player. She also is a unicorn, in that she is a big player that is a GYM RAT. She lives in the gym, sometimes up to 6 hours a day. Her father was a former NFL player. Her mother is one of the All Time Great Players in shore history, that played at Power 5 Georgia Tech. So it’s no surprise her daughter already has Power 5 offers.  She makes free throws and as competitive as it gets. She will be the most dominating big in the state one day. She allows you to coach her hard and is 100% willing to learn. She has played against D1 post players with size and they have been mentors to her. She folks is a future Power 5 and possible  Top 50 player one day.…bank on it. She has not touched the surface of what is will be one day. Think a bigger version of Seton Hall, SJV and former Player of the year Kimi Evans….SCARY RIGHT? This past season she exceeded everyone’s expectations. Remember she is a 2022 playing on the 2021 team.







She just may be the most improved player in the shore conference these days. No player was more of a surprise in their freshman as  Miss Teter. Anyone who says they saw her rise, is not being truthful.  She was HOOP GROUP 1ST TEAM ALL FRESHMAN, that alone secured her future D1 status. She has taken another big step this season. She has had a steady growth as a player.  She has added the three ball to the best hop cross in New Jersey, now that Lola Mullaney has moved on. She is an rangy defender and pressures opponents with her length and foot speed. She is very coachable, plays hard and is very active. She was all freshman because she preformed in big games against big competition. She had buzzer winners and big steals as a freshman at RBR. This year she out did herself with a star performance in RBR win over RBC.  She is an electric passer and is another player on this team, that is lights out in transition. Her Mobility makes her a next level rebounding guard who has a nose for tips and loose balls. She is old school throwback player, in that she is a classic dribble break down player, who can become a slasher when she needs too.   She has the ability to beat opponents off the dribble and is an elite one on one player. She is a D1 lock who seems to be getting better and that could rise her future projected level of play. Big time attitude, family and student, this is a player who has willed herself to elite status…Patriot and Ivy’s… special ALERT… This is a player who status keeps growing daily.





This is the one true sleeper on this team. Some players don’t look the part, but are made for the role. Maddie is the perfect example of this. She is warrior and that’s why she has the nickname “MAD DOG”. She seems to outplay anyone in front of her. A rugged consistently productive player. Does not need tons of touches to be effective. As a freshman at Allentown High School, she shocked everyone with her outstanding play as a starter. This season is went one step further. She was a walking double/double. She is a very mature player, who is an elite rebounder in traffic and talented passer. She rebounds outside of her area as well as any young player I have seen. This is a player, who doesn’t look the part but is a academy award winning player. She plays way bigger than her size. She can step out and knock down jumpers or get to the rim and finish….she GETS TO THE FOUL LINE at a high rate. She is a worker and does all the dirty work for this team. She sets killer screens and runs in transition like few physical post players…she doesn’t look 6ft but she in fact every inch of that. She is sneaky as in real sneaky athletic. She is quick off her feet and has strong hands. Her feel and basketball IQ is special, rarely if ever makes mental mistakes. Plays hard  and can defend and post up bigger players. THIS IS A FACT OF FACTS…FUTURE D1 PLAYER















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