The live period got off to a big bang and Big Baller TV is officially my favorite App.  I will get to some of the updates I received but first some observations. There is no question the live period is great for kids, coaches, parents and the vendors who run the events. I am really not sure why the live period cannot be extended.

Here are a few things I would change for the live recruiting period. First I really believe that games have to go to 20 minutes stop time. Now I understand that there is a little issue of getting all the games in and the vendors need to make a living. So if they don’t change the length of the games, I am sorry... you cannot have teams of 10 and 11. I couldn’t believe how few minutes many kids received. I mean a kid would barely break a sweat and would be coming out of the game. My guess is that on teams with 10 kids, the best player on the team maybe plays 18 mins… at most. Also it makes it harder for a college to evaluate a kid, when that kid cannot get into the rhythm of the game. So it’s simple make the games longer or have smaller rosters. 10 players for 32 mins is not reasonable and the amount of down time is almost unreal. I told a young lady yesterday who played one game and came home….you need to comeback and go workout or do something. Any kid who says there tired after these events needs to check there conditioning.

Now on to the weekend it was nice hearing so many great reports. First as expected you have to start with the 2021 Shoreshots. They played in a division that was stacked. Nobody went though the division with out losing a game or two. The Shoreshots according to coaches had the best chance but came up short. I like the philosophy of Coach Tracey Sabino which is to go play the best competition. What Coach Sabino is missing is that no team had more coaches following them, than the 2021’s. Just about every top team in the country watched them multiple times all weekend. The biggest reason for this is competition they face… oh and having 8 D1 players doesn’t hurt.

DESTINY ADAMS made her Exodus debut as they won the U17 chip. Here is a wrap from a coach who Exodus all weekend

LaShae Dwyer was dominating & sometimes overpowering on the defensive end of the floor. Relentless in her attack of opposing guards defensively. Offensively was superb in ball screen action getting downhill & setting up teammates for easy finishes. She was electric in transition. Got to the rim at will and was able to finish through contact with either hand. Was super consistent in her play from start to finish all wknd & a big reason Exodus was able to go 4 & 1 for the wknd…can you say OH CANADA!

  • I was told by a p5 coach this morning, Dwyer was the best player at Boo Williams..

Brynn Farrell despite foul trouble, Brynn was able to make an impact on both ends of the floor. Her ability to stretch the floor from behind the arc kept defenses honest & her tenacity in posting up smaller guards was on display all wknd. She had several huge plays down the stretch that helped close the game vs the Carolina Flames.

Destiny Adams showed continued versatility defensively & was able to get to the rim on several occasions in every game played. It’s only a matter of time before Destiny gets rolling offensively due to her attacking mindset, strength & remarkable skill sets.

Team Rio made it’s girls live debut and did not disappoint. Just about every coach was impressed  with how hard the Team Rio u17 and U16 teams played. The u17 team according to coaches looked like a very unselfish group. They played top competition and every game was highly contested. There is no question that player everyone was talking about was Madison St. Rose who was brilliant all weekend. As one D1 head Coach said “she is on a different than everyone else” Those are strong words when you consider the talent she faced this weekend. Katie Hill again showed why she is one of the best 2021’s in New Jersey. Grace Munt played her steady play all weekend. She clearly is gearing up for a monster AAU season. Paulina Paris had big moments as well this weekend. Showcasing her talents for all to see. The U16 had a bumpy start to the weekend and rebounded very nicely. This group has not had more than 6 practice as a group. So it’s clear come May there are going to a group who will make a lot of noise. With future D1 gym rats Megan Cahalan and Georgia Heine. There is no question they are going to a team coaches will learn more and more about. This was a big start for the talented TEAM RIO  organization.

The Coyle Cardinals 2020 team were the heart break kids. They lost their first two games by three points. In both games they led going into the final 3 mins. The good news is this team looks like it has all the makings of an exciting team. Jess Riepe certainly is starting to look like a player that coaches are going to have to play real attention. Kids like Grace Wilson and Amelia Medollar who play so hard make this team very interesting.

Some what lost this weekend was the play of the NJ BELLES(TRUHAN). They went 4-0 this weekend and remain a very interesting group to say the least. It will be interesting to see if this group is willing to take the next step up in competition. They certainly proved they can do it…remember they led the 2021’s Shoreshots by 8 points at halftime in a earlier match up this spring. Jordyn Keating has been putting up big numbers all spring. This weekend was no different as she had over 20 in 2 of the 4 games. This is a group that coaches would be wise to pay attention in Atlantic City.

The New Jersey Belles new look U17 team had a nice opening. Reports were all positive regarding this crew. Mary Donnelly clearly had  eyes of coaches. She showed that she has big future. Kylie Capstraw, looked like she is ready to pick up where she lifted off last spring. She clearly is a little bigger and strong and was very confident after a year of high school basketball. Catlin Wingertzahn was impressive and her stock is clearly on the rise.

Team Miller 2021 team once again faced the best competition they could find at Boo Williams. They advance all the way to the finals before losing in the championship. Faith Pappas who is just 2022 was outstanding all weekend. She is proving that she is an elite shooter. Team Miller 2021 is a group of talented players who proved they can play at the highest level.

When I tell you the 2023 class is loaded, that might be a understatement. I got a chance to watch the JSE 2023 and the Shoreshots 2023 and they did not disappoint. But team were outstanding this weekend. Both teams are just loaded with talent. I have to say Brianna Delaney was for JSE proved she is going to be a impact freshman at SJV. Then here is a name that is soon to be on every coaches radar….AVERY KESSLER of the Shoreshots was so good this weekend, it shocked me. She has every skills set needed to be great. But her quickness and speed is something rare. Both these teams have so much talent it really scary.



There were a few players who were at times just spectacular and you can start with FAB EGGNESWILER(2020 SHORESHOTS)  who in one game had 5 three’s and at times dominated on both sides of the ball.

JUSTINE PISSOTT (2021 Shoreshots) picked up another Top 20 offer. Pissott was speical this weekend. She has gotten stronger and ball handling skills are catching up with her shooting. 

MARY DONNELY(FAGEN BELLES) it seemed every coach had something to say about the All Freshman baby. She ran the floor well and proved she is more 3 than undersized 4. 

NICOLE MELIOUS (NY HOOPERS) she was MVP in the deep south and more importantly her team won the chip. Nicole has 32 points in the final game. The Shore Adopted guard is speical

MADISON ST. ROSE (TEAM RIO)  the amount of coaches talking about her weekend was  off the charts. She proved that she is going to be one of the best players in the state one day.







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