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Remember when I told you a year ago that Sophia Memon was doing big things.  It’s  time to talk about what she has become.  Sophia Memon proved last week at NBS camp, she can play with the best and I am talking about the best of the best. I will go as far and say the 6’2″ forward is a Division one player. I base everything by performance not reputation. Sophia Memon may not have the reputation. She may not fit the part but she has found the road map that so many others cannot to improvement and success.

Coaches you must understand the list of Division one forwards at NBS last week. It was talent on loan from god at the hoop group. There was size, athleticism and physical players to contend with  for those who embrace competition. Sophia Memon embraces competition and it’s no surprise she played wonderful last week. It was no surprise she was in the top 20 game three days. While some other D1 players with big names never made it to the Top 20 game. She battled players with multiple D1 offers in the paint. She battled D1 players who have committed to D1 schools and guess what?Took a back seat to nobody. So today I am going to give you the blueprint Sophia Memon has used to become what I believe is a D1 player.

Justine Mcgree shared Coach of Year with Dave Callahan

Sophia Memon has gone to a new level

So first some background on Sophia Memon. I met her 3 years ago when she came to NBS.  I knew she was completely over heard. She was forced to play against Power five  post players, who were bigger and stronger. She also had to match up with quick athletic wings at 5’11”. I questioned if she could even play at RBC. But a funny thing happened along the way. What Sophia was lacking in skills, she certainly wasn’t lacking in heart. She was one of the toughest kids in the gym period. She was a total WARRIOR. She also showed up every week. Then she started showing up for after school shooting and Core Skills are Hoop Group. You get the picture? Sophia Memon had become not only a gym rat but a player who thrived on competition. She has since transferred  from RBC and the funny thing about that is this…if she had stayed at RBC,  would you like to know who I would have as my #1 team in the shore? You got it RBC, because she has everything RBC is missing these days. A elite rebounder, defender, ball screener, post passer  and rim runner… but all that belongs to Middletown North these days and soon a future D1 program.


This past year Middletown North reached amazing heights as a program. It really was the start to how  Memon has become this player who has elevated herself to one of the best forwards in the shore. Sophia Memon got lucky folks, real lucky and here is why. When you combine her work ethic with elite coaching. It means development and I mean big improvement. You see last season Sophia Memon, ran into two of the best coaching situations a player could hope for. She got masterful coaching during the high school season and then backed that up with elite coaching up in the summer. Folks that happens once in the blue moon these days.  In fact let me go on the record, I believe Justine McGhee  did one of the best coaching jobs I have seen in 20 years last season. He gave his Middletown North  kids confidence and taught them to how to play basketball the right way. He also turned Memon into a real problem by expanding her talents. He allowed her to show her ability to block shots, handle the ball and pass. He expanded her game and refused to allow her to be one trick pony. Sophia Memon will never be able to payback what this man has done for her and her teammates.

Justine McGhee and Dave Callahan Shared Coach of the Year honors

Justine McGhee and Dave Callahan Shared Coach of the Year honors

There is always a little luck in the success of a player. Because Sophia Memon went from playing for the 2019 Coach of The Year in Justine McGhee to playing for what many believe is one of the best coaches of all time. I don’t have to read John Turhan resume off to you. Let’s just say the man can flat out coach. When I was told Coach Turhan was going to coach a Belles 2021 team made up of mostly Ocean kids, I was alarmed for a number of reasons. I told coach JT his “kids did not embrace competition, they don’t train at a high level and they will not commit”. JT  told me “tiny just watch what I do with this team”. I thought Sophia Memon was making a mistake. I WAS WRONG…DEAD WRONG. Because it’s never a bad thing to play for a genius ever. ..JT convinced his Belles in July to play better competition. He convinced his players to attend practice to skip vacations and days at the beach . He convinced them they could play against anyone..including the 2021 Shoreshots who his team lead by 10 points at halftime before losing. So when I saw Sophia Memon play this summer, my jaw dropped. She had added a sweet 18 foot jumper to her game. Her first step was flat out unstoppable off the bounce from 15. Then finally she had grown to 6’2″ and coaches trust when I tell you, she added real skill sets to her college ready body, hyper competitive nature and tough hard nose game…

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This summer Sophia Memon came to NBS in the pocono’s and I will never forget the weekend. Why? Because Sophia Memon worked like a dog in the hot weather for 9 hrs a day. She also did one on one post workouts with Ally Carman. She was relentless during the weekend. I really should have known what that was leading up too…her showing out at NBS last week. Sophia Memon is a great story for one reason…she has willed herself to greatness. She out worked the world and now she will get her reward before she graduates…wait coaches, she is only a 2021…MEANING THE SKY IS THE LIMIT FOR SOPHIA “the warrior” MEMON






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