Chloe Teter had a big day yesterday

Chloe Teter had a big day yesterday


Yesterday was the first day college coaches could make phones to juniors.  It was a big day for many kids. It’s a day when a kid like Chloe Teter who was totally under the radar entering high school was rewarded for her hard work with multiple offers from D1 schools. But yesterday is a day that causes stress and disappointment for so many kids. For every Sophia Sabino picking up P5 offers. There is a kid who also wished for that phone call. For every Katie Hill picking up offers from some of the best academic schools in the country. There is that kid who dreamed of such phones only to be disappointed. I am here to tell you, stop worrying and understand there is a different  road for each child.

There is a senior sitting around this morning waiting to SETTLE on a college. They have given up hope. They are now looking for directions to Easy Street. They will now find places to train that are about convenience not development. They are no longer buying in, showing up for workouts, summer games,  fall league games and as I like to say…they are simply DOING TIME now and running out the clock. They smile and try to find kids just like them. They now travel and train in packs with those just like them. They now are part of the club of broken dreams. These kids and families now are making the excuses, you hear every day this time of year… “D1 basketball is not is everything”,….”a college education is a college education regardless of where you get it”  “She wanted to stay close to home”. I’ve heard it all and all too often, it will be no different this year for some.

I have a message to those people… stop and stop now! The recruiting process has truly just begun but you must believe this. Most D1, D2 and D3 schools are no where close to being done. Kids will start committing at schools and it will open doors for you, a kid can only pick one school. Soon some kids will get their SAT scores back and realize they can’t get into that college that offered and it will open a door for you. The key to making your dream come true is not to give up. Your dream is alive and well if you are paying attention. You must find a new  road map to your college. Kristina Donza, for example turned her ROTC experience into a roster spot at the Navy Academy… she found her road map. You can do the same but you have to be like Kristina Donza and not listen to the noise in your head telling you to settle..its time for you to close your eyes and remember all the plans and dreams you made years ago….NEVER GIVE UP.



Everyone tired to convince Stephanie Mayerhofer got give up on her dreams..she didn't

Everyone tired to convince Stephanie Mayerhofer got give up on her dreams..she didn’t

So you are a junior and didn’t get a phone call yesterday, big deal, some schools didn’t even make phone calls yesterday. Some schools have no idea who you are yet. The have not discovered you yet. Some schools may not know you’ve made a major step up in your game. They may not know for example Maddie McCrea has lost  15 pounds and grown at least an inch and was named Most Improved Player at NBS. They may not know you have been working in the gym in August and going to camp, while others went on vacation or took a long break.  They just might not know you are developing, evolving in to something they need…they just have not discovered the new you, yet. But open gyms are coming up soon. The high school season is coming up soon. You have next April, May and July to show them you are special.

It’s time to relax and not get caught up into phones calls and offers. It’s time for you to be Camryn Foltz and just get better, so that come next June everyone is calling and begging for your services. Yesterday was just an appetizer to the recruiting process. The main course comes later, players like Jess Reipe are going to explode on the recruiting map. It called time, and being focused on matters most…getting better. Caitlin Wingertzhan didn’t get phone calls but she sure as hell got better and colleges came banging down her door this summer. It’s about staying the course and staying focused. One day of phone call is not going to make or change your recruiting future. The only thing that can change your recruiting future is you…by working hard, being honest with yourself…and chasing your dream.


Yesterday was a happy day for lots of kids. Yesterday was also a disappointing day for some kids. But the truth of the matter is, it should not have been. Yesterday was just another day to fight for your dreams. Yesterday was your first big test in recruiting, If you got an offer was that the right school? or are you just trying to shine vs thrive. There is a difference when it comes to recruitment. It’s okay to be disappointed if you did not get a phone call or an offer from that school you hoped would call. But that is all behind you and today is the first day as to how you will respond…are you going to work harder? Dream bigger? Give up or worst begin making excuses and trying to save face for others….I SAY DREAM BIGGER!

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