TODAYS RANT: You Better Calm The Hell Down and Relax😔💪🏀

These were a rash of verbal commitments last week. Four players decided they have found the schools that matched what they were looking for. It’s not often and in fact I cannot remember 4 kids all committing on the same weekend. By doing so, it had many kids doubting there future or worst thinking about making a choice they will regret. All I can tell those people is this. You better calm the hell down and relax. You better pay attention to what I am about to tell you.There is stress that fills the air and suck ups so much energy when a young lady commits to a college. It creates both joy and tons of Anxiety.

Their is a group of players with college offers on the table right now going into panic mode. Why? They are concerned that maybe some schools will take their scholarships away. All I can tell you is this. They have zero understanding of how the recruiting process works. If you have offers and are not committed there is a number of reasons why. Those reasons can be you have not visited the campus yet, you are too early in the recruiting process, your not comfortable with the school yet, maybe it’s your 2nd choice or maybe you are waiting on something bigger or better. Well guess what? The college coaches know all this as well. It’s a unspoken dance that takes place every year between coaches and recruits. Realize coaches know your looking at other schools and they are looking at other players. But do not pick a school because you are worried someone else will take your offer. Because that just may happen. But you know what’s worst? Picking the wrong school and ending up in the portal. But here is the best advice your going to get. If you find a school you like, don’t play games. Just remember you can be looking for something bigger and better until the cows come home. If you like a school and staff… TAKE IT. Go help make that school which makes you happy, even bigger and better. The one thing you have to stop doing is listening to people who are clueless about this process. Choose the school for you and understand each time table is different and do not rush into anything and calm the hell down and relax .

Now if your a senior without offer, you are running out of time to listen. Not time to get recruited but time to listen. First of all you been listening to the wrong people to begin with. How do I know this? Because you don’t have a school yet, that’s how I know. Notice I said yet! If you had been part of NBS this would not be a problem for you these days. So let me try and reach you and maybe you will finally listen. First once again, clam the hell down. Just because other seniors are committing doesn’t mean you have to push panic button. The only ones panicking are the people who are clueless about this process or have a poor track record in such matters. The first question you better ask is what level do you want to play. Once you decide this… DO NOT SETTLE FOR ANYTHING ELSE until you complete the entire re recruiting process.

Emma Bruen didn’t complete the recruiting in April of her senior year and she did it during a pandemic💪

What is the entire recruiting process? When you have spoken to every school that is still recruiting your position. Understand spots will open in December and even more come next April… TRUST ME ON THIS ONE. So understand we are 6 months out before the recruiting process ends for seniors and in some cases it’s even longer. But this is your last chance to listen. If your want to panic and pick a school and then tell the world it’s what you wanted all along, go right ahead… because 95% of the players across the country do exactly that each year….calm down you have time. You have your high school season. You have time to get bigger stronger and better. You have time to convince coaches. But you must be mentally strong enough to play the process out, all the way though… many people surrounding you will not.

Now if your a junior or younger without a offer and are in panic mode because juniors are committing… calm the extra hell down. It means exactly nothing. What it means is those kids committing were in the right high school and AAU environments to showcase their ability and talent. It DOES NOT MEAN THEY ARE BETTER THAN YOU. You got tons of time to do the exact same thing as they did and showcase your talent. You still have time to show your talent in your high school season and AAU season. But my first bit of advice for you is this. Stop making bad choices. Because if you don’t have a offer and believe your good enough. One of four things is happening. You’ve not been in the right place to showcase your talents, your not as good as you think, your still to young for coaches to offer or you listening to the wrong people.

I tell all the underclassmen, stop listening to people who are advising you with no knowledge about the process. Because the #1 thing you better focus on is your player development. Not your hype and worrying about who has offers and who does not. You better be good enough at the end of the day when coaches come see you. You may not have a offer simply because coaches have not seen you at your best for whatever reason. They may not know the real you. But here is a fact of facts… coaches don’t give a shit when they finally discover you are good enough. They may have thought you were not good enough until the one day, they see you shine and that day will be all that matters. Nobody gives a rats ass about the past in recruiting. They only thing coaches care about is the now. You have a insane amount of time to impress coaches… so calm the hell down and go get better.

Every time a kid signs people cheer and celebrate. But it also depresses many kids. Not because there jealous but because they fear they are being left behind. There not being left behind. That’s the hardest thing to get them and their parents to understand. There listening to the wrong people. Their time is coming, if they work hard and do not settle. When and if they do settle, then you knew in their heart, it was never meant to be in the first place … so you better calm the hell down and relax.


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