For some kids it easy. For some kids the breaks just seem to always keep coming. It’s easy to see the light when you get all the breaks. The hard work is just a little easier when everyone is behind you and rooting for you. But for some kids the journey is a test of will, desire and commitment. For some kids the hard work doesn’t always pay off right away. That’s when the test begins. That’s when the character is truly tested. That’s when you find out if a kid is truly willing to buy in . This is when you know if the will and desire are truly what they say it. They say the hardest workers are the last to surrender. SAMANTHA SLOFKISS had proved the strong do survive and they do make dreams come true. That’s because SAMANTHA SLOFKISS, last weekend gave TRINITY COLLEGE a verbal commitment making her dream of playing college basketball come true🏀🔥🤩

Kids are told over and over to always stay ready. They are told you never know when you time is coming, so be prepared. SAMANTHA SLOFKISS, it seemed has been preparing her entire young life. You see college basketball recruiting is a tricky thing. There is no exact science when it comes to recruiting. It’s easy for talented players to slip through the cracks. But if a player understands to open every door a available to them. They have a chance to make their dreams come true. SAMANTHA SLOFKISS, understood this, it seems from a early age. That’s why she has a 4.6 GPA and her SATS scores? Let’s just say could get her in the front door of any college in the country and that’s a fact. It’s also a fact the her academics is what keep her recruiting hopes alive when she was grinding through the fog of the recruiting. You see SAMANTHA SLOFKISS, was not hot shot recruit or superstar player. She had to give coaches a reason to come watch her play. A reason to believe in her and that’s exactly what she did. You see it was the academics the drew coaches to her games. Then Sam, did the rest but she prepared for her moment. SAMANTHA SLOFKISS, did all a kid could do, to get ready for her moment in the sun. She did it without fanfare. She did it without hype or a advocate. She did it the old fashion way.. with hard work.👍

NBS is a strange place, it’s not for everyone. It’s a place a kid can get lost at and feel unappreciated. That talent in the gym can certainly bruise a players ego. So when SAMANTHA SLOFKISS, showed up at NBS I was surprised. I didn’t know much about her other than she attended Marlboro high school. But I quickly found out she had a competitive nature. I quickly found out her commitment was real, that’s because week after week she showed up. She showed up early and she stay late. They she went to the hoop group and shot everyday. It was clear that SAMANTHA SLOFKISS was not afraid of hard work and more importantly didn’t need pats on the back. She was self motivated and clearly had a desire. Marlboro I felt was getting a freshman that could help them do big things in the future.🏀👏

I went to watch Marlboro play in Sam’s freshman year. Her first game she had 6 points. She had a excellent freshman season. It seemed she had put herself in great position for the following year. That spring and summer she worked relentlessly on her game. I was convinced she was going to have a breakout sophomore season. But a funny thing happened, Marlboro changed it style to a running, pressing, quick shooting team. It was a style that was fun and exciting. I thought the style while effective was at times difficult for Sam to adjust to. It was not traditional basketball, it was run and gun on steroids. I remember asking her after a game are you alright. She said, “we’re winning and we all trust coach my time is coming” It why I tell you Sam’s commitment is scary at times Marlboro subbed 5 in a 5 put on every dead ball. While the stats didn’t show it due to the style of play Sam had a excellent sophomore more year. It seemed her junior year was going to be something special. That is until Covid changed all that.😔

When Covid hit last year, kids everywhere were wondering what was ahead. The chance to be seen by college coaches was taken away and getting recruited was no longer a easy thing to navigate for anyone more or less a player who didn’t pack the stat sheet. Sam, like so many other kids was up against it. She knew she had a long tough road ahead. She was grateful to have a shortened high school season. Her junior year was rewarding. She opened the season with a double, double by getting 14 points and 12 rebounds. Her Marlboro teams knocked off the #4 team in the state. She and her teammates did all this out of the sight of college coaches. Then after 9 games the season was halted by Covid 19. The bad news was Sam was back to the drawing board. The good news was college coaches were back out in the summer to watch players. That was all Sam Slofkiss needed, a chance to be seen. She knew she had the work ethic and toughness to do the rest!

Sam Slofkiss stuck with the New Jersey Belles… It was the best decision she ever made

Now the fact of the matter is there are many reasons why kids pick a AAU TEAM to play for. In most cases the #1 reason is playing time. But remember when I told you Sam Slofkiss was someone who prepared? Well maybe that’s why she returned this past summer to the New Jersey Belles Fagan team. A team with lots of stars. It certainly would have been easy for Sam to go find a weaker team and try shine brighter. Maybe get some stats and lots of playing time guaranteed. But that preparation thing has always come first for Sam and she stayed with the Belles. Sam wanted top competition and the challenge that comes with playing with talented players. She wanted to prepare herself to be the best version of herself. It was the best decision Sam has ever made basketball wise. That’s because this spring and summer Sam Slofkiss came into her own. This summer those arms and that quick jumping ability paid off. Her wonderful IQ and athletic ability seem to all come together. Her versatility was on full display this summer. She proved to be a wonderful scorer and defender on top of all that. In other words college coaches saw that Sam Slofkiss was going to be special and TRINITY COLLEGE WAS THE LUCKY SCHOOL that made her dreams come true.🙏😂

Not every kid gets a Silver Spoon along the way. Samantha Slofkiss has had to jump through hurdles and swallow her pride and keep moving forward to get where she is today. She will now be part of on of the 4 best Athletic Conferences in the county. The NESCAC is part of the Big 4 academic Conferences which include the Ivy League, Patriot League and the UAA. There is a great lesson for all to learn from Sam after all this. It feels better when you have to earn it. The reward is bigger when you have to earn it. The respect from everyone is bigger. But you have to stay committed regardless of what road blocks you come across along the way. But more than anything you must be ready when your time comes… there is a old saying SUCCESS OCCURS WHEN OPPORTUNITY MEETS PREPARATION.well save SAM SLOFKISS has been preparing for TRINITY COLLEGE her entire life… Congratulations to a warrior, SAM SLOFKISS💪🏀

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