The SCT FINAL 4 Matchup


Both teams come into tonight’s games surviving wars against lower ranked teams on Saturday. RBC came from 16 points down to defeat Manasquan for a 3rd time. Manchester held off a game Red Bank Reg. after blowing them out earlier in the season. Both teams come in the final 4 with lots of 1uestions


The Strenghts

St. Rose– There length is a issue for just about anyone they play against. Ally Carman is a force in the post. They have shooters and when passing the ball become very dangerous. They are talented and every starting player in the lineup is a D1 player. They are battled tested and have seen some of the best players and teams in the state

Manchester- Everything starts with Destiny Adams. She is the most dominating player in the state. There quickness and physical style of play make them dangerous always. They get out and run and live on the offensive glass. They have slashers and scorers at every position. They are hardnosed and highly competitive as a group


RBC- there lack of quickness is a issue if they are forced to play man to man. They are a weak rebounding team who suffer from unforced turnovers. They have not played consistency the 2nd half of the season. They poor free throw shooting is a issue late in games.

Manchester- Three point shooting and outside shooting consistency have been a issue. They at times lose their composure. They have defense lapse in transition at times. Foul trouble is a concern always.

The Guard Play

RBC Sophia Sabino is one of the best pure point guards in all of New Jersey. She has the ability to knock down jumpers and find teammates for easy buckets. But what is overlooked is her defense, which is elite. Toni Panayides is one tough cookie, who is another defense warrior. She has shown an ability to knock jumpers and score in transition. She is a fierce competitor.

ManchesterKemari Reynolds is still one of the best guards in the Shore Conference. She is totally leader and senior with mega big game experience. She has the ability’s to shut down opposing guards and find time to still score. Angelica Velez has been speical and now is the full time point guard when she is on the floor. Her creativity is special and her ability to pressure other guards is speical

Edge– RBC two guards are special and have the ability to take over games with their passing and defense. Both have shown the ability to knock down shots in a big spot. Manchester’s guards are quick and highly competitive. They will get after the RBC guards and more importantly give them problem in transition. ..EDGE- Even

The Wings

RBC Justine Pissott is the ultimate weapon on the perimeter. She is a elite shooter with mega range. But it’s her passing that is just as dangerous. She is murder in transition and vs zone defensives. She is RBC’s 2nd leading scorer. Fab Eggenschwiler is the best one on one defender of elite scorers in the shore by a mile. She is strong and physical. She is a elite passer and hard nosed rebounder. She is coming off a masterful performance vs Manasquan.

ManchesterAmaya Bray is one of the most improved players in the Shore Conference. Her three vs RBR just may have saved the day for Manchester in the quarters . She has shown the ability to have big scoring nights. When she gets going on offense it changes the entire Manchester offense. Serenity Anderson has been around forever. She has made more big shots than anyone in this game. She is also an elite transition player and excellent defender.

EDGE– Justine Pissott changes the entire landscape of the game. She is a weapon that most be contained at all times. But more importantly Fab Eggenschwiler is playing the best basketball of her career…Edge RBC


RBCAlly Carman is the leading scorer for RBC and can score in the post with either hand. She forces double teams which sets up teammates for open shots. She is an excellent rebounder and her ability to run the floor in transition goes almost unnoticed by most. She is a offensive force. She does get in foul trouble at times.

Manchester Destiny Adams is a once in a lifetime player. She has motor that we have never seen in a player her size. She is ultra quick jumper, who is a next level athletic power player. She is a offensive rebounding machine. She has shown an ability to knock down three point shots. She is physically as tough and intimidation as they come. Everything starts and finishes right her for Manchester.

EDGE– Destiny Adams is the one player in this event that nobody has an answer for either offensively of defensively. This is where the balance of the game tips possibly. Edge… Manchester

The Benches

RBCCasey Prior, Shae Sabino and Nicole Stafford have all had big moments in big games off the bench. They are all battle tested and fill their roles nicely. They could tip the balance of the game in favor of RBC if they play mistake free and knock down shots. Nicole Stafford must make layups tonight.

Manchester– They have a serious weapon in baby Gabbie Ross coming off the bench. She is a 3 level scorer and tough defender. Twetty Hayes Jones and Myah Hourigan have made some big three’s to open things up for Destiny Adams this year. They both will get a shot at a chance to knock down some three’s. Interestingly both have delivered when called upon in a big spot

EDGE– This is more important the people may realize tonight. Manchester is simply looking for anyone to come off the bench and make plays or for that matter shots. Gabbie Ross is capable of having a big night….EDGE Manchester


The fact of the matter is Manchester does not have a quality win this season. The fact of the matter is RBC is not playing well these days. Ally Carman forces opponents to double team and game plan for her. That will not be the case tonight. Destiny Adams can and will play Carman straight up. Meaning finding shots for RBC will not be easy. On the other hand Manchester must knock down shots. But here is what I do know. Manchester can get on the offensive glass better than any team in the shore. Guess who is one of the worst rebounding teams in the Shore? You guessed it RBC… and their is no way I am betting against Destiny Adams… Manchester 65 RBC 51

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