ELLA KREUZER … 1000 ways

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You want greatness?  It doesn’t start with stats. It doesn’t start with how many D1 schools are recruiting you. It doesn’t start with popularity. No greatness starts with the things that matter.  Things like showing up on time, making a commitment, working hard. Being a good teammate and above all being unselfish. Basically I’m saying be ELLA KREUZER

Ella Kreuzer, scored her 1000th point last night. It no question is a wonderful  achievement especially when you consider she did it in less than three years, while playing against some of the best competition. Her coach Joe Gaba has always challenged his kids. He comes to the Shore for example every year to play against the best teams. He knows the drill. No calls, loud crowds and D1 players. But he would want it no other way.  It’s why Ella Kreuzer has developed into this wonderful basketball player. It’s why today Ella Kreuzer,  has rolled into the record books with 1000 points.  But that’s not what she will be remembered for in  years to come.

When Pat Grady asked me to go watch a  rising freshman 3 summers ago. He told she was one of the best incoming freshman in the state. But he didn’t tell me was that she was one of the best people in the 2025 class. He didn’t tell she came from a classy family. That she was unselfish, a hard worker and a player who would  not only fulfill her potential far beyond  expectations. But also be a bright shining light, that the CHATHAM PROGRAM would be proud to make the face of the program. Ella Kreuzer,  is a better role model and ambassador than she’ll ever be as a player. She is a player that makes you proud to know and coach her. Her 1000 points is just the cherry on the top. Ella Kreuzer would be a star if she never scored a point at CHATHAM.

Most kids milk the recruiting process. They love the attention. Their on twitter dropping offers. They crave  being the center of attention. Ella Kreuzer found a school she liked in the fall. She committed and that was that. That’s because Ella is not about stealing the spotlight. She’s about sharing the spotlight. She is not about putting her accomplishments above her team. It’s why Itold her future college coach TREVOR WOODRUFF,  she will be a four year starter and his favorite player ever.

Kreuzer is a winner, why do you think CHATHAM is a Top 20 team in the state. She didn’t make 1000 points the focal point of her season like so many kids do. Her team and her teams success was the focus. The 1000 points is just a bonus is a already get year. The was no stat padding and self centered goals. It’s because Coach Gaba and Chatham have a true leader, a  player who thinks more about others than herself. It why ELLA KREUZER is well liked by the media, teammates, opponents and everyone that comes in contact with her. I’m so glad to have met ELLA KREUZER. I’m glad I got to spend time with her. I’m glad she is having so much success. I’m glad she is going to BUCKNELL one of the best schools in the country. I’m glad that ELLA KREUZER,  has scored her 1000th point this year, why? Because now we can just keep counting all the ways she is so great!


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