The Shore Conference just became one big mixed up place. That’s because everyone can beat everyone on any given night and that was proven once again by St. Rose. The seeding committee is going to have a heck of a job in front of them. If you think the seeding committee has played games in the past, you haven’t seen anything yet.  Because things are about to get downright complicated. Now let’s also be honest. The first 8 seeds are the only teams that can either win it or take someone out trying to win it

Now if you’re wondering why the seeding committee has a tough job, just blame one team, MAnasquan. That’s because once they beat SJV everyone assumed the top 4 seeds was a formality. Well so much for formalities. Now we are playing a game of survival,  like on the TV show. Now it’s about making alliances and friends to vote with come seeding day. That’s  because when Manasquan lost to RBR we said hey things happen. Then Manasquan lost to St. Rose and we said that’s too many things happening. It made ranking the top 8 seeds a real juggling act.

Now Manasquan will scream we beat Trinity Hall and Ocean. What they won’t tell you is that was long ago and early in the season. You know when nobody was themselves. Well teams are themselves now. Teams now have been playing and practicing 5 weeks now. Manasquan  found that out when St. Rose laid the hammer down on them. Exposing their inability to defend and shoot the ball. Wait RBR did that first, St. Rose  just picked up where RBR left off. Some teams  get better as the season rolls into February and some don’t. Manasquan has some explaining to do. Manasquan has not one single game left on there schedule that can help there seeding. They’ll need help from someone at this point. The good news is they have lots of folks and important  friends in high places to team up with on the committee. They  have stolen  a few seeds in there day. They may need to this year!

If there is a gap in the Shore it’s starts with RBC. They have found a way against every Shore team they have faced. They beat Ocean, Trinity Hall and a bunch of wanna be’s to this point. They’ve won  despite strange rotations and suspect chemistry. Meaning they got lots of talent. They also have not won a  marquee game in years. They’ll get that chance against RUTGERS PREP. But that game will not affect the seeding. If they win it will give them that mystique the great teams like SJV has had in the past. Otherwise there just RBC, forever young and no SCT chips in a decade. There are the # 1 seed right now. More importantly who has more friends in the committee? Nobody 

SJV is a #1?

SJV has lost to Manasquan bringing them back to reality. The fear of god the SJV name use to bring is gone. They know it and everyone else knows it. But SJV is blowing out everyone not named MANASQUAN this year in the Shore. They have EWING, IMMACULATE and ST. ROSE left on the schedule. If they win out  they will be yelling the #1 seed. Then if they beat Morris Catholic before the SCT starts everyone goes back to shaking in their boots again. Now isn’t that ironic. But I got a question, you think anyone on that committee is helping Coach Karpell in that meetings… I don’t think so. She’ll be on a island of fake smiles lol

Ocean is the #6 seed for now

OCEAN’S win over St.ROSE looks really big right now. They have seniors and have a major  coaching advantage on the sidelines. Coach Lazur is worth points. What they are bad at and I mean really bad at is scheduling. Last year was a mess. This year they’re playing Russian roulette. They end the season with games vs state ranked #12 Mainland on the road and the always dangerous St. Thomas. Lose both those games and the bottom falls completely out. Win and the #2 seed is no debate. They are playing risky business with their entire season in terms of legacy and state rankings. They can also count on zero respect in the committee. They are the one team that won’t play politics or team up with other schools for a better seed. They’ll let the chips fall where they may.

Now what do you do with St. Rose, Trinity Hall, and RBR right now? RBR can forget anyone helping them in the committee. JT is the last human being anyone wants to see in the SCT. RBR has two big wins. They beat Manasquan and then WALL in the WOBM. The only big test left on there schedule is RBC, win and they have a date  with the #1 seed. Lose and the worst they can be is #5. Trinity and St. Rose play Thursday. If St. Rose wins tomorrow it a wrap they get the or 4th seed depending on the SJV game. Now Trinity can expect zero support  in the committee, they are the biggest threat to everyone in the future and stopping them now would be a wonderful idea. If Trinity Hall wins, let the fun begin. Now some will say they lost to RBC. Matt McCarthy will say everyone lost to RBC. Some will say they lost to Manasquan and he will chuckle, and say that was the first game of the season. One thing is clear these 3 will need to form an alliance in the seating committee or they’re gonna take a big hit. 

Either  WALL or RFH appear to have the 8th seed. Ocean coaches will as usual  vote as a block. They will push hard for Manchester. But Manchester lost to RBR, RFH and WALL. Dave Callahan and RFH have RBC on Thursday. That’s a rivalry game, and we all seen some special things happen in those games. Dave Callahan also is very, very well liked in the Shore coaching fraternity. He will get a lovely seed,  if he gives the committee anything to work with. WALL has no games left that can effect there seeding and more importantly, they’ll be an afterthought in the seeding committee. That could work to their advantage.


1. RBC

2. SJV



5. RBR




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