St. Rose is rolling right now. But you know who is also rolling, Brooke Missry the 2026 guard. She is not just rolling but she acting like someone on a mission. In fact Brooke Missry, in two of the biggest games that St. Rose has played in recent years has been sensational.

Last year Brooke Missry, was a freshman. She also had moments and showed flashes of what she could be one day. Well one day has arrived and it has arrived in a big way. On Sunday at the Mental Health awareness showcase at RBC. She was the best player in the gym vs #7 Morris Catholic. Wait let me correct that, she was the best player in the event. A event loaded with P5, High Major and D1 players and she stole the Brooke. Her 7 three’s were the highlight of her overall outstanding performance. Then last night against the Shore’s  #2 and State ranked #5 Manasquan team. She checked in with the biggest jumper of the night and then later the biggest basket of the game. When Caroline Conforti hit her with a sweet pass that she caught, scored, got fouled and made the free three throw. It gave St. Rose the lead they would never relinquish. Brooke Missry is not just playing lights out. Her timing and big shot making ability is starting to become a habit.

Brooke Missry is a product of the US HOOPS basketball family. But she took a risk and joined the talented ‘26  Shoreshots last summer. It was risky because she had played with the  NJ DEAMONS since she was in diapers. She joined a team stacked with P5 players. A team where you don’t get the attention of others. But what you do get is elite competition and college coaches flocking to your games. You get a chance to prove yourself against the best. While you don’t get to play with friends or live in your comfort zone. You do get better and receive D1 offers and Brooke Missry has that right now. She has that and there are going to be more coming. That’s because right now she is playing lights out. She is playing lights out on the biggest stages vs the very best under the brightest of lights!

When you look at Brooke Missry nothing jumps off the page. She isn’t physically overwhelming or impressively athletic. She is isn’t a jet or super quick. But she is super smart, insanely skilled and ridiculously fundamental. She plays hard with a serious commitment to team and philosophy. She is constantly communicating with teammates on and off the floor, while making next level decisions. She does all the intangibles. She never misses a box out. She makes the extra pass. She doesn’t need the ball to make an impact. She moves without the ball. But most of all she is cool as a cucumber under pressure. It really her gift. Brooke Missry cannot be sped up and never makes mental mistakes. In other words she has a next level D1 game,

St. Rose is on a roll, there feeling pretty sexy about themselves these days. They should because they have overcome so much. More than any team in the state. One of the biggest reasons is because of the arrival of BROOKE MIRSSY. She is bringing  real “Missry” to everyone these days not in a St. Rose jersey. Her success  has been a product of confident and a desire to challenge herself. Brooke Missry is now a problem for all the reasons coaches love. She is locked in when it matters most. I wouldn’t call Brooke Missry an emerging player. That’s because if you were playing attention. You know she has been playing this way much longer that this season. She has always showed up in big moments on big stages. It just now we are noticing her impact. Coach Chrissy Hatfield has turned Brook Missry loose and it going to hard to slow her down… because she has been that good!

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