ST. ROSE VS TRINITY HALL PREVIEW… more at stake than you know

ST. ROSE VS TRINITY HALL PREVIEW… more at stake than you know post thumbnail image
ST. ROSE  and TRINITY HALL are going to do battle tonight. The seeding implications are huge.  But these are two teams fighting for something more than ranking and seeding. Tonight one program is going to get a leg up
Trinity Hall teammates all season. She has been looking for help in the worst way. Jada Lynch on the other hand has been asked to help her teammates more. Well both seem to have found what they have been looking for. because Sophomores Grace Feeney and  Teagan Dreenan have come alive at the right time. Feeney is proving to be a reliable 2nd scorer. She has been wonderful in recent weeks in taking pressure off Nina Emnace. Teagan Drennan is solving Trinity’s biggest problem of late. She has found her three point shooting stroke. Her timing can’t be much better
 Meanwhile Jada Lynch, has turned over a new work remain. She has elevated her teammates and by doing so has elevated her game and St. Rose’s chances. Her passing has made Cassidy Kruise and Brooke Missry look like Shooting stars. Her rebounding has taken pressure of the inexperienced Caroline Conforti. Missry has been flat out sensational and making teams pay for focusing in on Jada Lynch. Cassidy Kruise is finding her offensive impact has been greater because she knows Lynch will find her, either in half court or in transition. Jada Lynch trust her teammates and they now trust her. It’s why St. Rose is so dangerous right now to everyone. Just ask Manasquan and Morris Catholic.
They say seniors when big games. Both St. Rose and Manasquan have seniors that could determine the outcome. One is cooking theses days and the other will need to start cooking tonight. TANAIYAH DECKER has stepped up in a major way. It was she that played the closer against Manasquan in the big win. It was she that was outstanding vs Morris Catholic. She is playing like a senior that see’s the light at the end of the tunnel.
If Trinity is hoping for a big finish tonight and
the rest of the season. There Swiss knife Siobhan Stapleton will need to step up offensively. She has done it all this year. But now they will need her to do even more. It’s begins with scoring. 8-10 points would be a welcome sight in the score book tonight. She will need to be the senior difference maker this evening. Which ever senior shows up tonight just may determine the outcome.
All big games have wild cards. This game is loaded with them. Bella Alvardo has been too good for words. Her toughness leadership and defense has been dream like all season. But she is very capable of breaking Trinity’s heart. Her timely shooting has been a weapon all year for St. Rose. Her ability to break down defenses of the dribble even more impressive. Belle, could be the special sauce into tonight game. Caroline Conforti is gaining confidence by the minute. Just ask Manasquan, herApull up jumper and dime late in the game vs the then #1 team in the Shore were the two biggest plays of the night. Lily Riggi, is a warrior. Tonight she will have to be just that. The good news for Trinity is that she has been that all year. Tonight do not be shocked if Liggi Riggi is the difference in the game. But just remember the Queen of all little things Whitney Hobson could play the role of spoiler. Hobson loves playing in big games. She is confident and if given the chance could steal the show.
St. Rose bench is thin. Baby Callie Decker showed up big vs Manasquan. Maggie Kerr is a senior and has been better than expected. Both will need to be mistake free tonight. Trinity’s Niamh Stapleton has made big shots this and last year. Tonight would be not be surprising if she knocked down a few tonight.
The coaches tonight don’t have to know what is at stake. St. Rose is part of the old guard. Trinity Hall is the new kid on the block. Chrissy Hatfield is the coach of the year right now. Matt McCarthy has been the miracle Coach of the decade. Both have taken over programs that had too many issues to write about in one blog. Trinity Hall was the laughing stock of the Shore and state, there  now a power. St. Rose was a successful program lacking in accountability. They now are one that is built on accountability. Tonight could affect recruiting in the future. There is  either going to be a change of guard or everything will remain status quo after this evening.

Last  year Trinity took St. Rose out in the SCT. Only two players scored in double figures . Nina Emnace had 19 points for Trinity. Jada Lynch of St. Rose had 20 points. Both will need help  this evening. A win tonight by Trinity makes it’s it official, there is a new sheriff in town at least for now. A win by St. Rose and all from a year ago is forgotten at least for now.

This is game has lots at stake. It going to be a knock down drag out battle. Someone could drop out the Top 20. Someone could lose a top seed. But above all someone could walk away in the drivers seat!!! 


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