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THE SHORE TOP 10 now has a different look and a different feel. Some teams are closing the season strong. Where others are either in a frozen state of time living off early season success. Either way we are two weeks away from guessing to knowing.

RBC– Their in cruise control. But do we really know what to expect? They have yet to put together 32 mins. But have found a way to win against lesser opponents. A win over Rutgers prep after the seeding meeting would go a long way in terms of making folks true believers. They’re #1 but certainly nobody fears them. The rotations are still the biggest road block in big games. Keeping 10 happy last year was an issue. Well keeping 8 happy is still an issue. The Liggio sisters are rolling. Sophie Smith showed she may be able to help. Addy Nyemcheck is the best player in the Conference right now. Daniella Maletsky cannot play any better. Tessa Carman was rolling until LUHI.

OCEAN- Then remain at #3 but how long can you live off the St. Rose win? They’ll need a strong showing down the stretch. A win over St. Thomas would lock up a Top seed. But the resume simply may not stand up when it comes to the seeding. Eli Clarke is just about a 1st Team All Shore lock, Kayden Clarke recruiting status just keeps growing. Gamila Betton has been a force in the lane. Sofia Chejbooken single handily took out Shore. Jineen Ayyash has been a problem for all. This is there last go round. The problem? Every lower seed thinks they can beat them.

ST. ROSE– They have real chemistry. Brooke Missry has been lights out. She is the hottest shooter in the Shore Conference right now. Jada Lynch struggled vs Trinity but delivered when it mattered most. Proving she is indeed a star. Decker and Alvarado cannot play any better. There coach right now is the best in the business. Chrissy Hatfield ‘s team is red hot and she is in full control. A strong finish and they could end up the 2nd seed. Who saw this coming this year? Nobody!

MANASQUAN– They are frozen in time right now. Lenape is an excellent win on the road. Now there are back to running there offense though Masonious. She has been cooking as a result playing the big dog again. But the question is that the right call and can they find their mojo again. They are living off early season wins. Jordyn Hollawell keeps getting better. Katie Collins has still been a star. Olivia Shaughnessy has been solid and even spectacular at times. McKenna Karlson has been rock solid senior good. The bench is a mystery. But has untapped talent waiting for a chance if called upon.

SJV– We thought they were coming and coming in a big way. They crushed Ewing and everyone stepped up. Ashley Solfkanich is rolling now. Daniella Matus has been a bucket. Stella Lockhart has continued being wonderful. Madison Kocis is doing the little things rebounding and passing for starters. Julia Karpell has been the senior leadership . Charlotte Bradley has become an asset. Aleena Dinker rock solid. The defense has improved. The players are following the game planning and it’s all for one. They had their sights on #1 and a win over IMMACULATE would have gone a long way to help sealing the deal, but they came up short. They will have their hands full vs St. Rose . But it also will give them a chance to get the SJV SWAG back, that everyone fears and was worth points. It also a chance to take a big jump in the seeding

TRINITY HALL– This is a tough call. But the schedule has been outrageous as every lost has been to a Top 20 team except one. There problem is that they have the same problem. Nina EMNACE cannot find help in the big games. There may not be a solution at this point. The Trinity role players got fully exposed vs St. Rose. They scored one point in overtime without Emnace when she fouled out. But more importantly the little things are doing them in. Missed free throws, inability to follow game planning and woefully bad shooting from open layups to open threes. No team is struggling more in big games. The question is can it change? It will have to, if they hope to get to the next level by SCT time. Siobhan Stapleton stepping up would be huge.

RBR1– They picked up a solid win versus Gloucester Catholic. They have two quality wins. But it’s the Manasquan win that stands tall. But the looses to HOWELL, RFH, MT. St. MARY’S and TRINITY can’t be over looked. But the remaining schedule will give them a chance to make a move. The good news is SYNAI BLYCHANTON and the rest of the RBR guards, have done a better job of taking care of the ball. But can they do it against the RBC’s and SJV’s? That is the real test. Caroline Pollaway is working on the MOST IMPROVED PLAYER Award.

WALL– just nothing going on these days. There are losing to the ranked teams, St Rose blew them out. But there beating the unranked teams.

RFH– This is usually when RFH is at their best. Erin Reid just may be a D1 player. That’s because she has stepped up. In fact all there players have stepped up. The RBC final score did not look or feel that way. They seem dangerous.

MANCHESTER– This is really about Devyn Quigley. Can she break the Shore All time scoring record?









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