ShoreShots Showdown…around and outside the shore… recruiting talk..SLEEPERS!


I got a chance to peek in on the ShoreShots Showdown this pass weekend. The event is always filled with talent in every age group. It also gives me a chance to see players from the outside the Shore and this year did not disappoint. The event was run smooth and as always well organized from start to finish.

No question the game between the 2021 Shoreshots and Team Miller 2021 was the highlight of Saturdays games. This game featured some of the best sophomore’s in the state and two of the recruited babies in the state,`Justine Pissott and Ally Carman 2021 Nia Melvin may not be a household name right now. But trust me coaches, she is going to be well known before the summer ends. Melvin had 4 three’s and 18 points in the first half alone. She finished with 24 points. But it was how she got them that was so impressive. Melvin has a college body and that quite toughness coaches dream about. There is no question she will wear a mid major uniform at worse one day.

Next Freshman Ally Carman was matched up against sophomore Ariel Jenkins the 6’4″ grown woman from Piscataway. This was a matchup of mega talented post players. Carman was simply sensation on this day. She scored, rebounded and checked every box you could ask a young post player to check. But more importantly to preform that way against the older and insanely talented Jenkins was impressive.  Carman scored the biggest basket of the game as well with 2 seconds left and got fouled to give the Shoreshots the lead after trailing by as many as 16 points… before Sophia Sabino closed it out.

Speaking of Sabino, she and Abby Antognoli are simply on another level these days. Both are speical talents. Sabino right now is one of the most recruited players in the state and Abby Antognoli some believe is the best pure point guard in New Jersey, these days. Either way both are playing at a very high level. Finally I just love Faith Pappas, I think this kid at some point is going to blow up in a big way. She has some things she needs to work on. But she is a D1 lock, the question is what level.


Kelly Ramson was a grown woman against little girls this weekend

Kelly Ramson was a grown woman against little girls this weekend

I got a chance to see the NJ Panthers 2020 team. They were playing without Kayla Richardson who for my money just may be the best 2020 player in the shore these days. I know with all the talent in the shore those are strong words. But folks, I call them I see them. The Panthers took out the 2020 ShoreShots and two things jumped off the page. First Kelly Ramson of Bishop Ahr is flat out one of the most competitive kids I have seen in years. This my friends is a grown women. Her effort and leadership is something every coach prays for in recruiting. She is physically a challenge for anyone trying to guard her. She plays hard and has a motor that is rare these days. Her ability to get by opponents and get to the rim is off the charts. I have to tell you she is also a much better shooter than she even knows. I just think kids like Ramson, have an ability to play at a much higher level than there talent because of the effort and athletic ability. To have these things and to be so skilled is something to see…and so UNSELFISH!

Mia Yanogacio was outstanding this weekend

Mia Yanogacio was outstanding this weekend







Mia Yanogacio, was also very impressive on this day. She showed a real ability to knock down shots. She has a mega quick release and is active always. She is a young lady that no question has a chance to be very special. New committed Molly Lynch was also on hand. Lynch looked relaxed and played solid all day. She is going to do big things at Rider University.  Fab Egggenswiler continues to shoot the ball lights out for the 2020 ShoreShots and Cam Foltz is showed why she right now is one of the most recruited players in the Shore Conference. Nice showing by both of these teams.


I DON’T THINK ANYONE CAN DISAGREE… The NJ Freedom is one of the best AAU organizations around. They are not just classy with some of the best coaches period. They have insane talent up and down the roster. They also seem to relish playing the best competition. While Anna Morris may be the most known player in the organization these days.. trust me, she is just one of many.


Grace Leary was outstanding all weekend for the Rebels

Grace Leary was outstanding all weekend for the Rebels

What about Grace Leary of Howell playing for the Rebels. College coaches you better pay real attention to this young lady. I can tell you right now, she is tracking as a possible D1 player(high D2 lock). She is showing all the signs and the biggest one of all. She is going after some elite D1 players these days in the gym. She may not look the part but she can playing a staring role. In both games on Saturday. She made big plays late to lead her team to victory. What I like most about her right now is that she is showing no weakness with the ball. Her confidence level against top competition is off the charts. Coaches you better pay close attention to this next statement.  CAITLIN CRESKO  better be on your recruiting board. The 2021 is a big time athletic wing, who is a real talent. More importantly she has taken some big D1 players to the cleaners this spring. That’s not talk coaches that’s real talk.

I have gotten on my eyes on Callie O’Brien  of Xavier High School in New York. Let me say this to college coaches. If you are a high academic school, this kid has to be on you recruiting the board. The 2020 point guard checks every box, leadership, toughness, vision, ball handling, defense and shooting. Watching her at NBS is a treat and amazingly she may be the most under recruited point guard in the gym. That too is a big mistake college coaches. She is really good and I believe is going to make a great point guard at the next level.

Lashae Dwyer is flat out a stud of studs. Watched she and Sophia Sabino get after it at NBS and let me tell you something. That was pure joy to watch. Both are Power 5 lock players, if they choose that path. Lashae “oh Canada” Dwyer is just un-guardable and in the open floor a nightmare. But what everyone is missing is the shooting and passing ability. A D1 coach told me “she was the best player at Boo Williams hands down”. Those are scary words when you consider she is just a sophomore.

Speaking of the Patrick School, Niasya Ervin is really starting to come into her own. She didn’t play any basketball as a freshman, so she is playing catch up. But looking at the growth in this young lady and you know her future is bright. She has changed her body and willed herself into a different player. She is always under control and has a IQ that is unmatched. Now add that all up with her nice jumper and improving handle and I say this kid is on to big things. Here is one that everyone is sleeping on. Sha’nia “Tink Davis who missed the entire year with a ankle injury has been almost forgotten. But not by me and those in the know. Tink was MVP at the Top 100 last year and let me be clear. She is a P5 talent. It’s why she had P5 offers before the injury the 2021. The scoring machine stopped by NBS to say hello and looks right on track for the July period.  She is an amazing young lady and I can’t wait for her to get back on the court.

Madison St. Rose has a work ethic that is just nuts. This past week she was relentless in working on her game. There is a reason some believe she is the most talented player in the 2021 class. She is also one of the real sweet kids around. You think that’s the reason for the Power 5 offers already? I have not put eyes on Kyle Capstraw this spring. But I think its safe to say Kylie is doing what she always does… playing insanely hard, making big plays and living in the gym. Capstraw to no ones surprise just put together a monster freshman season. If your not recruiting her, you going to be sorry.


The Central Jersey Cardinals 2021 is interesting team. I think it’s a crew with lots of talent. I believe before we get to July this team is going to have a nice buzz surrounding them. I watched them play the ShoreShots 2021 very tough for a half. I really like the makeup of this team.


There are a few transfers that are going to impact the shore conference. Once it becomes official, I will drop the news on twitter. I can tell you that one of those transfers moves a Shore team into the Top 5 in the state. The other transfer just keeps the rich getting richer

Now when it comes to babies Gabbie Ross is the last one who has not made a decision. This is a big one because Ross is a impact baby in every sense of the word. She is a future D1 player who has all the skills sets. The family have been very smart in their approach towards making a decision. They have been quite and done all the homework needed to be done before a decision. There is another Gabbie, who everyone should learn about. Gabbie Recinto of the 2023 Shoreshots folks is the real deal. This kid is going to be special. She would be  a Top 5 baby in the Shore Conference...the 2023 SHORESHOT CHAMBERS AS LOADED. 

JSE 2023 is a really talented bunch and for the record. They are all gym rats who make up some of the best 2023 babies in the state.  The same can be said about the NJ Magic who lost at the buzzer in the semi final to the 2023 Shoreshots. The Magic is really a under the radar program. There 8th grade team can play with anyone…impressive group to say the least.

Speaking of babies outside the Shore Zoe Books is off to Roselle Catholic. Brooks already has P5 offers from D1 schools. She is clearly in the conversation has top 2023 freshman in the state. We are all just disappointed she not coming to the shore…:) Best of luck to my girl Zoe. Speaking of Shore babies, Casey Prior who will be attending RBC is right now tracking as a serious impact baby in the Shore conference. She gives RBC another scorer and ball handler. More importantly Prior is doing it against D1 rising seniors. She going to be very speical one day. But the biggest baby surprise for me this spring has to be Brianna Delaney. She has made a major just this spring and no question is an excellent pick up for SJV. She was lights out at Spooky  Nook last week. She is at NBS twice a week coaches so I see her against the killers and she has not backed down to anyone. But like I said earlier the JSE 2023 entire team is loaded with future D1 talent.

Nice to see Lauren Lithgow back after surgery. Lithgow had her nose broken during the season. The West Point bound guard is a gym rat. So not being in the gym must have been tough for her…. but she back and I’ll see her at NBS tonight:)

Jenna Paul won the Toms River North Mariner Award. This award is not given out every year. They only give it out on special occasions and Paul was the first one to win it; in over 5 years. Jenna Paul has had a monster senior season, she broke the school scoring record, was 1st Team All Shore and  signed at Colgate, now this…BRAVO!









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