If you are wondering what that loud thundering sound was yesterday afternoon, it was not weather related. It was the cheering of the RFH basketball team getting the news that Emma Miller is returning to the court this season and with that Rumson on paper becomes the team to beat in the Shore Conference.


 Emma Miller is BACK…

Last season Emma Miller decided that she would devote her energies to rowing. This was a sport she not only liked but excelled at the highest level. The players on the Rumson team, called, begged and prayed that Emma Miller would change her mind…but in the end she did not and that was that! Gone with Emma was the team’s best rebounder, gone was there best post defender, gone was the 8-10 points you could count on every night. Gone was the underrated screening and passing, which made her so valuable to her teammates. Gone was the shot selection that all coaches know breeds team chemistry. But the most important thing the Rumson team lost when Emma Miller decided not to play was TEAM CHEMISTRY!  Miss Miller was home base for the entire RFH family; it was her home that the players turned into a meeting and bonding ground.


With one big announcement RFH found tons of CHEMISTRY! 

Emma Miller was one of the best freshmen in the shore and started every game at RFH her freshman and sophomore year. It was Emma Miller who led the upset in the Group 2 title game vs then #2 ranked Point Boro with Kelly Hughes.  There best player Grace Stant, now will play again with the player she has grown up her entire life playing with. The two have won everything at every level together including the Run for the Roses. No question Grace Stant is a happy camper this morning. Yesterday Sam Sabino, Nicole Morris, Sidney Sabino and Lyndsey Morris came running and I mean running and screaming into the hoop group “Emma is back…Emma is playing this year” These 4 played with Emma when they won the group two title as sophomores.  Emma Miller has created a NEW energy at  RFH and has made them not only the #1 team in the Shore but they have a real case for #1 in the State…there is only one problem, the game is not played on PAPER!



This smiling face is one every college coach better get to know


College coaches this Thursday you will get a chance to watch the RFH team in an open gym  and I will explain why RFH may be the deepest and most talented team in the State of New Jersey



Grace Stant– the 6’0” guard has given a verbal to Villanova, no player will be happier to play with Emma. Stant is arguable one of the top 3 players in the Shore and unlike last fall is healthy and has LIVED IN THE GYM. Something she was not able to do last year, Stant is serious candidate for player of the year.


Sam Sabino– the 5’9”- has given a verbal to UNH and this is huge, the recruiting process wore on Sam Sabino last season, the stress of choosing a school had a profound effect on her performance at times. But more importantly Sam Sabino is healthy, something she was not at any point last year…this folks is another major upgrade for RFH.


Stephanie Lesko– The 6’2″ junior forward had a breakout season last year and is a possible BCS player one day. With a full season as a starter under her belt, you have to expect her to be even better. Now that she is older, expect her rebounding and Shot selection to improve. She at times carries the RFH offense. Emma Miller no question will be a positive influence on her!


Nicole Morris– The 5’8” point guard has elevated her game in a big way. She has D1 offers from everyone and your grandmother and now the BCS schools are calling.  Morris has the ability to score in the lane and can bury three’s. Yet her biggest strength is that she is not concerned with points. For the RFH team with so many scorers, this is big, but what really makes Morris different from almost every point guard in the Shore is that …SHE CAN GO GET YOU A BASKET…WHEN YOU NEED IT.  My only concern for Morris is that her recruiting is getting very intense and this could cause her to lost focus…let’s hope not.


 Janae Mayfield– the 5’6” guard is the best on ball defender in the state for my money. She has improved her ability to finish at the rim and her stand still set shot is vastly underrated. There are zero questions; she will sign with a D1 school before the year is over. She is a one women weapon when pressuring the ball and with Emma Miller now back, look for her to create a lot of steals by the RFH front court.


Sid Sabino-5’9”- There is a reason that D1 schools are now recruiting the junior guard…she can SHOOT THE ROCK. This summer Sid Sabino blew up in front of college coaches. She is now playing at a high level and George Sourlis has the ultimate shooter in his rotation. Sabino has to be accounted for and with Emma Miller back watch how many drives and kicks she gets this season. The future D1 shooting guard allows more flexibility for RFH.


Lindsey Morris– The 5’8” Sophomore Guard was the 6th man last year for Rumson, she provided defense and hustle. But this year people are going to see a total different player, one who will put the ball on the floor and go by people and knock down the open 3 point shoot. College Coaches I’m throwing you a bone. This is a CLASSIC PROGRAM KID!


Hannah Scanlan– The 6’1” sophomore proved she was one of the best young post players in the state last year. The sky is the limit for this young lady. She is already a D1 lock, the only question is what level. No post player in the shore with the exception of Gigi Caponergo runs the floor better. She already rebounds in traffic and with the added help of Emma Miller on the boards, RFH has become a much better rebounding team in 24 hours. Scanlan also is one of the most underrated defense players in the shore conference.


Katie Foos– The 5’10” hard nose swing player could make a case as the most improved player in the Shore conference. She had a monster summer playing the with All Star Masonious Wildcat team. Her foot speed and over all confidence is at an all-time high. The real question is finding a role for her. She would be in every other team’s rotation in the shore! Coaches this is a kid you better watch very closely Thursday, because with all the talent in the gym, this kid could be easily missed.


Megan Volker– The 5’10” sophomore swing is another player for George Sourlis to turn to this season. Seton Hall Asst Coach Nick Dipillo kept telling me all summer Megan Volker was the real deal and nothing this fall she has done, has proved him wrong. Megan is a warrior folks and another player this Thursday college coaches are going to be shocked by. Volker has shown that she can compete right now!


Tori Hyduke– It’s not enough that RFH has added Emma Miller to their team. But they also added one of the best incoming freshmen in the entire state. She currently is playing for the Demons who roster is a who’s who of high school basketball. She was MVP of the NBS camp. Every College Coach knows her name. This is a major impact freshman, who will give RFH a player who can break opponents down off the dribble and explode on the offense end…Hyduke is a future 1st team All Shore and POY candidate.



There will be a college coaches convention at St. James in Red Bank at  6:30 pm

This Thursday will be a college coach’s convention; the amount of talent on this Roster is insane. If you’re a college coach there is no way you can miss this open gym. There is something there for everyone….

RUMSON –FAIRHEAVEN -OPEN GYM: Thursday September 18- 6.30-8:30PM@ St. James in Red Bank


My Top Ten no question will have another movement or two before I give you an official TOP TEN…. I will get a good look at most of the top team and players in the high school league. These games are really just about getting a feel and by no means can the scores be taken seriously.



  2. SJV
  4. ST. ROSE
  6. RBC


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