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r-fh The home of the BULLDOG CHALLENGE

RUMSON  has run off 8 wins in a row. They are #4 in Greg Lerner’s Top 15 and #3 in the Shore. They could very easily be undefeated as well. They opened the season against the #1 and #2 teams in the State. They jumped on #1 Manasquan in the season opener and lead at half time only to run into Massive foul trouble thanks to Marina Mabrey and lost a tough contested game on the Road. Then they lost to SJV in overtime as Kelly Crouch and Tina LeBron hit big three’s in overtime. In both games player rotations, shot selection  and decision making late could have been better. But Coach Sourlis and his team have bounced back big. First they beat Top 20 Lodi and then knocked off #3 Franklin who had just beat SJV. No team outside of SJV is more battled tested as this crew. RFH is deepest team in the Shore by a long shot. As Greg Lerner said there “2nd five would be a Top 10 team “and that is not an exaggeration.


images Rumson is coming together these days


Grace Stant, Sam Sabino, Stephanie Lesko, Nicole Morris are all Division one players. The 5th starter Janae Mayfield will join them this spring. They all can score and more importantly take over a game. Stant has closed too many games to mention. Lesko is a future BCS player that when she gets going is a offensive machine. Sam Sabino when she gets rolling can carry the Bulldogs on both sides of the floor as she did vs SJV. Nicole Morris has been nothing short of sensation to start the season. Her ability to hit big shots is a real comfort for RFH. But it’s the bench that makes RFH special. Emma Miller is back after missing last year and she adds a ton of experience, defensive rebounding and chemistry to the bulldogs.  Tori Hyduke s the leading candidate for Freshman of the year right now. Her play against top level competition has been a real high light of the season. Hannah Scanlon has been a real force in the paint at times. The 6’2″ post player is rapidly gaining a reputation for being able to dominate at times. Sid Sabino just might be the best Shooter in the Shore these days. Recently she went 6 for 7 from the 3 point line. and  when she misses a shot everyone is surprised. Megan Volker, Katie Foos and Lindsey Morris would start or play for almost every team in the shore.  They are caught up in a numbers game at RFH. The real question is chemistry and consistency over 32 minutes in big games.




-7 Sid Sabino is AUTOMATIC

No player has taken more advantage of there minutes than Sid Sabino. In the pre -season scrimmages she was scary shooting the ball. Since the season started she has not let up. She has been almost automatic from the 3 point line, every single time she has been called upon this season, she has delivered.  How well is she shooting the ball…here is the quote of quotes ” She may not be an Atlantic 10 athletic  but she is a A-10 shooters”  She knocked down 6 three’s in a game this year and nobody was remotely surprised.  Thrown in against then #3 Franklin she comes in a hits a big 3 point shot in RFH’s overtime win. Against Rutgers Prep she came off the bench to go 2 for 2 from down town in a game RFH trailed. Against Top 20 Lodi she came of the bench and went 2 for 3 from deep. Folks she did all this coming off the bench ice cold.  Despite limited minutes and the pressure of having to make shots with all eyes watching.  Sabino 3 point shooting pct has not suffered because she may have the best three point shooting pct in the state. Sabino flat out is an offensive weapon and no question RFH will turn to her Sunday if they need shooting. When she enters a game opponents immediately recognize her talents…Sid Sabino has a unique skill set and she is taking advantage of if each time she has been called upon this season.  Sid Sabino just might be the most effective 3 point shooter based on minutes and opportunities this side of Kat Phipps.  She no question Sunday will be ready again when called upon.



FRESHMAN- Tori Hyduke

SOPHOMORES– Hannah Scanlon, Megan Volker, Katie Foos

JUNIORS–  Stephanie Lesko, Sid Sabino, Nicole Morris (verbal to Holy Cross) Lindsey Morris

SENIORS- Grace Stant (verbal to Villanova) Sam Sabino (verbal to UNH) Janae Mayfield






B9315540272Z.1_20141217170906_000_GN79EAOO4.1-0 West Morris will need a team approach


This could be a tall order for the 7-1 West Morris team. They have spread the scoring around from game to game. They have not come close to playing the competition they will see on Sunday.  They have only given up 50 points once this season. So if they could get ahead early and keep it close…who knows



There is a real talent gap in this game. West Morris will need to play the perfect game on Sunday. RFH will get the win at home

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