ELI CLARK was not supposed to play on a Top 10 team, a State Top 20 team. She was not supposed to win a divisional title. None of these things were supposed to happen at Ocean Twp for her. Just like she was never suppose to play high level AAU(HGSL SHORESHOTS) or sign at a DIVISION ONE basketball program. These things are reserved for the special ones. Those kids who are part of a small exclusive club. Well Eli Clark is unexpectedly part of that club and last night did something else that no one expected she’d do… SHE JOINED THE 1000 POINT CLUB

It seems Eli Clark has been beating the odds from day one. The more people have doubted her, the more she has proved them wrong. Eli Clark would’ve be remembered at OCEAN TWP. forever, even if she didn’t score her 1000th POINT last night. Just the fact that Ocean won its first Divisional Title in 30 years and getting ready to do it again, this year was enough. But now the difference is her name will hang above every player who ever steps on the Ocean court for any reason, for any sport. or class activity. Eli Clark is now part of history. She has accomplished more as a teammate and player as any player to ever wear a uniform in Ocean history. 

Nobody with a straight face can say they saw this coming. She has accomplished so much by being the ultimate point guard. Her leadership skills and pass first attitude is why scoring 1000 points is so much sweeter. She has done it by being unselfish. By sharing with her teammates and lifting their level of play. By not counting her points and stats. By not firing up shots and padding her stats. No ELI Clarke like everything else she has accomplished. Did it the old fashion way…. SHE EARNED IT!

Timing is everything. It’s seems Eli Clark has great timing. That’s because Mike Lazur for my money is the best offensive mind in the Shore. He gave Eli Clark the ball as a freshman. I really don’t think any other coaches system was a better fit for ELI CLARK. Mike Lazur taught Eli discipline without taking away her creativity or confidence and in the process elevated her basketball IQ and leadership skills. Mike LAUZUR is a masterful coach. He had the perfect pupil in ELI.

Eli’s parents must believe they are living in a dream. Both their daughters playing together. Kayden Clark, the younger sister is a star in her own right. They have watched their daughters make friends along the way for life. These teammates are not just good basketball players they tied to the hip to their two children. They were all a group of misfits, lost on the island of unwanted toys when they entered Ocean. Now they are the latest and greatest. It’s because they only cared about one thing over the years… EACH OTHER. They have been blessed to find each other. Trust me they are part of ELI CLARK’S 1000 POINTS as Eli herself and her journey into the Halls of Greatness.

SOON ELI 1000, will play her last high school game. Then she will be off to preparing for college. She’ll take no shortcuts. She’ll leave no rock unturned in her preparation. When she arrives at Lemoyne University, they may be a few doubters. It won’t take Eli Clark long to win them over. Because she has been beating the odds her entire basketball career. When she enters Ocean’s HALL OF FAME one day. People will have long stop being surprised b y her. That’s because she has done it all. Just like they shouldn’t have been surprised she has scored 1000 POINTS.


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