Allison Cannon is going to have her name hanging in the rafters at Holmdel high school. Whenever anyone walks in the gym at Holmdel they will know she is one of the schools all time greats. One day Allison Cannon will walk into the Holmdel gym with her children and her kids will see there moms name up in the lights. That will be the moment Allison Cannon will say to them “never let anyone tell you what is or not possible”. That’s because Allison Cannon has been doing the impossible every step of the way on the way to her 1000th point.

it’s seems everything that Allison Cannon has wanted to accomplish in her time at Holmdel, she has done. She wanted to be a starter and a star in high school. Nobody thought that was possible. So the soccer player, went out and became a starter and a star. She wanted to win a lot of games and that’s exactly what she has done. A SCT POD CHIP, 20 wins, TOP 10 SHORE RANKINGS, STATE TOP 20 RANKING. She wanted to be the team’s captain and that’s exactly what she is these days. She wanted to improve as a player, so she out worked the world and she is the most improved player in the schools recent history. She wanted to become a better three point shooter. So she became one of the best in the Shore Conference. She wanted to be a D1 player and that’s exactly what she is today. She is off to NJIT in the fall. You see, these are things nobody except ALLISON CANNON and her family dreamed were possible. But today she can add one more accomplishment to the list. She is now a member of that exclusive club all kids dream about THE 1000 POINT CLUB.

Nobody thought 4 years ago that Allison Cannon was on her way to be one of the greatest players in Holmdel history. Nobody knew she was about to be the best player to wear a Holmdel jersey in recent history. But it’s kind of been the way for Allison every step of the way. It’s not that anyone has doubted her. It’s just everything has been so unexpectedly marvelous. Just like how her game has evolved and her reputation. There is no question she is going to be a ALL SHORE PLAYER this year. We just didn’t see it coming. Just like we didn’t see 1000 Points coming in three years. Allison Cannon is the poster child for just work hard and don’t pay attention to the noise or expectations of others. The only thing that matters is surround yourself with true believers.

Allison Cannon’s parents Danielle and Scott. Are her two biggest believers. They never doubted, that all this was possible. The satisfaction, they must be sharing with their daughter, I’m sure can’t be put into words. But I hope they are soaking it all in. I hope they are remembering a little girl growing up just playing sports and making friends. I hope there remember the car rides and all the beautiful moments. But above all I hope they remember it was they who gave Allison all the strength needed to become one of the all time greats . To leave a legacy for others to admire and hope to emulate.

So it is done, now Allison’s career is on borrowed time. The clock is ticking and soon she will off on to a new journey. She may be gone but not forgotten. That’s because when score 1000 Points you’re never forgotten. When you’re the best to do it in recent school history. They never forget you… MISS CANNON CONGRATULATIONS

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