St. Rose is known as one of the toughest jobs in the Shore. That’s because over the years they have been very successful. St. Rose has had excellent coaches over the years. But recently that success at times has been filled with drama or lack of accountability. These days St. Rose has had the best of both worlds. They’ve had success without drama. That’s because CHRISSY HATFIELD has been a CLASS ACT AT ST. ROSE.

It’s not easy replacing a brilliant coach like Mary Beth Chambers. St. Rose had tons of success behind Coach Chambers. They played rugged defense, an insane schedule and the players all developed. They also won a state title. If not for injuries in back to back years. Mary Beth Chambers would most likely have two more chips in her pocket. So when Chrissy Hatfield took over this year. She thought she had all the makings of a championship team. But then just like Coach Chambers before her, she had injuries just this time before the season even started. Big injuries, she lost two projected starters. Everyone thought St. Rose was in for a long season. Everyone except their coach. That’s because Chrissy Hatfield said “I like my team”. That’s because she knew something that nobody knew except her. She could coach her butt off and she knew the importance of discipline and accountability.

Jada Lynch, was talented freshman a year ago. But she lacked accountability and discipline . She lacked leadership skills. It’s was one the reasons St. Rose could not get over the hump last year. This yearJada Lynch is one of the best players in the state of New Jersey. Because she has embraced the no nonsense yet nurturing style of Coach Hatfield. No more bad body language, talking out of pocket or sulking without consequences. These days when Jada is not preforming, she comes out of game. there is no star treatment, this season. It s new to Jada, I’m not sure anyone has ever given Jada Lynch truth until now. Because of this, Jada is fulfilling her potential. She is now a leader who has elevated her teammates games to levels they could never dream of. Jada has embraced accountability and loves its. She has deep down always wanted the coaching. She finally has it and is on her way to G.0.A.T status. But it was CHRISSY HATFIELD who gave the tools, showed her how it’s done. The two make an unbeatable team these days, just ask St. ROSE. Chrissy Hatfield will draw it up and Jada will do the rest by herself or set up her teammates. It’s what ROCK STARS DO TOGETHER!

BROOKE MISSRY has blossomed in to a star and big shot maker under Chrissy Hatfield. She is now one of the hottest commodities in the 2026 class. Caroline Conforti is playing her best basketball these days under Coach Hatfield just ask Manasquan. Bella Alvarado just may be the key to it all. She is the conductor and Chrissy Hatfield trusted her from day one. Cassidy Kruise has expanded her game and Chrissy Hatfield let her do so, even during her early season growing pains. Coach Hatfield took a risky move and made senior guard TANAIYAH DECKER her the 6th man. It was brilliant.Then again all great coaches are risk takers. Decker is playing lights out these days. The most consistent and best basketball of her life. She took her baby Cali Decker and threw her in the fire. Letting her know, she has a big future at St. Rose. She figured out the best way to use senior Maggie Kerr and Maggie has rewarded her with solid play.

Chrissy Hatfield has brought inclusiveness back to St. Rose basketball. She has made St. Rose for the first time in recent history A DRAMA FREE ZONE. She’s made it cool to play the right way and support anyone wearing the purple roses uniform. It’s why her club may be the hottest team in the state and the biggest surprise in the Shore. Oh yeah, CHRISSY HATFIELD is far and away the leading candidate for Coach of The Year.

CHRISSY HATFIELD, took the best from her mentors Joe Whalen andMary Beth Chambers. She learned from both, what it takes to be successful on the court. But she added a little something different on her own. She decided that she would not tolerate drama and disrespect. No technical fouls, kids acting out, parents trying to intimidate her staff and program. Everyone is being held to a standard and there are repercussions now. CHRISSY HATFIELD has built a culture every talented 8th grader, now should be drooling to be part of. It was not long ago the Kasey Chambers and Sam Clark won a SCT title at St. Rose. They did it drama free and made everyone proud to be part of that chip. CHRISSY HATFIELD IS MAKING IT COOL TO WIN GAMES, HAVE FUN… and above all EMBRACE THE ACCOUNTABILITY

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