NOELLE GRADY… Painting her masterpiece 💪🏀

We’re going to lace them up for week 2 of Core Skills tomorrow. The talent in that gym tomorrow is going to get real thick. Some kids are going to keep moving forward little by little. Some kids are going show up and compete regardless of there reputation or age. They will be in the gym trying to get better and prove they have talent. Ego’s will be put on hold. One of the kids in the gym will be a 7th grader. …2027 Noelle Grady of Chatham

Last week one 7th grader stood out at Core Skills. She stood out because she accepted a challenge and didn’t take a step backwards. Noelle Grady Is what I call a worker. That player who gives you a full days work and ask nothing in return. She doesn’t sit around waiting for the praise and back pats. She gives you 100% gladly. We live in a time where coaches have become cheerleaders and Psychologist. That’s because these days it’s about rooting for kids harder than they root for themselves. Now we spend time reading their moods. Making sure they feel good about their every decision right or wrong. Noelle Grady Is that rare kid today where she is self motivated and doesn’t need a cheerleader because she has self confidence and is willing to earn all the accomplishments waiting down the road for her. She is also has a competitive nature. Something that all coaches love to see in a young player. Noelle Grady doesn’t know this but she’s very lucky. That’s because she has not been spoiled yet. She has been told how great she is yet. The hype machine has not come calling yet. It has not come knocking on her door, whispering sweet things into her ears yet. It has not softened up her will to get better to improve and embrace coaching. She is lucky because her journey is just beginning. For now Noelle can enjoy the ride under the radar.

When I put NOELLE GRADY up against what many believe is the best 8th grader in the state last weekend. It was done for a reason. I needed to know two things. One how good of a player she was and how strong was her competitive nature. I found out right away her competitive nature was monster like. She was scrapping and clawing and refusing to give a inch. The talent? Well that’s a entire different story. That’s because physically she doesn’t look or speak like a 7th grader. Her strength and size is impressive for any wing player of her age. In fact I thought she was a 8th or 9th grader. That because she carries her self with some much confidence. That could be because she is a competitive swimmer. It probably why her upper body is so strong. Her legs are so powerful. Why she is so fit. She has all the makings of a great defender. High IQ, physically strong and good Lateral quickness. This is someone that is going to be a 2 way problem one day.

I kids who want to grow. I love kids who embrace coaching and ask questions. You know those kids who just love the gym. They like the smell and feel of a gym. If there is a game, their watching and Absorbing and learning. It’s why last week watching NOELLE GRADY get to the rim, rebound and make plays as the only 7th grader on the 8th grade court was so impressive. She is fearless and she wants to excel. I believe the next few weeks are going to be life changing for her Athletically. That’s because NOELLE GRADY is going find out something about herself. She is going to find out that she is going to be special. She going discover she is way better than she knew. NOELLE GRADY Is getting ready to find herself among the top players in her class… DO I NEED TO REMIND YOI ABOUT MY TRACK RECORD REGARDING SUCH MATTERS?

I like NOELLE GRADY because I like workers. I even like dad. That’s because coaches he is a parent you want around your arena. He is good for your team culture.. just like his daughter. I like kids who don’t hide from competition or a challenge. I like young players with that look in there eyes. You know the one I’m talking about. The one that says “just tell me what to do and I’ll do it the best I can” I like kids who can Visualize the picture, then paint it and make it come to life. That’s NOELLE GRADY for my money. She is just starting to paint her masterpiece…and trust me it going to be a work of art!

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