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Last night RBC beat Rumson Fair Haven. I could talk about how Julia Cosentino was on top of her game. I could talk about how RFH freshman SYLVIE NOTINE looked like anything but a freshman. She was spectacular last night. All Freshmen type good. I could tell you how the best freshman in the Shore this season Christina Liggio was once again special. But I could also tell you how the most talented freshman in New Jersey Tessa Carman had a Electrifying 19 points. But last night was about one thing and one thing only. The performance of Justine Pissott and her unlikeliest march to 1000 points.

Justine Pissott is not just a basketball player. She is a student of the game. She is a master learner of the game. That’s why she watched tape this week, why most were relaxing. She is constantly looking for a edge. She was not happy with way she was shooting the ball. She was not happy with the way she was playing. But Justine Pissott is never Satisfied with her game. So she took every negative she watched on video and fixed in one game. Every detail she wanted to clean up that’s exactly what she did. It’s one of the reasons

she is now that rare 1000 point scorer at RBC.




Last night RFH played it’s best half of basketball of the season. They led RBC at halftime by 30-26. The game had the feel and the makings of a upset except for one thing. Justine Pissott broke out a most lethal offensive package. She had 22 points in the 2nd half. But it was not the 22 points that was most impressive. It was how she got them. She punished the smaller RFH guards in the post with a variety of post moves reserved only for great ones. She used deadly drives to the rim. She had show stopping finishing moves in transition. She broke out a most deadly mid range game. Then off course she found time to drop a bomb from the streets of Toms River.

In a nutshell Justine’s Pissott’s arrival to 1000 points was as breathtaking as you will see a player have in reaching this historic milestone.

Last night RFH found out why Justine Pissott was the most recruited player in the state of NEW JERSEY. Last night RFH found out why Justine Pissott is rated the 9th best player in the country. Last night RFH found out why at WOODEN TOP 150, a gathering of only the best players in the country. A who’s who of girls basketball. It was Justine Pissott that was called “the only sure lock future WNBA player” Last night RFH found out why Justine Pissott will be attending the #5 ranked team in the country, Tennessee. That’s because they witnessed not just a 1000th point. They also watched the best passing 6’3” player on planet earth. The dimes Justine Pissott dropped last night froze everyone in the gym with Disbelief. Just like her rebounding. She had another double/double. She is the ultimate double double machine. Justine Pissott showed RFH all the things nobody talks about when it comes to her. Just like nobody will talk about how her 1000 points is so much different than everyone else’s.

Scoring 1000 points is a major accomplishment for any kid. It’s a player way of leaving there legacy. But getting 1000 points at RBC … well that different. You see at RBC there are no 30 and 40 individual scoring games. That because they share the ball at RBC. No one player dominates the ball or shots. Coach Joe Montano doesn’t believe in padding stats. When you play at RBC and your a top player. You play in the meat of the game. There are no fake points, just like there are no fake opponents. RBC folks play real competition. Reaching 1000 points is no walk in the park, when you play at RBC

But yesterday Justine Pissott took a walk into the RBC greatness that cannot be forgotten… THE 1000 POINT CLUB

The next time you read the RBC list of 1000 point scorers. Just remember this, nobody had a tougher road to the club that one Justine Pissott. That because she played her entire freshman year with a broken finger. Rather than get surgery she played all season in pain and catching the ball with one hand. Just remember she lost all of her junior year except for 6 games due to Covid. Don’t forget she is currently playing this season with a broken finger that had to be popped back in place. These are all the reasons why Justine’s Pissott’s 1000 points is the most Unlikely of all 1000 points. Not to mention she has been game planned to death since here freshman year.

but right now it doesn’t matter because Justine Pissott is in the history book!


Justine Pissott is that lighting rod. She is that player everyone has an opinion about. She is that great player that everyone feels gets enough attention and love so she gets little. Everyone wants to put her in her place. She’ll knows she’ll never get the respect she deserves. She understands with greatness comes jealousy. But she is a old vet when it comes to media types and bloggers. She knows what they think and say doesn’t matter very much. That’s because she going to play in the Mickey “D” All American game… she going to the U of Tennessee… she’ll wear a WNBA uniform one day and of course she her name hanging IN THE RBC gym forever...

because 1000 points is special… just like JUSTINE PISSOTT









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