IT’S BEEN A INTERESTING WEEK.. up to the minute thoughts🤔🏀

It was a wild week in the Shore. There were some great moments and let’s say some not so great moments. But one thing for sure is we are in for a wild finish the next 2 months.

The week started with RBR finding out the Josie Munson would have to sit for 30 days. This was big because it no question changes the balance in the Shore rankings. Munson now will have to sit 30 days. The question is when will she be eligible?

Justine Pissott right now folks is the best player in the Shore conference. Not only did she get her 1000th point. But she put on a performance for the ages against RFH with 28 ridiculous points. Then Saturday she had another 26 points vs Bishop Loughlin of New York. RBC was down 4 at halftime in both games on the road before Pissott turned on the after burners.

Emily Cavanaugh was MVP

SJV is now the 4th ranked team in the country. Yesterday they destroyed the #2 team in Pennsylvania Dunmore. While Madison St Rose and Zoe Brooks will get the lions share of the attention. It was Julia Karpell’s three’s that sent Dunmore packing 69-46 and it really was not that close.

EMILY Cavanaugh finally returned to the St. Rose lineup and Immediately picked her battle with Christina Liggio for freshman of the year. Yesterday she had 16 points and was named MVP In St Rose’s win over RBR at the Coaches for Cancer at Donovan Catholic.

Speaking of Donovan Catholic, Kya Joesph had 18 points and 14 rebounds in a win over Pope John at the Coaches for Cancer. Newsflash college coaches better start playing attention. TANAIYAH DECKER folks has a case for the best young point guard in the Shore. She had 11 points… 5 rebounds and 5 dimes in the win. The future D1 guard has been the difference for the Top 20 Donovan Catholic squad. That and Coach Jansen who has been masterful at putting his team together.

Siobhan Stapleton has stepped up

Right now Trinity Hall is good folks. We are talking real good. The went into RFH and got another win. That’s because Siobhan Stapleton is stepping up her game in a big way. Her driving jump hook and free throws were the difference in their win over RFH. But the best backcourt this side of SJV Haven Dora and Nina Emnace has been sensational. Not just on offense but defense as well. But without freshman Lilly Riggi none of this is possible.

Did you ever dream Trinity Hall and Ranney would be ranked ahead of RFH and Neptune? Well that’s exactly the case these days. That because Ranney keeps rolling. Yesterday they beat Neptune on the road. The talented RAQUEL GUIDETTI  had 17 points. The sophomore has quietly been one of the best players in the 2024 class. She certainly is one of the most athletic. Sarah Hughes is playing not like a talented point guard. But All Shore talk has to start. But the player everyone is missing the boat on is Freshman Brooklyn Taylor who had 13 points yesterday. She folks is clearly making a case for 1st Team All Freshman. Haley Poser another sensational baby had 8 points yesterday. Ranney is starting to look legit folks.

What’s going on with Coach Ault at Holmdel makes me wonder. Why anyone wants to be a head school coach these days? But when ABBY FERGUSON gets 23 points and MVP I guess it makes a coaches work worth it . But in Holmdel’s biggest game of the year vs Ewing. They only got to practice one day before the game and none of there coaches were on the sidelines. Please tell me how that’s fair to those kids. FOLKS WE ALL HAVE TO BE BETTER!

The Mickey D All American nominations came out. Now this is basically a Ceremonial type thing. But I think coaches must be careful. Because kids can be hurt when they are left off. Especially those kids who are loyal and good kids, who are good players for years. Coaches need to communicate to kids there thinking. Why? Because it leads to disappointment and lack of trust when they don’t.

Manasquan got racked up vs LUHI yesterday. There inability to push the basketball and get shots has become a real issue right now. But a bigger issue is the same one from a year ago. Guarding off the dribble late in games vs elite opponents. If Manasquan wants to get to the next level they’ll have to step up in these two area’s. They certainly have the talent and track record.

Now Jackson Memorial has played a soft schedule this season. There only lost has been to Top 20 Mainland. But everyone else they have destroyed. They blew out Shore Reg yesterday in impressive fashion. They will most likely will be undefeated when they face TRN in 2 weeks on January 27th. This could be shaping up as coach GOODALE’s best coaching job to date. Pretty strong words when you read her resume.

SJV just picked up a Top 5 2026 in the Shore. She is a future D1 player. SJV is putting together another championship type class. In fact they are one player away from Claiming the best freshman class in the state and that would be an amazing feat when you consider what is walking through the doors at RBC next year.

UP TO THE MINUTE ... (no sharing the wealth, you either earn it or not)

1st Team All Shore

POY- Madison St Rose- SJV






2nd Team All Shore


Gabby Ross- Donovan Catholic

Nina Emance- Trinity Hall

Maggie Cavanaugh- St. Rose

Abby Ferguson- Holmdel

Mary Donnely- Manasquan

3rd Team All Shore

Haven Dora – Trinity Hall

Georgia Heine- Manasquan

Ally Carman -RBC

Amaya Evans- Neptune

Devyn Quigley- Manchester

Rylee Drahos- Shore Reg

TOP 10… no thoughts what so ever

  1. SJV
  2. RBC
  3. Manasquan
  4. Donovan Catholic
  5. Holmdel
  6. St Rose
  7. Trinity Hall
  9. TRN

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1st Team All Freshman


Emily Cavanaugh– St. ROSE

Tessa Carman- RBC

Kayden Clark– Ocean Twp

Sylvie Nitone– RFH


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