RBR will play in the JERSEY GIRLS LIVE EVENT during the High School LIVE PERIOD. This is team with size and shooters and great talent . They are coached by HALL of Fame Coach John Truhan.















Coach JOHN TRUHAN is considered one of the best coaches in New Jersey history. He has won a Shore Conference Title, State titles and Divisional titles. He has built a reputation for turning around doormat  programs and making them champions. But perhaps his biggest and most important talent is  taking kids who others have given up hope on and turning them into rock stars.







*Gym Rats being added value as they can play a level above there talent



CAMRYN GARDNER– 6’2”- Forward… she has battle injuries all year. But now she is fully recovered and rolling. If you saw her during the April live period, you won’t recognize her right now. Her deadly three point shoot and ball handling skills are looking prime time once again. Known for being able to play the point foward, that will be on display this weekend as will her next level passing. You want more? She is a hard nose traffic rebounder and being healthy that is back in full view. She can score on a variety of mid range shots or post up on the box and demand double teams. Gardner is looking every bit the high major player that she was predicted to be. She is a GYM RAT AND BORN LEADER.




CAROLINE POLLOWAY– 6’3”- Forward… size matters and she has plenty of it. She has done a great job in conditioning her body. She is big and strong. She has excellent hands and can finish on the block because she catches everything. She is finally beginning  to emerge at the right time. Her footwork and skills skills get better daily because she gets in the gym. She is that rare post player that is a GYM RAT. She sprints the floor and is a excellent rebounder and non fouling shot blocker. This is a player with a upside that runs deep. She has had some monster games at RBR early in her career. This is a player where the sky is the limit in time. The one thing is clear. She is a IVY/PATRIOT SCHOOL GIFT as she is a mega student.




RILEY WHEELER– 5’7”- Combo… she had a breakout freshman year and started every game. She had a season high 20 points and multiple double figure scoring games. Riley is a deadly shooter to 25 ft, she had over 20 threes this pass season. She has a reliable handle that allows her to slide to the point guard spot. She is quietly a tough physical defender. She is willing to give up her body.This is a player who is constantly evolving. She has developed a nice mid range game and her mad dashes to the rim, so she is expanding her game. She is unselfish to a fault at times. She plays for the talented and Junior National u13 Champions NEW JERSEY RISE… RILEY WHEELER is a player to take note of..









ZOE GULLEY– 5’9”- Combo.. this is a player that is totally under the radar. Why? Nobody can really say. What AAU team does she play for? Does anyone really know that she had a monster freshman season? How can a freshman have 48 threes, 80 rebounds and 71 dimes go unnoticed?  How can a freshman have 26 points in a state game and it not be a story? I will tell you why, she is quite and unassuming. She has little social media presence, no highlight tapes or hype building. Zoe Gulkey is a talented player who is a hard worker. She has a high IQ that coach Truhan takes full advantage of by playing her at multiple positions. She has been known to guard all 5 positions on the floor. There is no question this is a player college coaches must pay close attention to this weekend.











KRISTEN CONNORS– 5’8”.. Wing.. this young lady has a chance to make a name for herself. The GYM RAT has proven she is not afraid to train and play against the big dogs. The lefty is a excellent shooter and has a reliable handle right now. She got limited minutes last season. My guess is that will change in the near future. That’s because she has a mental toughness and desire to complete. She is long and a underrated athletic ,talent.  She is not afraid to throw her body around. Another talented player in the 2026 class on the RBR roster.She has a chance to be a real sleeper this weekend.










RILEY JOYCE– 5’5”- GUARD.. make no mistake she is a soccer star. But she is also a big time defender. This past season she closed the door on some big time scorers. She is not just fast and quick but tough as nails. She has a improving handle and has shown she can get to the rim. She had 11 threes proving she is capable, 37 dimes and 40 steals last season. This is a MOST INTERESTING PLAYER to say the least.











SYNAI BLYCHANTON– 5’7”- Wing… she is a competitive work horse. You will give you every drop of sweat out of her body…SHE PLAYS  HARD! She has a body that is next level right now. She is explosive, quick and loaded with speed. She can get to the rim and finish with either hand. She is an elite drive and kick passer. She is murder on the glass and punishes smaller guards. She can play and defend all three guard positions. She is a vastly underrated three point shooter. Her handle is legit and so is her game. This is a future Division One player and you can book that coaches.


CAMP STARTS NEXT WEEK or 732 489 5999


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