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Red Bank Catholic– They are young and I mean real young. They start two Freshman, two Sophomores and Senior Alex Brazotti. They have had some good moments but have yet to put together a full 32 minutes and that has cost them early in the season. They fell apart in the 3rd quarter against then #10 Middletown and lost. They had a halftime lead against Top 20 Neptune and fell apart in the 2nd half and lost. In both cases it was turnovers that did the Casey’s in. But they are a dangerous team and started the year in the Top 20 because of the insane amount of young talent. Starting point guard Tia Montange is out for the season, the future D1 guard will be missed. But freshman stud Rose Caverly has taken over and seems to get better each night. She is joined in the back-court by sharp shooter Josie Larkins who has stepped up game in recent weeks. In her last six games she has scored in double figures, including 15 and 18 points in her last 2 games. Senior Alex Brazotti, at times has carried the Casey’s. The American beauty is having a All Shore type season while leading her baby Casey teammates. She has been doing it all;  her scoring is a given but her passing and ball handling are going over looked this year. Freshman star Katie Rice has been getting better every night. Her rebounding and passing skills have been a welcome surprise for RBC. Forced to play out of position, Katie Rice as adjust nicely and last night had 10 point and 7 rebounds for RBC. Maureen Coakley has been asked to play bigger than her size and she has done just that this season. She is averaging over 10 points a game and averaging 6 boards a night. Those numbers should jump off the page because remember she is just a sophomore. The RBC bench is lead by Catlin Carroll, who us also a part time starter. Carroll has the ability to knock down three’ and when things get sloppy Montano may turn to her. Freshman sharp shooter Haley Moore, who has had her moments is also capable of making shots. The same can be said about senior Gillian Hansen, both have played a lot of minutes and are gaining confidence.



-6 Rice has gone from 7th grade to starting at RBC

Katie Rice spent all last season in brace recovering from a ACL injury. To think a kid could go from playing 7th grade basketball to starting at a school with a tradition like no other is shocking. But her work ethic is specal and combine that with her unique skills  sets and you have a rare player that is hard to find. Blessed with so much length and size (she is  6ft)  and throw in the ball handling skills and you have the  THE TOTAL PACKAGE. Think about what she would be if she had all of last year back?SCARY THOUGHT

image Star Alex Barazotti is thankful Katie Rice is around

What is even more impressive about Katie Rice’s freshman year, is this; because of injuries and the lost of Jackie Robinson. Katie Rice has been forced to play out of position. She has spent the early part of the season playing the 4 spot and has not batted a eye!  Her passing skills are off the charts as she find shooters off penetration like no other player I have seen in years But its is her physical toughness that is so shocking as her competitive nature will have college coaches drooling for years. More importantly its in the REAL GAMES that the freshman has gone to work. Against #10 Middletown Katie Rice went for 6 points and 7 rebounds. Then against current Top 20 Neptune she was at times a one women rebounding and  passing machine. She had 6 points and 8 rebounds. and countless assists. Those are real numbers against real competition which is the true measuring stick of a player.  Her shot selection and basketball IQ for a young player is off the the charts. But more importantly she may be the best defensive swing in the Shore before she is done. Why? Because she is one of two players that can guard all five positions. The other two…Grace Stant and Marina Mabrey, not bad company to be in.  Yesterday Miss Rice fell short of her first double/double with 10 points and 7 rebounds. I have sneaky suspicion she is going to have many double/doubles and a few triple/triples before her career is over. Katie Rice will be one of the most highly recruited players in the Shore and its clear  Joe Montano has another star to his collection…



FRESHMANRose Caverly, Katie Rice, Haley Moore

SOPHOMORESTia Montange (out for season) Josie Larkins, Maureen Coakley


SENIORS- Alex Barazotti(signed with Loyola College) , Gillan Hansen

DIVISION 1 Locks (4)

Projected Division one players(6)




CHATHAM is on a current 6 game winning streak. There 3 losses this season are to Saddle River Day who beat Middletown South, Powerhouse Hunterdon Central and ranked Gov Livingston. This team is battle tested and RBC will find that  out from the tip, because this team plays defense and from ALL REPORTS are very well coached. Senior Cassandra Falone is a scoring machine and has so many big nights I am not going to try and list them. The offense is clearly built around her. But here is what makes this team dangerous. They spread the scoring out. Olivia Diaz – Saavedra, Liz Ford, Chloe Blanc,Veronica Kelly are all very capable scorers. This is a team that appears that have a group of girls who know their roles…RBC will need to play well on Sunday





As a junior last year CASSANDRA FALONE averaged 12.7 point a game. She also had time to knock down 47 three’s and that’s with defenses hanging on her. But don’t get caught up in just her scoring ability. She is not afraid to get on the boards as she has had double figure rebounding games this season. Right now Falone is rolling like you won’t believe her last 3 games..24..21 and 19 points…


RBC-vs-Mon-Don-041b-630x449 ALEX BRAZOTTI  and her senior leadership could be the key to victory

WHAT TO EXPECTThis is could be the most interesting game of the day. It  just may come down to the two seniors. Alex Brazotti of RBC and Cassandra Falone of Chatham, both are capable of taking over this game. RBC will need to start growing up soon and Sunday may be a good place to start….RBC wins



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