Dreams in the making!

Every kid wants there due. Every kid wants a chance to show they belong, that there good enough. Some kids jump up and down, complain and blame the world. When these things don’t arrive on their time table. They have a victims mentally. These kids seem to always get left behind wondering what could have been. There dreams go that graveyard that some many before the have visited. But then there are the kids who put there head down and go to work. They don’t look for or need excuses. They look for answers and they keep working until they get those answers…RILEY GIORDANO of LACEY is one of those kids.

When kids attend a school with low visibility. In most cases there either putting up big numbers vs. weak competition or complaining about the lack or respect they receive. But some kids are more concerned with getting better, challenging themselves. Stepping out of their environment. These are the kids who make it happen. The kids who figure it out. RILEY GIORDANO has figured it all out. She has discovered it’s about working hard and not making the best of your situation… but rather being the best you can be. Riley has embraced the challenges ahead of her. I doubt many people know much about RILEY GIORDANO. I doubt many people know much about Lacey High School. Riley Giordano is not a household name and Lacey is not a brand name basketball program. But Riley Giordano is chasing her dreams and Lacey’s Coach Venturelli is trying to build a culture. Together they are on a journey. A journey that they both hope will end with smiles and joy.

Riley Giordano, could be at a powerhouse High School team. But she is not and she understands this. She knows recognition and media attention are hard to come by at Lacey. So she has done what so many kids want to do but can’t find that inner strength. Giordano is not afraid to chase her dreams. She doesn’t see roadblocks, she sees opportunities. It’s why she decided to try out and make the insanely talented MASONIUS BELLES. A team loaded with D1 players and considered one of the best AAU teams around. It gives her that competition she needs to grow as a player. It gives her the visibility that her high school may not give her. It gives her a chance to show that she too is a baller. Yes, she has to travel hours for practice and games. But she understands it’s what she must do. She refuses to let her dreams die because of her location.

Riley Giordano doesn’t do excuses, she does truth. It’s the reason she is going to make some college coach at the next level very happy one day. Last year as a freshman she had 168 points and 138 rebounds as a freshman. Numbers that certainly would raise the eyebrow of most fans of high school basketball. But Riley did this at Lacey not SJV. So the credit doesn’t come as easy. But for Riley Giordano it doesn’t matter. Right now it’s about growing and helping her Lacey team climb up the Shore food chain. Last year Lacey finished .500 in B SOUTH and won more over games the the year before. Riley was a big part of it. She just did it without all the bells and whistles that usually comes with a excellent Freshman year.

I met Riley for the 1st time at NBS this year. Her mother tried to sign her up for NBS. The session was sold out. I told her mom that Riley could have a one day spot. After one day with Riley I created a spot for Riley. That’s because I love hard workers, I love kid with a competitive natures and kids without a ego. Riley Giordano worked her butt off that day at NBS. Because of her college like body and toughness I thought she was a senior. She was playing on the side court. But unlike other kids on the side court. She didn’t complain or have her mom call me. She just did something I love… she kicked ass! But it was after a few weeks I finally started a conversation with Riley. I asked her about colleges and if there was anything I could do to help her. It was then she said to me “ Tiny, I am only a sophomore and I play for the Belles” it was right then, I knew Riley was not just a good player but a better kid. She doesn’t want anything handed to her. She has confidence in her ability and is betting on that to open all the doors that await her… and trust me the DOORS WILL OPEN.

I have great respect for Lacey Coach Venturelli, she will be surprised to know I have followed her from a distance. She is Inspirational and passionate about her kids on and off the court. She knows she has to work harder than other coaches. She has to actually develop players. Riley Giordano is lucky because Coach Venturelli  is a ALPHA FEMALE. She is dripping with confidence and clearly believes in Riley. She understands that Riley Giordano has a passion for the game as well. But Riley is getting something else from Coach Venturelli. A real understanding of being a teammate, sacrificing for others on and off the court as well as though community service. These are the things Riley Giordano is learning off the court. The things that help build character and a work ethic. The things the programs at the next level desire so much these days.

Riley Giordano like everyone else is trying to make the best of her season. She has put in so much work this fall to get ready. Her younger sister Lola is one of the best 7th graders in the Shore. They both are gym rats who love the game. She knows being a big sister matters. Riley is on a mission. That’s why unlike others she does not see Covid 19 has a roadblock. It’s just another opportunity for RILEY GIORDANO to prove nothing is going to stop her from fulfilling her dream... I say to Riley this…

“RILEY YOUR DREAMS WILL MOST DEFINITELY COME TRUE because you have a desire and a commitment that you just can’t teach”


TODAY… Core Skills


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