So the recruiting period is over. Now reality will begin to kick in for many seniors. Juniors will begin to feel left out and underclassmen will wonder how are freshman getting D1 offers before playing a single game. This is when all the bad advice and lack of knowledge truly kicks in. It’s why I tell you to listen up and pay attention.

Are your parents telling you to rest up these days? It’s what parents do. But if you don’t have a offer or committed that’s great just don’t go to any Elite camps. Especially if you haven’t been in the gym. Are you worried you have not received a offer yet? Well what are you doing about it? Are you back in the gym grinding and working with the understanding you must get better? Are you watching freshman get offers and wondering how can that be? Well guess what? Those offers are as real as the tooth fairly. what you better be worried about is staying prepared.

This time of year kids are receiving the worse advice known to mankind when it comes to recruiting. Seniors are being told to start thinking about settling on schools. Look at there 2nd , 3rd choice or at anyone who will take them. What there not telling kids is ”we got a long way to go keep working“. That soon colleges are going to realize they have to adjust there recruiting objectives. They may find that you are a nice alternative. But until that time you must stay relevant. You must attend the Elite Camps, go to NBS CAMP TO BUILD YOUR NAME RECOGNITION. But you must know the recruiting period is far more than just July. Once you understand this, you have a chance.

Going on vacation? Great we all need one but understand. There is a price to be paid for everything. If your a uncommitted senior for example you better not go on vacation and try to tell us how bad you want it. This is just a fact, I’m sorry if the truth hurts. It’s called making a sacrifice. Its about understanding your situation. It really comes down to how bad you want to make a dream come true. What you are willing to give up? Well vacations and family outing just might be one of them… because the clock is ticking. So get off your ass and understand this.

There has to be work done this time of year. I personally wondered how any kid could have missed ball handling shooting camp this week. But then I realized not every kid wants to work in the dark. If there are no college coaches there, they lack interest. Well let me explain this to young players, if you build a reputation as a worker, it will do more for your recruiting than you could ever dream about. Why is Addy ”the bad woman” considered the best freshman in the 2026 class? Yeah she is talented but so are others. What has separated her is her work ethic. Her Notoriety is built on not just her talent but rather her commitment to her game …not hype.

How does a kid without a offer miss academic elite last Monday? Tell me how that is possible? Well easy when there coaches giving them misinformation. Talking to them about loyalty? But when its all said and done the kid sits holding a empty paper bag while the coach and AAU organization move on. Well here is some advice to everyone regardless of your talent or status… GET OFF YOUR ASS… get to Elite Camps like U PENN… RIDER … FDU… William and Mary. Find a place in your wheelhouse that makes sense. Take your unofficial visits now. Meet coaches and build relationships. But understand its all part of the process now. Your time to relax, take time off, take a deep breath is coming… BUT ITS SURE AS HELL NOT NOW.

I tell you get off your ass and get to NBS. Because unlike some others places its not a dam money grab. That’s because you can build your reputation against real competition. NBS gets you ready and allows you to establish yourself and build your brand as a player. But you cant listen to those who don’t know. YOU CAN’T LIVE IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE AND LITTLE WORLD. Not everything is easy or makes you feel great. But these things can prepare you and open doors for you. But you must get off your ass!

These days parents are broke, the money has dried up. So here is what I will tell you. Spend your money wisely. Do not fall for those trying to convince you how much your child is developing and growing. It’s simple the proof is in the pudding. The tape don’t lie. Parents everyone is broke its the nature of the beast these days. Just remember in the end it comes down to if you child is Benefiting…. only you know that answer. But understand your going to pay and spend lots of money helping them reach there dream….NOTHING IS FREE🙏

I hope everyone gets the message. EVERYONE IS TIRED. and wants or needs a break, that includes coaches, parents and players. People due to covid have not have a vacation in two years!!! But the bottom line is there are 5 weeks left for you to work at getting better and making your dream come true, if thats truly your goal. My advice is this…..GET OFF YOUR ASS!

NBS STARTS MONDAY… spots as of now available; unfortunately only 80 players for this session

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