LOGAN McCARTHY; is playing the LONG GAME, right to the end💪🌈🏀

Do you know who Logan McCarthy is? I doubt it. She plays for NJ RISE 2026 (Green)team. She is part of one of the best 2026 AAU teams in the state. A lot of kids on team and across the state her age these days get a lot of attention and hype from college coaches and bloggers like myself. Logan McCarthy is not one of those kids. That may be a good thing because hopefully it keeps her hungry and motivated. Hopefully it helps her see the big picture . The one that matters most…. THE END GAME!

These days kids are receiving scholarship offers before they play a high school game. These days kids are crowned before they do much of anything that matters. These days a lot of kids who were suppose to have great careers and be stars ; doesn’t always materialize that way in the end. That’s because sometimes kids believe the hype, believe the scholarship offers are real. Sometimes kids just don’t work hard enough. Logan McCarthy doesn’t have to worry about such things. She knows she has to work hard and be a good teammate. She is playing the long game not the hype game. She knows that if she just keeps grinding good things will happen in the future when things matter most.

The Tiny Green’s of the world don’t brag or tweet about Logan McCarthy. There are no videos of her walking into the hoop group for after school shooting or her grinding at a RISE practice. There is no video of Logan at NBS. That’s because Logan McCarthy doesn’t get the VIP treatment. She made to feel very special, told to believe great things are in her future. She has to create those feeling on her own. She can’t count on others to lift her up. She has to believe in herself. It has to hurt at times being treated as a 2nd class citizen at times in the gym. It must hurt knowing she works her ass off and doesn’t get even a slight nod of approval. She has to wonder does anyone see what she is doing? Does anyone care? Well to set the record straight, I see it. I know where Logan McCarthy is going and how she is going to get there. She is going to work and grind. She is not going to duck the smoke run to where there whisper sweet things in her ears, like so many others in her situation. LOGAN MCcarthy is going to believe in herself. She is going to bet on herself... LONGAN McCARTHY is playing the hardest game of all… THE LONG GAME.

Logan McCarthy has a high IQ and understands how to play. She is an excellent ball handler, passer and shooter. She is not physically big; but she has a big heart and a big brain. She is competitive and plays unselfish always. It’s why her coaches and teammates at Manasquan are going to fall in love with her. It’s why one day a college coach is going to think they hit the lottery. That!s because Logan McCarthy is a winner and ultimate program kid.

I watched the NJ RISE play and one thing I know is this… they have sone of the best young talent in the state. I also know the Logan McCarthy is one of those talented players. She may not get tbe spotlight but I know she is going to play the right way. It’s funny but Logan has what many would call a old school game. That’s because she is so skilled without all the bells and whistles. Well I don’t call her game old school… I call her the RIGHT SCHOOL🌈🏀💪

These days parents and kids want it all yesterday. These days it hard to find kids who are willing to work hard over a long period of time without expecting a compliment, pat on the back or pubic recognition.

These days kid don’t want to grind for weeks, months and years to make a dream come true and to master there craft. These days when a kid doesn’t get attention, there out the door looking for Mr Easy and comfortable. You know; a place where everyone knows there name. They want instant Gratification.

But there are still kids and parents who stick around and want the smoke. LOGAN McCARTHY is one of those kids. It’s why I love her smile, commitment and desire to PLAY THE LONG GAME 💪🌈🏀👍

MONDAY… This Camp is a must🏀💪

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