Coaches as you get ready to hit the road. I want to tell you a little something that just might help you. Too often I have told coaches to recruit a kid early and hard especially at low and mid major level. But they often wait and a bigger school or a school at there level scoops them up. Thats why I will throw everyone a bone. I am not telling you anything except this…. YOU BETTER GO WATCH CARLIE LAPINSKI OF THE NJ RISE this week in Virginia.

Three years ago in th Pocono’s I was running a camp. Ally Carman currently a freshman at Boston College was at the camp. Not only is Ally Carman 6’5” with a college body. She is inanely physical. But on this day a skinny 7th grader went after her. Both players were pushing and grinding in the lane. The little 7th grader was giving away 6 inches and 40 pounds. But it didn’t seem to matter. She fought tooth and nail. I really believed a fight would break out. But in the end, it was just two tough kids going to war. That 7th grader? Her name was Carlie Lapinski! ONE OFTHE MOST COMPETITIVE KIDS IN THE SHORE CONFERENCE.

I remember when Carlie Lapinski and a teammate came to NBS two years ago. I put them on one of the side courts. I wanted to see them dominate and show there competitive nature was not based on the level of competition. Every kid who has ever attended NBS and made it though knows this drill. After camp I always ask “who are the kids who wont be back” and we get a laugh. Carlie Lapinski didn’t laugh and didn’t like it. So she disappeared for 2 years.

Carlie Lapinski returned to NBS this sumner. I immediately threw her on the side courts for most of the week. Some of my coaches wanted her on the main court. But I wanted to send Carlie a message. She can up to me one day and said “I’m playing well, the coaches don’t like me?” Little did she know it was all me. I wanted Carlie Lapinski to know, your either in or your out. There is no in between with me. I wanted to see if Carlie Lapinski had grown up and matured or was she still expecting things to go her way because she is a good player. Carlie Lapinski never quit in fact she had no idea she would be in the TOP 20 game. But in a strange twist she had a campus visit the day of the ALL STAR GAME .

When I look at Carlie Lapinski I really can’t believe how far she has cone. How much she has developed as a player. Her body looks like the perfect basketball body. She is built like a race horse with long arms and length. She is strong as a OX and plays with such a physical style it can at times be intimidating. But what is most impressive is how Carlie Lapinski has rounded out her game. Dare I say she is the best stretch 4 in the Shore Conference and maybe the best in the 2024 class in NJ … so here is where the lesson begins

  • she buries the three with her eyes closed
  • She has every post move known to mankind and nobody has better footwork or pivots better
  • She is an elite rebounder in traffic
  • Her high post passing skills have no match
  • She is the most physical fit 6’1” in the state.

All this adds up to what I’m about to tell you. First of all why do we forget she is just a 2024. Why is her name not mentioned with the best 2024’s? I will tell you why. Because she doesn’t have a sugar daddy promoting her. She didn’t play for a prime time, name brand High school. She had too many double/doubles to count this . Like 15/12 vs RFH…14/11 vs Neptune and near double/double vs National Powerhouse Notre Dame of Pa, yet few knew or talked of her greatness. You see Carlie Lapinski is fearless. It why I tell D1 schools go see her play in Richmond. Not because Im telling you, sbut rather because she is different 💪👏🏀

because you will see it with your own eyes.

Next year Carlie Lapinski will play at Manasquan high school. She instantly makes them a Top 5 team in the state. She will bring too many intangibles to the table to list. Things like toughness, ball screens, post defense, passing and of course conditioning. Maybe now Carlie Lapinski will get on that big stage and show why she is one of the best in her class. One of the best ”STRETCH 4’s” In the state. But for now she and her 12-1 (this AAU season), NJ RISE have business to take care of in Richmond. So here is a recruiting tip… GO WATCH CARLIE LAPINSKI WITH YOUR OWN TWO EYES, just remember… I TOLD YOU SO!

Update… There are still spots available for JULY 25th ACADEMIC ELITE–2022-at-hghq-(grades-9-12)

Next Week

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