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Yesterday two teans got into a slugfest.  Two teams refused to surrender.  But in the end only  one team was left standing. RBC and St. ROSE gave Shore fans one of the most exciting and drama filled games of the season. Yet in  the end it was RBC that was left standing.












St. ROSE’S identity   is defense, that smothers teams.  RBC”s is their two units  which wear teams down. Yesterday both teams lost there identity   and then found it, all in one night in the first half. When Joe Montano went to his babies with 2 mins left in the first quarter. His babies were acting up right out the gate.  They jumped all over St. Rose. When Addy Nyemchek scored at the buzzer to end the first quarter  RBC  was rolling



RBC 16

St. ROSE 8


Cassidy Kruesi turned the lights out once again.









By the time JOE MONTANO  took his babies out in the 2nd quarter with  7 mins left. The RBC babies had ripped the St. Rose defense apart in 3 mins total minutes to  give  St Rose a 22-12 lead. Joe Montano  is loyal  to a fault  some believe to is first unit. Because once this unit came back on the floor. St Rose, saw blood in the water and turned up the heat. The pressured the ball, got in passing lanes and limited. St Rose to one shot. The best defense in the state had returned. They gave RBC a defensive  clinic. Crac
king Rosie Scognamiglio and Cassidy KRUESI went to work on the talented  RBC  guards . They threw both Christina Liggio and Casey Prior into a deep freeze. Holding Casey Prior to two points and Christina  Liggio  to zero points and multiple  turnovers. But that was not all.


Crackling Rosie was on fire!











Meanwhile ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO was on fire in the first half. She tortured the RBC guards. She drained 3 bombs and did it all for St. Rose. But she was not alone. Julia Whesper was wrecking havoc in the lane, picking up charges and just being the best pest St. Rose could dream of.  And what about the  the RBC 5 in and 5 out  rotation?  Well that had gone the way of the DOO DOO  bird. Nobody wanted  to see it. RBC went into full panick mode. They  started mixing and matching there rotation. They had lost there idenity. They also watched as St. Rose went on a 20-2 run and take a 7 point halftime lead. St Rose was in full control…well at least that’s what they thought!




RBC 23


The RBC babies were acting up


There is loyalty and then there is  blind faith. Coach Montano is loyal but not at the expense of giving up the #2 seed. He  started the 3rd quarter  with his 1st unit. And Julie Whesper made RBC pay right out the gate for such indiscretions by going cookies for a quick two points. Then St Rose started  picking on Emma Carman. Before you could blink a eye. RBC was in serious trouble. That’s  also when Joe Montano decided this loyalty  stuff is for the birds. So he returned his babies back to the floor. And Joe Montano  doesn’t just have the best babies in the state. He has “the best baby”  in the entire state  as well.



Addy Nymcheck was a very “BAD WOMAN”

ADDY NYEMCHEK,  is the apple of every college coach in the country eyes. Last night she showed everyone why. She threw RBC on her back yesterday. She put on a show for the packed gym at St. Rose. She hit every big shot, got every big rebound and made every big pass. Her intangibles  and competitive nature were off the charts. All the talk about who  the best freshmsn in New Jersey is, well you can kill it in a skillet. Th
at was answered loudly last night Addy “the bad Woman”… because Addy  was very naughty last night. She had 18 points,  7 rebounds, 3 steals, 3 dimes and 3 blocks. She also was the best defensive  player in the gym. The only thing Addy Nyemchek   didn’t do was sell the  popcorn. She and her fellow babies were wonderful. When she knocked down a three to give RBC a 37-35 lead. St Rose knew they had problems.  Addy Nyemchek  and the babies had  erased the entire  ST. ROSE 7 point lead



37 ALL.


Coach Montano turned Lola Giordano loose in St. Rose

When 4th quarter  started Joe Montano  was taking no chances. He started all 5 of his babies. First he turned Lola Giordano loose on Crackling  Rosie and Giordano, quickly cooled off the hot shooting guard.  She also found time to score a  “BIG” driving bucket to give RBC a 40- 37 lead. If Addy Nymcheck  was Batman, Lola Giordano  was Robin. Tessa Liggio, buried big shots and put the St. ROSE defensive  pressure on ice with her savvy ball handling and passing. Tessa Liggio keep everyone on there toes the moment the ball hit her hands
. When Tessa Liggio was injured on  a no call foul and  reckess play.  She was forced to leave the game. Molly Kelly  then returned and found her mojo. She scored on a tough drive to the basket. Then went she took a question hard fall and no call, she jumped up in anger but didn’t take the bait. She keep her cool like great seniors do. For that reason she was around to go ICE ICE BABY and close the game.


Tessa Carman was the best teammate on the court



Meanwhile Joe Montano made one big change in the 4th. He put Tessa Carman in with his babies. So Tessa Carman put on her superwoman cape. She did everything. Blocking Shots in the lane, posting up,  scoring big buckets and going ICE ICE baby on the free throw line late. Here energy on the bench was like her game, breath taking. She was the best team ever!











RBC found there true identity last night and that  identity  was go with the ones who dance the best. The RBC babies  were dancing Queens last night and when the horn blew, it was only fitting that the best baby of all,  Addy Nyemchek   had just grabbed her 7th rebounder and RBC grabbed the 2nd seed.



RBC 52



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