As everyone takes a break from the 1st round of the recruiting period. Nobody should really be surprised where they stand. Its not like everyone hasn’t been told what they needed to do and what to expect. It’s this part of the recruiting process that drives me nuts. This is the time of the year kids, parents and coaches are reaching and searching for something to help them make a dream come true. But in reality that dream started months ago and everyone knew this.

Some understood the work that was needed. While some knew what needed to take place and simply choose the easy path. Nobody pushed them or demanded more from them. Today there are two type kids out there . Those sitting around hoping for a miracle. There hoping some school doesn’t know there track record, there history and work ethic. These kids are hoping some school takes a chance on them and they can change there ways. Meanwhile the kids and parents who made the sacrifices others would not are dancing into the sunset of DREAMS THAT CAME TRUE…. maybe, just maybe they listened to the right people💪🙏💕🏀

I tell rising 9th graders once you get to January. Please don’t focus on games. Please make playing secondary. I tell them its the last time in there basketball career you can truly work on your personal game 7 days a week. But there are forces that draw kids away from such things. The parents and kids want the hype, the videos, the evaluation showcases. The kids want the status and there parents want it more. So they bathe in the glory of winter ball not development.

There coaches tell them there getting better and need there coaching and guidance… the players roll along , the parents do the hype dance. But now it’s pay day. You watch the jumper once the game speeds up, the handle vs pressure and game vs D1 older players, you notice the skill sets and say. THE IMPROVEMENT CURVE WAS MISSED IN A BIG WAY. Then you wonder things like how did ADDY NYMCHECK for example put so much distance between she and her classmates. Let me tell you how, she has ears and smart parents… she snuck in the gym all winter when “NOBODY ELSE WAS AROUND” worked on her deep shooting and two foot plants… today she has her foot on the throat of the 2026 class. She followed the right guidance and listened to those who know best and matter most💪👏

You ran from the smoke and competition. You think we don’t know. When things got tough, when you didn’t get the love or attention, mama and daddy scooped you up and you found a new home, love and attention. You were told stop dribbling and shooting around cones. But that’s more fun and makes you think you doing something productive. But your trainer is your guy and comfort zone. They make you feel special, “your as good as anyone” they tell you and of course mom, while building up your fake confidence. No wait there building your self esteem. They make you sweat. But what you refuse to understand is anyone can make you sweat; but can they make you better?

Your AAU coach or high school coach told he was the best trainer ever. So you kissed a little ass, showed up and now you think you earned a few brownie points, a little edge in the political game. But we watch you play and say nope, your great at drills. But your a drill master and now its showing during the live period, That’s of course if you dared to play against REAL COMPETITION. Your not going next level and now everyone is saying ”keep your head up the coaches will come” instead of saying ”get your game up it’s the only way the coaches will come” that trainer and AAU COACH you trusted so much; well they have a message for all your troubles and fears … ”were sorry we have done all we can, we called all the coaches and it just not working out”…

Now you go settle because that’s all that’s let to do .. you didn’t listen and they didn’t deliver. But don’t worry you wont be alone, many are right behind you. That’s because like you, they choose the wrong people to show them the way.

Social media is a wonderful tool. It can allow you to paint any narrative that makes you feel good these days. You can brag about playing good competition, winning games and maybe even winning chips. But what you can’t brag about is college coaches watching your games or getting offers. That’s because we told you go play real competition. Be the 8th man on a competitive team not a starter on a team with no status. But you wouldn’t listen. Now your mad because we kicking truth to you. Were insensitive and don’t see the big picture. But you went to events and played on Ct 100 and you were forgotten by the coaches. But its okay you won a few games, mom and dad are happy and you played like a rock star. But you and I both know what AAU is really about? EXPOSURE and because you listened to the wrong folks, you NOW HAVE THEM TO SHOW YOU THE WAY and social media as you your feel good best friend…good luck, your going to need it.

GO TO ACADEMIC ELITE. I tell you this not because I want to make a few dollars. I tell you this because I know its what you should do. I don’t care where you are on July 25th. Just tell your coach your leaving and explain. There is no place I can play that day where I can get more exposure. But hey maybe I’m wrong and your AAU coach or advocate can deliver for you. if they can they maybe skip Academic Elite.

But then again maybe you should build you name brand. Lets be honest I told you to NBS CAMP. But you don’t like Tiny Green and all the yelling and pressure he puts on you. Your ego and self esteem is bruised when your not on the main court. You want to protect your image, afraid coaches and your peers may notice your not on the main court. You don’t like that Tiny Green makes everything so intense, so personal and stressful. Always talking about D1 basketball. Maybe your right, why listen to Tiny Green, when you have them as in others to SHOW YOU THE WAY.... I say, good luck I’m sure they got the magic dust to sprinkle on your head and make all you dreams come true.

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