RANDOM THOUGHTS…It’s getting interesting folks

The Shore Conference is starting to kick into high gear. Things will really start heating up in the the next two weeks. So I have a few random thoughts. I am just going to hit you up with whatever comes across my mind.

Nobody is going to jump up and down about this years freshman class. But how about Camryn Gardner and Siobhan Stapleton. The two 6ft forwards already making their impact felt in a big way. Not many thought these two would be leading candidates for the SHORE ALL FRESHMAN TEAM. Well there are and more importantly they have posted multiple double figure rebounding games vs TOP COMPETITION

I just don’t see anyone beating SJV. But almost Every top team in the state will get a chance.. TCA.. SADDLE DAY… RBC… SJV just has no real weakness and they play so hard every night. Plus Emma Bruen has been better than anyone could have imagined.

Destiny Adams is putting up insane stats. But it’s been against defenseless opponents. Adams is chasing 2000 points. I think she has earned the right to play some minutes in the 4th quarter of games in blowouts, during a shorten season. Nobody has done more for Ocean County basketball in its recent history. Now players playing in games padding stats with no real reason other than getting numbers… THAT’S WRONG

Glenn Jansen has to be the leading candidate for Coach of the Year. His Donovan Catholic team is finding ways to win. More importantly he has his kids buying into their roles. Jordyn Keating and Kya Joseph had made real sacrifices for the team. Rather than posting stats the two are posting wins, it’s called swallowing your ego and seeing the big picture.. only the confident ones one can do it.

Nobody will be padding stats are RBC. That’s just the way it is under Joe Montano. But Ally Carman and Justine Pissott are playing lights out so far. But we all know it’s really about one game. All this other stuff is for show.

Ranney is a young team. But that has not stopped Coach Linney from playing a tough schedule. Ranney went out of its POD to play Manasquan twice. They got drilled both games. But in game two, they played much better and you can see why Coach Linney is excited about the future. Carli Lapinski looks like she is going to be special one day. This could be a special place in the Shore, real soon.

The most interesting team to me is Holmdel. They have so much talent. They got knocked around by SJV. But if they can find a set rotation and find some team chemistry watch out. Olivia Palmer is certainly trying to go out with a bang. She has been sensational.


Can somebody.. anybody please explain to me. With the recruiting being nearly impossible for the 2021 and 2022 classes. How kids cannot be dropping highlights of there games after each game… Makes no sense to me. It really goes to a lack of understanding of what’s coming there way.

Lila Shaver of Pt. Boro is got to a wonderful start for Pt. Boro. The young lady had 25 points last weekend and it’s seems nobody is paying attention. The young lady has earned the right to get some love.

How good is Lexi Linton? Let’s just say she is averaging over 20 points a game on a NEW TEAM. That’s not easy to do folks. Linton makes Jackson a real player in Ocean. Jackson Memorial has a chance to make some real noise this year in the SCT.especially in the 2nd 8 bracket...they could win the chip and that would be the perfect way for Rachel Capua to end her career

I really like what I see from Trinity Hall they have so much young talent. But there babies are competitive as hell. This team is going to be a problem come next season.

Marlboro is not the team you want sitting at #6 or 7 in the SCT seeding. Because after watching them without Jess Riepe.. here what I’m telling you. Not only are they a Top 20 easily.. RBC, ST ROSE and Manasquan would be wise to avoid them come tourney time. This is a team loaded with talent and good enough to be beat any of the top teams except one… we all know who that one isby the way they just picked up #3 in the stat Saddle Day

Speaking of the SCT. Ask anyone how the seeding will be decided and nobody seems to know. I can tell you this. Being the #9 seed gives lots of teams chance to win a chip. Being #8 is not what you want. Because you going to draw SJV and lose by 40.. that’s just real talk.


Madison St Rose looks like she is trying to run it back. That is the State Player of the Year award.. she has been outstanding to the start of the season. She dropped 28 on Holmdel. But it’s the defense I love most.

Big games this week, Manasquan plays Manchester back to back. Then St.Rose gets RBC on Friday. These are big games because of rankings and SCT seeding. A Manchester win would most certainly get them in the SCT final 8. It also could step up Donovan Catholic to get in the Final 8, if Donovan could then beat Manasquan. Giving Ocean two teams in the Top 8 and causing a major scramble even for those teams ranked in the Top 20 in the Shore Conference. Everyone is waiting for RBC to slip up. St.Rose beat them in the fall. So they will have zero fear of RBC… everyone that takes a lost will drop big time in the State TOP 20.

She’s very slow, and I say that with a high degree of appreciation,” Auriemma said. “She takes her time … she’s like when Jim Brown used to run. When she gets the ball, she’s like, ‘Should I go to that hole, that hole, that one ..

Coaches can you please teach your young players how to stop. The game cannot be played at onE pace always.


PLAYER OF THE YEAR- Abby Antognoli – St. Rose


UP And COMING PLAYER- Rylyn Orlando- Manasquan

COACH OF THE YEAR- Glenn Jansen- Donovan Catholic

Speaking of Middletown South. How good has Beth Rankin been so far this season. Without her Middletown South is in serious trouble. Bella Orlando had a breakout game vs Truny with 15 points. That my friends is no surprise. I will be shocked if she is not South’s leading scorer this year. By the way the Middletown South games are impossible to watch on video. It is not fair to parents, fans or college coaches.

Anyone paying attention to Neptune? Well Nae Young is looking every bit like her All Freshman Year. She has been dominating early this season. The future D1 guard is off to a blistering start. She gets her backcourt running mate Amaya Evans back this week. This also play RBR in what should be a great game. Amaya Evans had 35 points vs RBR last season.

Rylee Drahos was FIRST TEAM ALL FRESHMAN last season. Well already she is up to her old tricks. Against nationally ranked RBC. The sophomore went to work…she had 17 points… 9 rebounds and two dimes… the kid is special folks

You cannot complain about your ranking. If you are playing weak competition outside you POD.. no matter how you try to spin it…you can’t say your kids deserve awards playing bad competition. You must put them in position to earn awards… you cannot hide them and scream after the season.


A coach asked me who the best 8th grader in the Shore is this year. That I can’t answer until May , because the improvement curve means so much at this age. But here is what I told her, Tessa Carman is the most talented. Olivia Shaughnessy is the most prepared. Caroline Polloway has the most potential and Lizzy Mitchell is the best keep secret by a mile.

I love that you can watch games on video. Because you get to see who is really playing well or just putting up stats. A great example is SJV baby Julia Karpell yesterday… zero points but damm so many dimes. Remember she is just a shooter… lol


  1. Mo Stapleton – St. Rose
  2. Dorothy Lofferdo- Manasquan
  3. McBarron – RFH
  4. Emma Bruen- SJV


Abby Antognoli- St Rose

Destiny Adams- Manchester

Justine Pissott- RBC

Madison St. Rose- SJV


Chloe Teter- RFH


Camryn Gardner- RBR

Devyn Quigley- Manchester

Siobhan StapletonTrinity Hall

Julia Karpell- SJV



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