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We are getting close to the mid way point of the season. There are a few things I know right now. There are players exceeding expectations. Then there are teams exceeding expectations. There are coaches who have figured out the identity of there teams and some still searching

I know right Hayley Poser of RANNEY is as complete guard as there is in the Shore Conference. I know college coaches are buzzing about her or as one told me “ She is really filling out her game. She is no longer just a stand still shooter. I like her a lot”. .. D1 Head Coach

I know Shayne Eldridge of WALL is doing amazing things right now. She has 20 points in every game except two and in those had 18 points. Most impressive is that she is doing it against some of the best. When she picked Devyn Quigley pocket under 10 seconds to win the game everyone was surprised. What I know is that ELDRIDGE just may be ALL SHORE AND ALL DEFENSE. Caldwell College got a major steal.

KAYDEN CLARK of Ocean, is going to be in the running for 1st Team All Shore there is no other way to put it. The kid delivers every night. She has been MVP in back to back tournaments. I know she is the best shooter in the Shore and this side of NINA EMNACE the best defensive guard. I know she is one of the 6 best players in the Shore these days. She gets her numbers against everyone and that is the measuring stick.

It’s still early but Nina Emance of Trinity Hall is the leading PLAYER OF YEAR  candidate. She is not just scoring despite being game planned night after night. But her defensive is turning games around. Not to mention her passing. Believe it or not, it Trinity starts shootings better she could lead the Shore in dimes!

I know the Manasquan kids do not care about stats and awards. They are totally locked in on winning. Katie Collins is going to be in the PLAYER OF THE YEAR CONVERSATION. Hope Masonious is going to be in the 1st Team All shore conversation. No player has made more sacrifices for her team than Masonious

MIDDLETOWN NORTH has there identity and its defense it’s who they are. They had won three straight before Middletown South knocked them off. Coach McGee crew has been a nice surprise

I know HOWELL is shocking everyone but remember they won 20 games last year. Kiera Mcknown has been remarkable and her teammates just as good. It seems a different player steps up each night. I know Joe Santopietro has to be a leading candidate for Coach of the year.

RBR has had the same problem for 3 years in a row now. They simply don’t have the ability to play against pressure. I know if they figure out this problem then can turn the corner. A little advice to there guards… LEARN HOW TO STOP!

I know RBC is good. Think about it, they were one shot away from greatness. But what’s the problem? RBC has come close too many times and come up short in recent years. It’s becoming a habit and they know it. Sunday we saw something we have never seen from a Montano team. They totally stop running offense. The rotations were ugly but can get fixed. I know RBC cannot keep saying their young. EVERYONE IS YOUNG

I know EMMA THORNTON of BARNEGAT  is putting up cartoonish type numbers. 27 points and 19 rebounds last night. I also know not one college is paying attention to what she is doing. Why? Because of where she plays and the level of competition. Wrong but the facts. She will need a great spring and summer.

A few players are struggling in a big way. Players who were wonderful last season. In most cases it comes down two things.First poor shooting and poor shot selection and I know kids who just do drills get drilled out and pay a serious price during the season.

I know SJV is going to be SJV  in about two weeks. Why? Because Coach Karpell is not playing anyone that can’t defend and those chip shots are going in. If you notice each one of their starters have had big nights during the season. It just hasn’t been on the same night. Trust me that’s coming.

I know the gap we all were talking about before and during the season doesn’t exist. That’s because OCEAN, TRINITY and MANASQUAN have improved drastically. I have not seen that improvement in other top teams. In fact there is a case to be made these teams have found there identity at the right time.

I know DEYVN QUIGLEY is a mega star. I know some will scream she is player of the year. I know media types want to honor a great kid. But the fact of the matter is, her team simply is not good enough. Not her fault but those are facts. In a way it’s sad because Quigley deserves better in her senior year.

I know Megan Sias is having a tough time at TRN in her senior year. But she is smiling and enjoying her last year. She has been through a lot. I know she will get prepared for college after the season.

i know Mackenzie Teevan is having a serious breakout season. Mostly due to hard work. Her numbers have been great in both sides of the ball. Once she gets into the AAU season and is surrounded by year round players. She will become more dominant. I know most high school coaches are not used to coaching tall players. She will get lots of quality coaching in the summer and play against P5 players daily. I know she has a massive future.

I KNOW Christa Ramos is not going to get a lot of credit this year. But come on, this kid has improved dramatically in the off season. She is doing everything for Neptune on offense and defense at a high level. If she finds the right AAU team, her recruiting can blow up.

I know parents are sensitive. They don’t like for there kids to be called role players or bench players . But the fact of the matter is someone has to play these roles at every level. SJV had 7 role players get D1 offers last year. So I guess being a role player or bench player is not the worst thing that can happen.

RFH ERIN REID has been cooking lately. It’s amazing how she is under the radar. If she ever focuses on basketball year round. There is zero doubt in my mind she could be a D1 player and as high as the mid Major level. I know this.

i know this is a fact about LOLA McRAE

Speaking of RUMSON, Ella Mason is having a dream like season and congratulations to RAQUEL GUIDETTI on her commitment to CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY 

I KNOW a lot of kids missing the Saturday Core Skills are being so poorly advised. It’s a shame and it really about coaches controlling kids. But as I always say, your inner circle is your future. Listen to folks with a proven track record not those who bt

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