I don’t think I have ever meet a kid with more pressure on her, on a daily basis in all my years…than Ally Carman. So much has been expected from Ally for so long. She has always been held to a different standard than everyone else. She and her parents have handled this with such grace. But Ally has had to grow up way quicker than most kids. I can tell you that for a fact. She has had more on her table than any kid could expect on and off the court.

Many don’t know that Ally Carman and her sisters are diabetic. They use the the MEDTRONIC SYSTEM these days. Which helps them watch their blood sugar. It has been god sent. The biggest thing many people don’t understand is type 1 is insulin dependent, whereas type 2 can be controlled with weight loss and/or medication. Type 1 diabetics have no control over getting diabetes.  It’s genetic or environmental—meaning something caused it to happen. All three girls can eat and drink anything, however they don’t.  They eat healthy to maintain their blood sugar level. It’s all about discipline!  Eat right and stay on top of their blood sugars. Ally was three,  Emma was five and Tessa was 10 when they were diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This may sound crazy, but diabetes makes them want to work harder. All three have spoken with other “kids” who were recently diagnosed as type one to let them know they can do or be anything just like anyone else.  The Carman’s had parents reach out to them when Ally was first diagnosed.  It’s a parents worst fear. Not being able to protect my child from this……   but the parents have learned, they adapt and thrive.  

Here is the blessing—this is how God works 🙌. Candice is an emergency room RN.  She’s had families come in with a sick kid.  He or she is in Diabetic keto acidosis (it’s bad—and can kill you if left untreated). While most parents are in shock and scared, it’s a blessing to have a nurse tell you, “it will be ok.”  “I have three type 1 diabetics.”  Most can’t or don’t want to hear, “it’s going to be ok” but they appreciate it later”.JON CARMAN

I really don’t think people understand where Ally has come from. She is one of the best players in the state these days. Nobody would have believed that was possible 3 years ago. But nobody would believe that she would develop the single most signature move in the entire state these days. The Carman hook is almost unstoppable these days. But what people need to know is that a lot of work went into the hook. It took years to develop, why do you think most bigs rely on the jump hook? It’s because the hook shot takes years to master. Most kids don’t have the patience or commitment. Ally Carman has turned post work into her own science. Her footwork and skills level for a junior and remember she is not played a game in her junior year yet.. is mind boggling. There is not one move that is not in her tool box. When she was younger she decided to wanted to be like her mother, Candice. Those are big shoes because her mom is one of the best of ALL TIME. Well before Ally is done. She and her mother just may be the best mother, daughter combo to every play in the Shore...oh yeah Carman is working on her three point shooting these days.

I remember when Ally was younger and her teammates didn’t know how to feed her the ball. The said she had bad hands. I remember watching her and thinking, are these people nuts. Ally Carman has hands from the heavens. It’s what separates her from just about any other post player in the state. I am always reminding her to hold her teammates accountable for poor post passing. She doesn’t like doing this, which is strange. Because for so long she was criticized for not catching those many bad passes. What took place was college coaches started criticizing the passers. So Ally has quietly given those around her a pass… the very pass nobody would give her.


I think Ally Carman was also lucky along the way. She has some great post players mentor and support her. Erika Porter (U of Illinois), Catlin Wingertzahn( William and Mary) and Christina DiCindeo (U of Penn) were role models for her. But more importantly they put a arm around her when she needed it most. Now it seems strange watching Ally play that same role towards other young players. She is giving back and that should surprise no one. Ally Carman has always been a given person. She has always been somebody who cares about those around her. Its because she has a good soul. In some ways a older soul that allows her to overlook so much…in some ways it’s a gift.

I love watching Ally with her sisters. I love when she cheers for them. Yes, I even get embarrassed that she roots for her sisters at times, too loudly…LOL. I know when I get on Tessa and Emma, she is the first one to say “don’t worry about it you playing great”. No kid I know takes being a role model for their sister more serious than Ally Carman. She knows both her sisters will play D1 basketball. But she also knows that she must set the example. Put in the hard work, be coachable and most importantly understand to hit the books. Ally is a off the charts student and that’s because she knows her sisters are watching. She takes pride in being a student athlete. I love that about her and it’s why her sisters have so much respect for her. It’s why I have so much respect for Ally as well. I have seen her grind since she was in 5th grade.

This is summer was the first summer since I’ve known Ally Carman, that she didn’t spend every free moment in the park doing workouts. It was the first summer she didn’t take that long ride from Barnegat to train on her own in the hot sun. We are talking up to 100 degrees at times. It must have felt great not to have to double workouts on top of everything else she was doing. I often wonder do people really understand what this young lady has really put into basketball. I really believe that if Ally Carman had the 7 months she lost this summer, back… she would be the most dominant post player in the country. I truly believe that for two reasons. One, Ally Carman’s work ethic is special. She works like her life depends on it. Next, Ally Carman’s biggest development has always been between Aug and October… that is a fact. But it’s okay because Ally next summer will make up for lost time. How do I know this? Because Ally understands hard word and development never stops…Boston College is going to be shocked by her work ethic.

I look at Ally sometimes and think to myself… this kid could be a model. She has these soft features and this beautiful face. She is so innocent and good hearted. I just wonder if people see this side of her. I watch her get elbowed in the back and pushed in games. It upsets me that coaches teach or allow their kids to play this way. I often think “Ally should swing a elbow” but she she is too good of a kid to do this and Joe Montano would never tolerate such behavior. I am happy she has never stooped to my level. I wonder how she finds the strength sometimes. Looking at Ally you can never understand, who she is and what she is about. She has gone from a shy quite kid to this gorgeous, articulate young lady. All has earned everything coming her way these days…

Last week me and Ally had a blowout. Well it was more me having a blowout and she watching my blowout. She had been up all evening studying hard to 3am in the morning. So showed up at her training session and had to sit to test her blood sugar count. I watched as she sat in the bleachers like the weight of the world was on her shoulders. I told her I didn’t like her body language. She rolled her eyes in pain as if she had enough of me this day. I lost it and yelled at her. I told her “get the hell out of the gym” Everyone was in the gym was on edge. I reminded her nobody is bigger than anyone in my gym. She left the gym crying. When her mother came in, she said Ally was going through a tough time. I already knew it was the recruiting. I knew it was taking a toll on Ally. But I was not about to allow a teenager get away with bad body language in the gym. I was worried about Ally and concerned the recruiting had to either end or some rules needed to be put in place. I told her mother this is not going to easier,it going to get worse with her development. She had coaches trying to work around her by calling me and I’m sure others. The weight of the world was on Ally Carman. Then her mother called me to tell me Ally would be playing in the Top 16 event in New York. I told her mom this would be good for Ally. She needed something to make her feel good. I felt it could clear her mind. So Ally decided to play in the event.

The super 16 had some of the best players in the country at its event. Candice Carman called me and I said “I am really nervous for Ally.” I told her don’t worry about Ally, she will be dominant in the event. Her response was “I hope it’s true about you never being wrong.” Well I wasn’t wrong because Ally Carman was so good, she almost walked away with the MVP trophy. She was sensational from the start to the finish. If they were any doubts who the best post player in the metro area was… they were put to rest on this day.

I love Ally Carman, I love her family. I loved that she responded to our blowout I wish all kids would would respond the way she did. Because she showed up with a smile on her face, the first time, I saw her since her tears flowed. She told me she wanted to tell me something. That something was she was going to call Boston College at 1.30 and commit. I asked if she was sure “She said I have never been more sure in my life.” We both hugged and jumped for joy. Ally Carman, was finally at ease.

Ally is back to her old self ready these days, working harder and enjoying life again. The pressure is finally off. I am so happy for her. I’m happy also that the AAU teams have stop calling because she also decided to stay with the Shoreshots. She said no to all the goodies, she said no to all the hype, she said no to all the phony rankings that go with playing with a Shoe team. She choose to do things her way….THE RIGHT WAY!

Ally Carman has always said yes to loyalty and more importantly to herself. I am happy that ALLY CARMAN did all this, not for herself but for others. She did it for an AAU organization, a high school, friends, family and now for Boston College.

She did all these things because she knew it was the right thing to do…sometimes you have to be willing to sacrifice for others. Ally Carman has made more sacrifes than any kid should be expected to make over the years…. I’M PROUD OF YOU ALLY AND I LOVE YOU!

Tiny Green


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