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There is so much you may to forget about in 2020. It’s not be an easy time for anyone. Those playing and watching sports certainly can tell you that. Sports have a way to make people forget about the troubles in the world. But recent events have even made it hard to watch sports these days without getting a dose of reality. But there is one thing going on these days, that represent everything we wish sports and our country could be.. THE NO BOYZ ALLOWED GIRL BALL FALL LEAGUES.

Last years NBA “touch movement” MVP KATIE HILL

Tonight No Boyzs Allowed will resume play tonight. Tonight the best girls basketball fall league will take center stage. Some of the best high school players in the state who represent some of the best high school teams will be on display. The games will be streamed live for all to watch. It will be a coaches dream. I mean, it’s not often you see Rutgers Commit Christina Dalce of Rutgers Prep, superstar do everything Grace Munt of RFH, last year’s league MVP, Katie Hill and State Player of the year Madison St. Rose of SJV. The best baby backcourt maybe ever in New Jersey, Angelica Velez and Zoe Brooks of TCA. Future stars Kayla Beckford and Megan Gentile of Hudson Catholic and a group of the best babies in New Jersey. All doing battle in the same place. NO BOYZ ALLOWED. You may think the talent alone is what makes NO BOYS ALLOWED special. But trust me this is a small part of what makes NO BOYZ ALLOWED special and different than any of girls basketball league. Charles “CC” Hawley has created a dream we can all appreciate.

We are facing trying times these days. Even in sports. But if things are going to change, people have to learn from each other. The only way we do that is by spending time with each other. I say it must start at a early age. I also say young people are our best Ambassadors when it comes to accepting other cultures and ideas. No Boyz Allowed just may be the source of future leaders both on and off the court. So often the first time kids experience what people of different races, lifestyles and yes beliefs are is when they are in college or at there first real job.. No Boyz is a place that’s give them a jump on learning about our differences while learning how to compete against the best… No Boyz is helping create a ARMY of Alpha Females. GIRL POWER IS ALIVE AND WELL.

No Boyz Allowed is a place where you find a little bit of everything. It’s a place for that kid in the Suburbs to Venture out of there comfort zone. It’s a chance for urban kids to see how kids in other communities live. No Boyz brings black kids Hispanic kids, Asian kids and white kids together. No Boyz allowed bring girls of different Religious and ethic backgrounds together. It bring rich kids, middle class, blue collar and poor kids together under one big sky. Sounds like the great place🤗🤗🤗👏👏👏😅

No Boyz brings parents together with different views. Different political views. It’s brings the over the top dad and that laid back dad. All these people are forced to be together. All these people are forced to spend time and interact with each other at the snack bar, standing or sitting on the sidelines. There is nowhere to hide because somebody looks or talks different. NO BOYZ if anything forces you to people watch. It also teaches kids, everyone has there own way of living. They learn they have differences but much more in common. The become friends with kids from a different race, religion and. lifestyles. They get to see kids who dress and speak different from them. It all becomes a beautiful thing and later in life pays off very nicely.

So if you want to get away from the real world tonight or this weekend . If you want to see great high school basketball hoops, if you want to see the best of the best players. If you want to get a jump on the up in air high school season and see the best teams … then tonight. Get over and watch the best girl FALL LEAGUE IN NJ… NO BOYZ ALLOWED. You just may learn a few things about life as well.


Friday Schedule

5:00 Burgundy Crush (Some Players from University HS) v Outgrit (Some Players from Montville HS)

6:00 Ladies of Steele (Some Players from Paul VI HS) v Outgrit (Some Players from Montville HS)

7:00 Burgundy Crush (Some Players from University HS) v Ladies of Steele (Some Players from Paul VI HS)


Sunday schedule

College coaches a full SUMMER CHEAT .. D2/3 Schools this is big for you

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