IMG_1542St.-John-Vianney-Lancers[1]In a few hours the Shore Conference Boys Championship will take place. Most likely the fans will on hand to watch the Scottie  and Bryan show . Hopefully the two will give fans a show to remember. Then after there show closes. The girls Shore Conference Championship will take place. Nobody will be very much interested in a show. Tonight SJV and MANCHESTER  will be more interesting in winning the hardest title in girls basketball…. The SCT.


IMG_1380Tonight the SJV seniors will try to put the finishing touches on there remarkable careers. Jada Bonner, Sarah KARPELL, Bre Bellamy and Rahmena Henderson are going to try and make a  little SJV history. They want to be the first Dawn KARPELL players to ever win TWO SCT TITLES. Manchester is going to try and make a little history too, by winning a 1st SCT TITLE. The one thing you can count on is, both teams will remember how hard it was to get her tonight.



IMG_1559SJV has been in the last two SCT finals. Two years ago they weren’t expected to make much nose. They  were coming off  Coach KARPELL first SCT TITLE. They had been hit hard by graduation. They returned Sarah KARPELL and a few unknown players named Jada Bonner and Bre Bellamy. They added a All Freshman team member in  Rahmena Henderson after her sitting 30 days. SJV got blow out by St. Rose in the championship. While disappointing it may have been the best coachig job of COACH KARPELL’s career. Last year was different , SJV shocked St. Rose and advanced to the title game and lost big again. Tonight SJV is hoping to put it all together one more time. If they do, they are going to be a special group in SJV  folklore.


IMG_1560Most are not going remember how hard it was for Manchester to arrive here. They have had powerhouse teams in the past. But injuries have stopped them in the past from making real noise. In back to back seasons. They had dream seasons ruined by injury. This year they have all the pieces in place. They’ve played the top competition. They have played as a team and proven there in it to win it. Tonight is going to be there best chance to win a SCT. They’ll have to be at there very best. Tonight they are playing a team that can match them at every position. Tonight there going know what real pressure looks and feels like. Tonight Manchester will need greatness from everyone who hits the floor.



IMG_1501The boys game is going to be a sweet  appetizer. But the girls game is going to be a full course meal. Tonight we’re going settle who the Player Of The Year will be. Tonight the Coach of The Year could be on the line. All Shore and All Freshman Team members are sitting out there. Tonight a whole lot of stuff is going to get settled. Tonight it’s about heart, desire and commitment to team. One team is going to check those boxes ad the other team will realize they missed an opportunity and SCT TITLE






Tonight the best defensive backcourt in the state will take on the most talented offensive guard in the Shore. RAHMENA HENDERSON and SARAH KARPELL will be asked to slow down Leilani CORREA. These two have throw everyone into darkness this year. But they’ve never seen anything like Correa. This could be the biggest matchup  up of the day. Jada Bonner, could be the POY  in the Shore  when we wake up tomorrow. But tonight she will do battle with the most gifted player in tonight’s game. Destiny Adams is the one player that SJV knows ..they can’t let go off.




IMG_1549IMG_1367The roll players tonight better be prime time players. Role players better be the right players. Madison St. Rose  is a once in a lifetime player. She better be that tonight. Katie Hill is the 5th starter at SJV. She is more that capable of having a big night. Megan Callahan and Christin Whitehead are going to need to play with Energy and  high IQ. Dakota Adam, Serenity Anderson and Karmari Reynolds are the best role players in Shore history. Because MANCHESTER doesn’t have any role players coming  off their bench. Role players don’t have to win it for you. They just can’t lost it for you.

One Coach is going into the hall of fame. The other coach is trying to build his Legacy . SJV Dawn Karpell and  Manchester Coach Dave Beauchemin will not be thinking  about that. Tonight they  will only care about one thing… there kids the tools to win a SCT TITLE. Did I tell you it’s the hardest title to win? Did I tell you who was going to win?



St.-John-Vianney-Lancers[1]Both these teams have impact seniors. But these teams have a horse than can carry them. Both these teams have a closer. Both these teams have played tough competition. Both are battle tested and healthy. Both these teams have excellent coaching and great chemistry. But one of these teams do 4 things All Championship teams do. 1.  They have elite Shot selection…2. They protect both there backboards…3. They play the best defensive transition in the entire state…4. This is the big one…they can play any style of basketball…that’s why tonight …THE SJV SENIORS GET UNFINISHED BUSINESS …FINISHED!…..57- 49



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