I can assure you my RANT today is a total waste of time. But I will NONE the less go on with it. The high school season for many are coming to a close. The seniors are packing up there memories and the underclassmen are waiting till next year. It’s these returning players, I wish to address.

Many people ask why I start my NBS spring session in April. The reason is simple, I believe after a long high school season players should take two to three weeks to themselves . I believe it’s a time for kids to fully heal from any injuries, catch up on adcademics and most of all give there parents a break from the hustle and bustle of travel. It’s a time for kids to be kids and spend time with friends. But of course the AAU FOLKS SEE IT DIFFERENT.

When the NCAA puts the final nail in the AAU coffin in the very near future. They will point to how kids play year round. They will point to college coaches boycotting live events. They will say what KEVIN GARNETT and KOBE BRYANT says, AAU is bad. They will talk about all the games. They will discuss how AAU programs try to control kids. What they won’t talk about, is how the AAU coaches won’t allow a kid to relax after a season.

The college coaching community got feed up with the AAU FOLKS this fall and boycotted the fall  recruiting period. After the July recruiting period many AAU Programs continued to hold practices.  Also many teams conducted practices and played games in Steptember….repeat games in Steptember. Why did teams do this? They wanted to get ready for the Fall recruiting period. Something that is soon to be something of the past due to the insane behavior of the AAU CROWD. You see there is always a reason to keep playing. It’s also the reason we saw a boycott by college coaches. In there words..The games are a waste of time.

So with the High School season ending, what do we see? AAU coaches making sure kids don’t run out on there teams. Rather than say to kids, we are not meeting for 2/3 weeks after your season…NOOOOO, they do the AAU dance of love. They send the schedule out of practice times. It’s looks a little like this, practice on these days. Then games on these days.  But what else do they say? We are starting informal practices and workouts. Come shoot and work on your skills. Now this would not be so funny, if it wasn’t true. This is a way for AAU coaches to make sure a kid is not recruited by another program. Hell AAU COACHES now attend there players  high school games. Some teams change there names. It’s the same team, but they change there name. Then the coaches brag…MORE COLLEGE COACHES WILL NOW COME TO THERE GAMES….LMAO.

Now there are some AAU programs that really care about the kids. They tell the kids..great job this season. You need to take care of your body and take a break. After  playing bascially from March too…will March. Please take a week off, but we are shooting and working out Friday. Now most AAU coaches would love to give the kids more time off. But they must get ready for the April recruiting period. Unlike high school who play there first game after two weeks, or college teams who play a exhibition game after two weeks. AAU is way more complicated and detailed, the players need way more time. Plus the AAU coaches, need time to fix all the bad habits, kids picked up playing high school basketball. Folks it’s come to my attention, the NCAA just may be right. There is no controlling some folks.

So why is all this craziness going on? Because of fear and lack of knowledge. The AAU FOLKS scare the parents and the kids. I give you the TOMS RIVER STARS 2019 team. They held all the cards and could have controlled  there destiny. All the players had real name recognition. They all were happy AND preforming. But they didn’t understand the recruiting process and let others with less to offer, scare them and break up their team. I wrote these words two years ago about the STARS “Let’s hope they don’t let outside forces ruin their program” …LOL OH WELL.

So let me waste my time. Every high school player should take time off after the season…and not just a week. Then when the April recruiting  period is over, ask your AAU coach this question. We don’t play till July, why can’t I take  few weeks off? On second thought don’t ask that, because they will give you some line of BS…


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