It’s go time for some kids this weekend. It’s that time of year when coaches are trying to figure it all out. It’s a proving ground time of the year. That time when the great recruiters figure it out before the competition does. It’s that time of the year when kids step up. Well, Kyla Glasser-Hyman has been stepping up now for the past 3 years. Now, she is looking to collect on her hard work, commitment and most importantly her performances. This weekend Kyla Glasser-Hyman will be on stage and she hopes she finally gets the recognition she has worked so hard to earn.

Last week Kyla Glasser- Hyman showed up at NBS and did what I never thought was possible. She went to work on some of the best guards in the state. She proved that she could roll with the big dogs. She took away all doubt about her talents and her competitive nature. I threw her in the fire the first day of NBS vs a D1 committed senior guard. She didn’t bat an eye. That’s because of her quickness, speed and IQ. She plays with sheer confidence and does not back down to anyone. That’s because she is letting her talent stand on its own. She is doing things the old fashion way and earning all that comes her way. She is making sure that everyone knows, despite playing at a small high school, she can play with the big girls. She has certainly, in my eyes, lived up to all expectations. Rather than rely on hype, she is relying on her game, and it just may be the smartest thing she has ever done. That’s because the reward is coming.

Kyla Glasser- Hyman has never had it easy. She went to a high school that does get the love of other programs. Hightstown is a group one school that doesn’t play in big showcases. They don’t get all the media attention of other schools. But Kyla has shined in a big way during her time at Hightstown regardless if she has gotten her credit or not. She was named FIRST TEAM ALL CONFERENCE…PLAYER OF THE YEAR FINALIST and has scored 1000 points in less than 3 years. Yet despite all of this, she is not a household name. That’s because despite playing AAU with a solid REBELS program. She has not received the attention that so many others have. She has delivered on the AAU stage. It just hasn’t opened enough doors. She has taken some of the best AAU guards in the area to task while a member of the Rebels. But for some reason that was not enough. It’s strange that a player can do so many great things and still not be given credit, while those who have done so much less, seem to get all the attention and love. I think Kyla has come to just accept this and keep moving forward.

Now, Kyla Glasser- Hyman will take her blazing speed, next level quickness and ball pressure defense to TEAM SHARPE this summer. She will finally get the stage she is looking for to shine. She has waited for this moment for years now. She will be on the UNDER ARMOUR CIRCUIT with a chance to showcase what many already know. She is a true baller and competitor, the type of player that helps coaches win games. She has to be a little concerned moving to a new AAU team. That’s because of the unexpected and unknown. But Kyla Glasser- Hyman would not want it any other way. She believes in her ability. That skill package that brings elite ball handling and vision to the game. Those point guard skills that are so special that brings a physical nature to the game. This weekend Kyla Glasser- Hyman is hoping some assistant does their job better than most. She hopes there is a school that is interested in a player’s performance, not by what others say or project her to be… she wants to be judged on what she can do with a basketball in her hands… and that my friends is special stuff…..This weekend she hopes everyone notices her greatness is REAL!!!

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