Today I am going to give you some real advice before the recruiting period starts this weekend. Not about how to improve your game. That’s because you have run out of time in terms of getting ready. You are who you are for now. But I’m going to tell you how to maximize your exposure and how to showcase your game this weekend. Now of course you must be willing to listen. if you want to be seen this weekend.

Now first understand, college coaches energy is front and center on the transfer portal. But this weekend they are going to be spending time baby sitting there top recruits. That’s where the head coaches will be and folks please understand it’s the head coach who ultimately decides your future not an assistant coach. Asst Coaches get you to the door, head coaches decide if your coming in or not. Schools no question when possible go watch those kids who have built name recognition and created some interest. Those players will most likely not get D1 offers but they have a real chance to elevate there recruiting status. It important these fence sitter not play poorly. Because for them the goal should be to stay on the recruiting board until the real decision making time starts again in July or after the portal drys up. But the key is to get to July in the best possible position in coaches eyes. But make no mistake this weekend is about survival for rising seniors and making it to the next round in the recruiting process. You must understand some rising senior’s D1 dreams are stopping this weekend. Now is that pressure for those who want to play at the D1 level? YUP, but the fact of the matter is that’s the way it is.Do not let anyone bullshit you and tell you different. If a kid has been preparing and working the right way. There should be fine and ready and live to fight another day.

First I’m first going to give 7 Things you should do starting today… again listening is key.

  1. Do not let anyone tell you what level of play is best for you. You decide what level and the college coaches will sort it out for you by recruiting or not recruiting you.
  2. Pin your highlight tape on your twitter page. Coaches will not search for your highlight if your not one of there prime recruits.
  3. DM COLLEGE COACHES DIRECTLY your schedule for the weekend. Do not just drop it on Twitter. Ask highly recruited players and people of impact to retweet your schedule with a quote and you name in that quote.
  4. Make sure your advocate is calling coaches multiple times prior to the weekend starting. One phone call or text is not a advocate. You must pressure your advocate to stay active with there calls and texts. Your advocate must get college coaches cell phone numbers.

5. Text a different member of a coaching staff of schools your interested in, every day starting now. On game day text coaches a hour before you play and what court, time and site... THEY CANNOT RESPONSE BACK TO YOU

6. if possible send coaches a DM with a link to your highlights after every game… THAT DAY… don’t wait. This will separate you from others and give you a recruiting edge

7. MAKE YOUR SELF KNOWN TO ALL… be aggressive in getting your name in front of as many coaches as possible


  1. Have a winning smile
  2. Excellent body language
  3. Cheer for teammates
  4. Sprint back( not run) on defense
  5. Be verbal
  6. Have unselfish shot selection
  7. Show you understand Team defense
  8. Display excellent shooting form in warmups
  9. Make good decisions with the ball…
  11. Show a competitive nature
  12. Skill level has to be displayed, shooting, passing, IQ and a feel for the game.

EVERYONE CAN SCORE BUT COACHES WANT AND DEMAND MORE... your parents want points. You want recruitment. Trust that college coaches are knowledgeable and play the right way.

SIGN UP NOW… do not wait

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