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Today’s blog is somewhat of a CHEAT SHEET before I drop my 2022-23 PREVIEW. College Coaches would be wise to play close attention. Today I am going to give you my 2022-23 Breakout players in each class.

Now what makes a break out player? The answer is simple. It’s a player whose games visibly have improved. They are players who impact the game in a way nobody expected. They also are players whose recruiting stock takes a big jump. After watching the summer AAU season, the fall league session. I have a pretty good feel as to which kids appear ready to take the next STEP. Most of these players are gym rats who worked hard from start to finish in the Pre Season.


Class of 2023

EMMA CARMANRBC– The Quinnipiac signed forward is paused to have a great senior year. She is in the best physical condition of her career. Her jump shot has become deadly. But the real key is that she has shown an ability to lead. A ALL SHORE SEASON IS ON THE WAY.


JANINE BACHMANN- SJV – This may come as a surprise since the Holy Cross commit has already made a major impact on SJV. But what will surprise people is I believe Janine Bachmann just may have been the best player I watched this fall. Almost every phase of her game has improved and she has become a dominant player. She will make a run at SHORE CONFERENCE POY


ALEXANDRA LOUCOPOULOS- HOMDEL– It’s almost forgotten she was all Shore last season. She also is one of the 3 D1 unsigned played left in the Shore. She has been the ultimate gym rat. The shooting skills have always been there. But the defense and improved ability to get to the rim. MAKE HER ONE OF THE BEST GUARDS IN THE SHORE. She may have a season to remember.


JOSIE MUNSON- RBR– Since she committed to NYU, she has been sensational. How good you ask? Her ball handling skills have gone next level. Her shooting has made a major jump. With a full season under her belt. Bank on her making a ALL Shore run and taking RBR on a wonderful ride.



ALLISION CANNON- HOMDEL– She will be one of the most recruited players in this class. That’s because her improvement over the summer and fall has been massive. The strange part is she seems to get better daily. The body, skills, athleticism and talent scream D1 recruiting war and 2023 MOST IMPROVED PLAYER.


ELI CLARK- OCEAN– She has simply out worked every player who entered high school in this class with bigger reputations and profiles. She is the ultimate gym rat and easily the best combo guard in the 2024 class. She will make a serious run at 1st Team All Shore and be on every teams recruiting hot list…she is ready to move to SUPERSTAR STATUS…


TANAIYAH DECKER- ST. ROSE– While we will have to wait 30 days to see her. Make no mistake she is the best pure point in the Shore Conference period! Her conditioning level has matched her skills and upgraded game. She also makes St. Rose an instant SCT contender with SJV…look for her to have a breakout season and become a HOUSEHOLD NAME THOUGHOUT the state


KATIE COLLINS- MANASQUAN– She is a gym rat and 100% committed to becoming a star. She has made leaps and bounds this fall. She now will move into not just a prime time role. But will be the next Superstar at MANASQUAN. There is no one player that may hold more impact on any team’s future in the Shore than Collins. She was the Shore Most Improved Player while playing limited minutes a year ago. Imagine what’s ahead for this GYM RAT. I say 1ST TEAM ALL SHORE


SIOBHAN STAPLETON- TRINITY HALL– This Swiss Knife has done a little bit of everything in the past two years. But it’s time for her to step up and go to another level. I believe she will have her breakout season. Watch her scoring and rebounding numbers soar. The jump shot is full of confidence as is her ability to get to the rim. The future D1 swing player is going to OPEN EYES THIS YEAR.


MEGAN SIAS -TRN – Another player we all knew about before her ACL injury. She was tracking to be the best player in TRN history before her injury, after making 1st Team All Freshman. But now she has made it all the way back and has taken a jump to the next level. By that I mean she is on her way to be being a dominate star. Her jumper is back and more consistent than ever. It’s like butter. Her handle is that of a guard at 6’3″. Her passing has truly gone next level. MEGAN SIAS is looking like one of the best players in the class of 2024 across the state of New Jersey



CASSIDY KRUESI- ST. ROSE There is no doubt this is the most improved player in the class of 2025. Her Improvement Curve has dwarfed all in this class. Her work ethic is 2nd to none. Her improved jumper is showing up in the place that matters most…in games. She is one of the best defenders in the class. She has willed herself into a D1 player and is ready to have a breakout season.


KAYDEN CLARK- OCEAN TWP- All FRESHMAN 1ST TEAM was not enough for this gym rat. She is now officially a deadly shooter and one of the most competitive players in the Shore Conference. Her toughness is next level. She is an elite defender right now. The jump in her game has been something special. Expect her to have a. monster season on both sides of the ball.. THIS WILL BE HER 2ND CONSECUTIVE BREAKOUT YEAR.


RAQUELLE MCMULLEN- RBC– With all the talent at RBC it’s easy for a talented player to get lost. But RAQUELLE brings three things RBC is desperately missing. A Swiss Knife, rebounding, quickness and experience at the forward position. She has played and trained with and against the best. NOT ONLY IS THIS GOING TO BE A BREAKOUT YEAR… SHE WILL LOSE THE SLEEPER LABEL with college coaches.


MCKENZIE TEEVAN- HOMDEL- This 6’4″ forward is highly skilled. She can knock down three’s or post in the lane. She had a sensational run up to the fall finish line. She certainly is going to receive massive D1 recruitment. That’s because she totally brought into her game. The confidence is rising and a breakout season is virtually lock. Get ready for the TREEVAN ERA at Holmdel


MARRISA AMITIE- WALL- First let me say something to college coaches. I AM TELLING YOU NOW. She is going to be a true stopper at the D1 level from day one. She is a true candidate for Defensive Player of The Year. But what should worry all, is that she is officially a gym rat. And what do real gym rats do? Get better and that’s exactly what she has done. She can knock down the jumper, get to the rim and pound the boards. She is the biggest reason WALL is going to have a breakout season…Marissa is ready to introduce herself to the basketball world.


ADDY “the bad women” NYMCHECK- RBC – There is hype and then there is true improvement curve that shows up on the floor. Who is the best freshman in RBC history? I will leave that to Joe Montano. Who is the most prepared Freshman in the state. Well there is no debate regarding this; ADDY NYMCHECK and folks it’s not even close. She is about to have a season that will put her name on that list of rare babies.


NIAMH STAPLETON- TRINITY HALL– Oh bet your asking who is that? Let me help you out. She will be in the ALL FRESHMAN TEAM short list. Thats s because consistency in performance with babies matter. Next that word again IMPROVEMENT CURVE. While not a brand name. Coaches, fans and media will soon learn, she is …GAME OVER REP AND HYPE.


BROOKE MISSRY-ST ROSE– Most freshman worry about points and playing time. BROOKE MISSRY worries about making winning plays. Like the right pass, off the ball defense, shot selection. She is one of the most prepared players to enter St. Rose in years. She also has seen her performance speak to her ability in the fall league games. SHE CERTAINLY IS ON THE ALL FRESHMAN SHORT LIST


KATIE “K3” LIGGIORBC She has to be on the list of breakout freshman for one reason alone. She is the best pure shooter to enter the state of New Jersey, I have ever seen. Her range is unlimited as is her confidence. She just may end up breaking every three point record in RBC history. But truth be told it’s her ability to beat opponents off the dribble which makes her special. She is already a household to college recruiters…NOW SHE WILL BECOME A HOUSEHOLD NAME IN NEW JERSEY.


JADA LYNCH- ST ROSE– She has been a household name for 2 years. But in the final 2 weeks of the fall league we found out why. Rather than talking about her potential. Miss LYNCH displayed it in a big way. She showed she could be the best player in the class one day. This season is looking more and more like GAME OVER HYPE for Jada Lynch.



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