This weekend something big happen. Something we don’t see very often happened this weekend. A great player and a better person came off the recruiting board. A talented played who had offers from high major schools. A player who best years of basketball are ahead of her. A player who is so brave, we just may overlook how brave she and her family are. ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO of ST. ROSE of Belmar gave a verbal commitment to BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY of the Patriot League😇

Some kids are different, some kids talent is different and some kids families are different. ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO is not just different, she is medicine for everyone she touches. She is medicine for teammates, coaches, fans and friends. That’s because Rosie has a gift. That gift is to make all those around her feel good about themselves. I have never in all my years known a kid whose personality has been so infectious and wonderfully full of joy. People simply love “cracklings ”Rosie”. It’s why so many schools, so badly wanted her services. That’s because everything about ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO, is different. It also explains why she decided to to play for TREVOR WOODRUFF at Bucknell. You see, so often kids pick the biggest school who is recruiting them during the recruiting process. It’s a ego thing in many cases. We live in a time where the transfer portal is a home for not hundreds but thousands of kids these days. That because they pick the biggest school … not the best school. ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO as I told you is different and she picked the right school. In this case Bucknell University. Trevor Woodruff just got Medicine for his program. He just got the best medicine on the market🔥

There are few kids in the country that can shoot the ball the way ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO does. Her range and quick release are different. That’s because “cracklings” is a gym rat. Somebody with a pure love of the game. She plays basketball out of the joy it brings to her and those around her. It’s why the first thing Bucknell is going to notice about Rosie is not what she brings to the basketball court. It will be all the things to brings to the moral off the court. She will help their locker room become elite. She will be the type of teammate coaches pray to build their roster with. She will become one of the most likeable student athletes on campus. She will work hard to make everyone feel part of a family. She will be that kid nobody ever wants to see graduate. In other words ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO will help make BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY’s culture like herself … SPECIAL👏😀

In case you don’t know, let me tell you something about ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO that is totally overlooked. She and her family are brave and strong. You see in 2012 the family lost Tommy at age 16. There is nothing harder on parents and a family than losing a child. But the family started a Foundation in Tommy’s name. The Tommy Scogs Foundation. It was a way to honor their son and brother. It’s takes bravery and lots of love to overcome such a difficult time. But bravery is what the SCOGNAMIGLIO family seems to be about. How else can you explain the families kindness and goodness after losing a young son? How to you find the strength to move your daughter and family to a new town after her sophomore year? Where does the faith come from to send their daughter to a new school? Playing for a new coach, they never met? How can you explain the family making the decision to switch AAU teams to join the Shoreshots? How can you do all this in one year? How does a kid adjust to all this and then become madly popular and loved by all? That’s easy, you have to be brave and have a daughter that fell from the heavens by the name of “cracklings” ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO🙏

TREVOR WOODRUFF is someone who is all about relationships and people. He and his staff did a masterful job of building a relationship with Rosie. They did this by being honest and most importantly painting the picture that Rosie needed to see. When Rosie returned from her visit from Bucknell University last month, she told me these words “THERE MY #1 CHOICE” I believed that it was not because of the academics. Bucknell is on of the best schools in the country and plays in one of the two best academic conferences in the country, the Patriot League. I don’t think it was because Rosie will become one of the best players in the Patriot league. I don’t think it was just because Coach Woodruff and his staff out worked everyone else. I think ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO chose BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY because like herself she knew the school and the coaching staff was different. She knew that Coach Woodruff was a good person, someone she could trust and she knew the Bucknell staff believed in her, the day they met. Together these two this weekend sent a message to the Patriot League… UP YOUR RECRUITING GAME BABY!💪

Tracey Sabino has done it again. She has helped elevate the profile of a young lady. She has turned the Shoreshots into the gold standard of AAU basketball. ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO just may be her biggest accomplishment because of how Rosie was so beautifully showcased all summer. Now the good news is ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO, will spend the next two years getting ready for college. She’s lucky because she will be playing for what many believe is the best teacher around in MARY BETH CHAMBERS at St. Rose. This will be different this year for Crackling Rosie. That’s because she will be surrounded by inexperienced freshman and untested upperclassmen for the most part. It will be a test of her leadership and most of all her patience. She will see face guarding and double teams all season. Shots and points are going to be tough to come by. But it’s a good thing for Rosie, because in two years that’s exactly what she will be facing anyway💪

When ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO committed. I have never seen so many people so excited for a kid. That because everyone loves Rosie. It’s impossible not to love Rosie. Her trainer Larry Smith is her her biggest supporter and today he is all smiles. Together they have been a team.. a damm good team. While many kids who commit, change there work habits.. forget it, ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO will now work harder. That’s because she love s the game as much as everyone loves ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO and folks that’s a lot of love. I think it’s safe to say BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY LOVES CRACKLINGS ROSIE MORE TODAY THAN YESTERDAY… congratulations to an amazing young lady... There is new medicine going into the BUCKNELL UNIVERSITY cabinet, its comes packed with love and it’s called…. ROSIE SCOGNAMIGLIO❤️

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