Georgia Heine is now part of the U PENN basketball program. I’m really happy about this for too many reasons to list. None bigger that the fact she is going to play for one of the best people in all of basketball Mike McLaughlin. So often those are just words people toss around as a punch line. I say those words with passion because my trust in the U PENN and Mike McLaughlin is marrow deep. So for me knowing all I know about Georgia Heine, this is a blessing for her. She will play for someone she can trust and always be there for her. He will always have Georgia Heine’s back and he will fall in love with her the same way he loved Kasey Chambers and Christina DiCindio and other NBS kids.

I hope many parents and kids will benefit from what I am about to talk about. I ask you to let Georgia Heine serve as a example for every parent and kid to stay strong and hold on to there hopes and dreams, when they are not given the love or the easy road to success. I have seen the pain in parents and kids faces, when things make no sense. I have seen how politics can play such a huge role in a young players develop,self esteem, ego, swag and reputation among coaches. How it can cause doubt and even ruin a kids future, if there not careful and understand how to navigate the world of basketball. Georgia and her mother Bernie beat the system. They can serve as a pillar of strength for you. If the truth be told in many ways Georgia Henie should have given up long ago. Because along the way it often seemed few believed or worst cared about her. You have to understand I had a front row seat over the last 8 years. And I LOVE GEORGIA HEINE and yes I admit it has been a real sore spot for me for years.

To say I have been a little salty about the treatment and lack of respect directed at Georgia Heine over the years is a understatement. I have voiced my displeasure rather loudly. Georgia and her mother have handled some disappointments and mistreatment with so much class .The complete opposite of how I would have handled things based on some of the politics, I witnessed Georgia Heine and her mother found themselves surrounded by at no fault of their own. My response to all those mixed up in this over years is this .. “KISS MY ASS IN MACY’s WINDOW”. While all is well today and it’s a day to celebrate. It does not make it right. Shouldn’t we stand up and speak loud for doers? Shouldn’t we embrace the good kids? Isn’t it time we stop rewarding the malcontents and lazy manipulators and reward those who do all the right things? Georgia Heine deserved better from all of us. I should have used my platform to speak out publicly. I didn’t out of fear it would cause more problems for her.

I have seen kids put on teams ahead of Georgia, who were not as talented. Why? Out of loyalty to those kids at the expense of the most loyal kid of all. I have seen Georgia asked to play on weaker AAU teams for the benefit of a organization but not her. Why? Because Georgia Heine is one of the most respectful kids towards adults to ever walk the planet. She doesn’t bring drama or attention to herself. She is the complete opposite of me. I embrace drama and attention and why I want you to know, a kid should never be treated so shabby as Georgia Heine was by adults and the decision makers. Until you see the tears and disappointment of a parent when their child is being mistreated and the parent has no way to defend their kid… you don’t know what mental pain and the hopeless feeling that come with it feels like.Thank God Bernie Heine’s strength and her daughters toughness are built on faith. Me I just think it’s been one long big ass bad joke.

As most know I am a petty and shallow person and take great joy in saying these words today. Despite you Georgia Heine is going to one of the best schools in the country. She accomplished this despite you making her jump thru hoops every step of the way. She has become one of the best players in the entire state of New Jersey despite you never wanting to give her credit, while you crowned so many others who were less worthy, all because she did not jump up and down and do a dance. Her mother didn’t know how to politic for her. Her mother didn’t kiss ass and suck up to people. That’s because Bernie Heine has taught her kids if you work and earn it. You don’t have to politic. Well guess what? Her daughter just proved her mama right! Georgia is on her way to a great life despite you not wanting to give her fair treatment or a slap on the back.. wait she lucky you didn’t slap her on the back. Because she had to wear that brace on her back up to 14 hours and sleep in it. But you never respected that or praised her courage. Despite you trying to crown so many other kids, who didn’t work as hard on court or in the classroom. Georgia Heine never was bitter or jealous. That’s because she is a good kid. Georgia Heine has been everything you want in a kid and the fact of the matte is, not once did she ever get a fair shake. But it’s okay because she never needed your approval. THAT WAS PROVED YESTERDAY.

I can tell every parent whose kid is in Georgia Heine’s shoes, please realize you can overcome all this. You don’t have to become bitter like Tiny Green and yes I’m still pissed about the entire thing. What you should do is what the Heine’s did. You wipe away the tears over and over and yet not hold a grudge. You somehow don’t let the mistreatment take away your joy. You celebrate everyone’s joy and success around you. You root for all regardless of how much they broke your heart along the way. You forgive them and make sure they know you love them and some how remain friends…

Then you let Tiny Green act like the ass he is and say stuff Like this.. “That’s alright… that’s okay… y’all going to work for Georgia Heine one day cause she going to a IVY League school…DESPITE YOU!!!”


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