A Coaches Love letter to his daughter


When parents are awaiting the arrival of their first child, many discussions about naming the child occur…well let me rephrase that….expecting fathers listening to expecting mothers and nod their head in order to avoid the “doghouse”. My wife suggested KRISTI which means the following;

One who is versatile—multi-sport athlete

One who has extremes in fortune—this kid has NEVER given me change back from any amount of  money given to her

One who seeks freedom––you have proven that you do not need a father as your coach in order to push yourself through injuries and unnecessary drama, you have overcome back procedures and retaliation for having the same last name as me.
One who uses leadership qualities for humanity NOT self-glorification—she has become a role model as the only senior on her team, volunteering in pre-kindergarten clinics, baby-sitting kids at school for other teachers who bring their own kids on “bring your child to work day” and four years ago in Disney met a scared 12 year old autistic child who was waiting on line for a ride and asked Kristi to hold her
hand and go on with her in order to make her feel comfortable. That is Kristi…

But what about a last name? A last name shared with your teacher, coach and morning chauffer. A last name said in several tones…we would always laugh at the difference between Truhan’s kid and JT’s daughter. This has made you stronger and has given yourself perspective and awareness. I love what you have become and the opportunities that are beginning to open your future.




Senior night was perfect

Senior night was perfect

KRISTI TRUHAN go make someone’s day the same way you made mine and THANK YOU
for changing my name from Coach JT or Coach Truhan to KRISTI’s DAD!!

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