0[1]When a child decides to play basketball, they enter into a pact with their parents.  It’s an unspoken pact. It says a parent will transport a child to practice, training, games and showcases. It means the parents must drop everything their doing and work around their child’s schedule. That means rushing home from work, leaving work early and making a serious financial  sacrifice. JANICE PORTER  does all this and more alone. She is what I call a SUPER MOM.



tSMI met Janice Porter, when she brought her two daughters two NBS when they were in 7th grade. They were both tall and raw from a basketball stand point. I did not really believe either had what I would call a big future in basketball. I thought Janice was bringing her kids to NBS to keep them busy. But when I spoke to her, she said “I want to teach my girls how to play“.  She then paid for both of her daughter to sign up for NBS. It was that simple and over time I got to know Janice Porter more and more. I realized their would be nothing she wouldn’t do to support her kids on and off the court. I later found out that she was driving almost two hours to NBS every weekend. It was impressive, I would see her walk in the gym with her work clothes on. More remarkable was that she never missed a training session. She also was very demanding of her children, she expected them to do their best always. Never once did she bat an eye when I coached her daughter hard.



When the Porter girls got to high school, it was clear Erika was going to be a special player. But it was also clear that her old sister Alexis was going to do a few things on her own that made her special. Both can credit their mother for most of their success. Janice Porter, is a single mom raising two beautiful daughters who are becoming alpha females. Her older daughter wants to be a lawyer. It’s  why she attends Xavier U in Ohio. Janice has taken time out of her busy schedule to visit her daughter during the year. Erika, may be the more well known of the two. But Janice treats both her kids dreams and hopes the same…with total support.



When Erika Porter was a sophomore, I did not like the direction her AAU team was going. So when I spoke to Janice, she asked me if Erika should switch teams. She loved the girls on her AAU team but the 90 min travel was becoming a issue. I told her Erika should switch teams. I told her this because she asked and I knew the energy she was putting into her kids. I just felt she deserved truth, I felt she had earned that. She has made to many sacrifices along the way. Janice would drive to NBS twice a week and then Hoop Group 3 times a week. These were long trips after working hours and hours. This after making sure her older daughter was taken care of during the day. She did all this by HERSELF,  so it was impossible not to give her truth. There were some people rightfully so, not happy with me telling her to change teams. To this day she is the only player I have ever given advice as  where to play AAU.  Janice is different than everyone else. She has taken the long journey with her kids. More than most she has doing all this without thinking about herself ever.



Everyone knows  if you cannot afford to attend NBS all you have to do is let me know. It stays private and nobody every knows except me and that family.  It’s strange, I know Janice is raising two kids alone. I know how expensive training and AAU can be.  Whenever she comes up to me with money, I say that’s ok Erika, make my job easier with a smile and a beautiful attitude.   Janice does not wish to hear that she simply pays and walks away. She did this for both daughters. It’s one of the reasons I have such respect for her. She doesn’t ever want her kids to feel they didn’t earn something. She is shocked that so many colleges are recruiting her daughter. I wish you could see the smile on her face every time an offer comes rolling in.  She is so proud of her daughters, but what she doesn’t know is everyone is proud of JANICE PORTER BECAUSE SHE IS A TRUE SUPERMOM.

This summer she drove Erika to NBS in the mornings a 9o min trip one way. Then turned around to drive back to work. Then drove 90 mins back to pick her up after camp. Who does this? She would drive Erika to NBS this fall before her games in New York all fall. Who does this you ask? A mother, a real mother, a old school mom. One that holds her kid responsible. She always say these words to me…”just tell me where you want Erika”. Never can you do this for me or that for Erika…NEVER. I guess she has got this far on her own and feels she has it all under control.











The  word is mother means so much to all of us.  There is nothing that moves a child soul more than talking about their mother. Erika and Alexis, don’t have a mom, they have a super mom. Somebody who puts it on the line everyday for these kids. Somebody who will always give her kids the opportunity if they have a dream. Janice has made sure all her kids dreams have a chance by giving of herself.

I have never ever met a woman that cheers harder for other kids than Janice Porter. She truly believes there is enough light for everyone to go around. She checks in with her former Shoreshots team parents. They all love her and embrace her when they see her. Once Janice approached me to design t- shirts for NBS she wanted me to promote NBS more. Why, she thought I could raise more money and “help a lot more kids” now you know why I love JANICE PORTER AND HER FAMILY…SUPERMOM IS A SPECI   AL MOTHER

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